Bones S03, Ep12 – The Baby in the Bough

Show: Bones

Season: 3 Episode: 12

Title: The Baby in the Bough

Original Air Date: April 28, 2008

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Favorite Quotes:

* Sherrif: I need your help. I only got six deputies covering 400 square miles. I’m stretched thinner than plastic wrap.

* Bones: Just because I have breasts doesn’t mean I have magical power over infants.

* Angela: Get used it I want like a million of these.
Hodgins: What do you think she meant by a million? Two?

* Booth: Dead woman driving a dead man’s car.

* Booth: That is right people. I am a constant surprise.

* Lou: I didn’t kill her. Why would I? Who else would feed me?

* Bones: His mother is dead, and is father is a felon. I’ve been in his situation, Booth. I’m not turning him over until I’m satisfied that he is somewhere safe…where he’ll get the care he deserves.


Bones and Booth are driving. She is getting a 7-figure advance for her next book. At the scene, a car has run off the road. Bones immediately says the driver was doused in gasoline and set on fire. Bones goes over all the injuries she can see. Booth hears a baby cry. He yells for everyone to be quiet. They start searching. Its up in the tree. The baby is unharmed. When he cries, Booth tells Bones to sooth him. She gets annoyed. Booth holds the baby. Booth makes her hold the baby while he gets ready to change his diaper. While Bones looks through the baby bag for diaper supplies and finds a key. Booth goes to get an evidence bag and the baby rolls over. He freaks out. Somehow the baby swallowed the key. Then the baby pees on Bones. Angela and Cam are going crazy over the baby in the lab. Hodgins comes over with a hand held metal detector to see if he swallowed the key. The detector finds metal. Bones is in charge of him because she is a certified foster parent. Bones asks Angela to babysit and she is happy to. She informs Hodgins she wants lots of kids. At the office, Booth is informed that the car was sold to scrap and was supposed to be destroyed. Their results show the woman was dead before she was lit on fire. Angela informs them there’s issue with the baby. Cam will run tests on the diaper contents. Hodgins has done bone isotope testing to determine where the victim was from. She was from Tucker County, Kentucky. Bones hears the baby over the monitor and is irritated. Angela has dealt with the baby. She also has the image of the dead woman. The baby seems to recognize the image that Angela came up with. The go to Tucker Country and Booth starts dreaming of a big home and fishing. As they drive through town it’s a ghost town. They finally find someone. They get in an argument and his wife runs out. She recognizes the baby. His name is Andy. She tells them the Grants watch the baby. The mother is Meg Taylor. They learn about Meg and the baby’s father. Cam calls Bones, there was a med in his system that colored the urine. When they arrive, Booth freaks out because the front door is open. He instructs her to get in the drivers seat and if anything happens that she will drive away with the baby. Booth finds someone going through the trailer. He winds up handcuffing him. In the car the baby gets fussy. Bones doesn’t don’t how to calm the baby. Booth drops a bomb on Meg’s ex that she was killed. Booth comes out with the husband. Angela has been able to figure out the key from the x-ray. Cam discusses kids with Angela. Tells her she doesn’t want to give up her body. That makes Angela think. When Bones goes through the medicine cabinet the phenobarbital was for the baby. Zack calls and gives Bones and update on the condition of Meg’s health when she died. Her conditions would have caused her pain, but she wasn’t taking any pain meds because she was breast feeding. Bones estimates that based on her conditions and being on her feet all day she had to be in a lot of pain every day. They talk to her boss. At her work, they learn she might have been seeing someone. All her coworkers tell them how dedicated she was to her son. Andy finally pooped out the key. Bones reads the number to Angela. They now know what bank its to. Bones notices that the baby’s legs are bowed. She asks Angela to ask Zak to run a test on the victims’ teeth. Booth now wants to turn him over to social services. Bones refuses until he’ll be somewhere safe. Booth and Bones go to the bank. Meg only had the box a few days. Inside there is a gun. Bones finds residue on the trigger and a foreign object in the barrel. It has to be analyzed. Bones asks about pools. They go to the public pool to check the chemicals. She needed muriatic acid. She uses the acid to reveal the gun’s serial number. Booth brings in a man that got laid off from the rubber place. The gun is his. He says he hasn’t seen it in years, he pawned it. He tells Booth where the pawn shop was. It went out of business. Hodgins and Zak determine that this gun was fired at point black range. The fragments are part of the front of a skull. Bones has been putting in a few calls to people she has donated to. She wants to try and get the bridge rebuilt. Cam has the dna results from the dna on the gun. It’s male dna. The missing accountant has been found as well. The guy is not Dave Shepard. He found the accountants bag by the mine. Cam comparted the dna on the bag to the bone in the gun. He’s the dead man, Dave Sheperd. Cam has a pediatrician who is top ranked coming to check out Andy. Angela and Hodgins discuss babies and Angela freaks out. She sends him back to his being computer. The gun was used at the tire plant. They go back to the tire plant. They find the rest of Dave Shepard. They are pointed to the lot that was collected right after Dave went missing. Bones fills a container with water and has Booth put some of the mulch in it. They go bag by bag. She shows him that the rubber floats but the bone sinks. Angela calls and asks her to turn on her video stream. Dave found out some one was embezzling from the company. The manager is suddenly gone. He tries to make a run for it but Booth stops him. He admits to his crimes. Booth comes to Bones office with a letter from Meg about the baby. Cam comes in with the results on Andy. He has rickets. It’s treatable and Andy will be fine. The letter from Meg is finally read. She wanted her friend the Grants to take care of Andy if anything happened to her. He goes home with the Grants. Booth finds that Bones has. Bones informs Booth that she is paying to have the bridge rebuilt to try and give the town life again.

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