Bones S02, Ep17 – The Priest in the Churchyard

Show: Bones
Season: 2
Episode: 17
Title: The Priest in the Church
Original Air Date: March 28, 2007

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Favorite Quotes:

* Bones: I’m afraid your ground was consecrated as a crime scene father.

* Booth: I’m not working a whole case with you while you’re attacking my beliefs. You should have just sailed off with your boyfriend.
Bones: Funny, the man who believes in an invisible superbeing wants to run my social life.

* Booth: 90% of the world believe in God.
Bones: And at one time most people were certain the sun revolved around the earth.

* Bones: Can’t you just be satisfied that if I’m wrong about God I’ll burn in hell?

* Older Priest: Go have tea with the hippy priest.

* Booth: We are definitely not working well together.
Bones: Because you are bossy and judgmental.

* Cam: The good news is we can make you feel better.
Hodgins: The bad news is someone’s trying to kill you.

Synopsis: A church’s water main broke and it caused the cemetery to flood and many graves are very disturbed. Bones has to ID and re-identify all the bodies. She finds a very new body buried there. Back in the lab, Booth calls Bones out for her comment at the graveyard. Booth becomes so upset he tells her he can’t work with her on the case. The get into a fight, although Booth is more upset. Hodgins tells Cam about the murder victim. Angela has drawn his face. Bones goes back to speak with the senior Priest. They are still not getting along. He does not believe that anyone was murdered. His assistant comes out and takes the two inside for refreshments. Inside, they talk with Father Matt. He invites Booth to bring the sketch to mass on Sunday for the parishioners to look at. As the two leave they continue to fight. In Hodgin’s office, Angela tries to get him to finish up. He invites her to move in and she freaks out. Cam informs them they have bee exposed to something in the graveyard so they are going to get shots. At the diner, Booth and Bones eat with Dr. Wyatt. He quietly states that this has exposed something that cannot yet be pinpointed but he will help them. Booth takes Angela to mass with the sketch. They have a unique conversation in church. Father Mike then announces the two and asks all to help. One of the teenagers asks Angela to alter the sketch a bit. He thinks its Father McCort. The older priest and his assistant are less than helpful. At the lab, Zack has demonstrated the graves were being robbed. They think McCort was killed when he stumbled on the grave robber. Father Matt seems sick still. Bones is worried that he was exposed to things in the graveyard and will have him checked. Angela and Hodgins discuss Bones and Booth. Cam learns the fungus is rare so it can be used to track the killer. Booth has a bit of a breakdown with Dr. Wyatt. It gives him insight. Booth and Bones bring in a suspect. He identified McCort. He also had the fungal infection 3 years ago. He admits to the graverobbing, but not murder. He does accuse McCort of liking kids. Meanwhile, Angela and Hodgins are in the Egyptian storage room. Bones and Booth bring in the kid that was named by the suspect. They bring up the accusation. But he defends him. He tells him about the old fathers outburst at his house. They bring him in. Booth actually kicks Bones out of the interrogation. Booth tells him what he’s learned, and while he’s not sorry, he regrets scaring the child. Zack updates Cam, the man was dragged and his bones were weakened. Hodgins narrowed down the time frame of the smelting of the object used to kill McCort. Dr. Wyatt and Bones discuss her getting kicked out. She wants to know what he does in the interrogation room. She wants to actually get inside Booth’s head so she could understand. He smiles as she heads out to meet Booth. The two head back to the church. While Booth distracts Bones she heads up to the alter and finds the chalice. She thinks it’s the murder weapon. It gets taken back to the lab. Hogdins confirms it’s the murder weapon. Cam has learned McCort was poisoned. The two go to the wrestling lesson. Booth poses some tough questions to him. He takes offense. At the diner, Booth and Bones continue to argue non-stop over the case. Dr. Wyatt joins them mid-fight. He explains that neither is comfortable in the others environment. He also points out that Bones might have chosen to not sail off with Sully because of Booth. He then tells them both that they have issues they need to work on. He then leaves and the two talk. It sparks an idea about Father Matt in Bones mind, that he is being poisoned. Cam tests him and it’s the same poison that was given to Father McCort. Bones tells Angela Dr. Wyatt’s theory and thinks its kind of crap. She tells Bones she’s scared to move in with Hodgins. Bones immediately tells her she’ll call the doctor. They bring the older priest in for more questioning. When he rebuffs the poisoning, Bones is surprised. But when asking for other suspects he immediately confesses. Booth doesn’t believe him. Booth gets the truth from him. He wants to take the confession of the killer. He does so in the interrogation room. He tells her his truth as well. That he doesn’t like Father Matt because he was sent there to replace him. She seems shocked to realize that she is going to have to answer for her crimes. She doesn’t realize they are crimes. The older priest fetches Booth and he just looks quite sad. Booth goes in and arrests her. Bones takes Angela to see Dr. Wyatt at the diner. When Angela pays him a compliment via Bones he decides to help. He tells her to wait until both closets are overrun by each others clothes. Bones leaves but Angela stays and gives the doctor an earful. She points out that he is beholden to the FBI and getting agents back in the field. They appear to come to an understanding.

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