Bones S03, Ep10 – The Man in the Mud

Show: Bones

Season: 3 Episode: 10

Title: The Man in the Mud

Original Air Date: April 14, 2008

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Favorite Quotes:

* Cam: In my experience people hit people with anything they can pick up and swing.

* Sweets: Would it be fair to say that you use work to avoid confronting personal issues?

* April: I mean I believe that all creatures—people, fish dogs—we’re all connected. We all share the same stuff that makes life so beautiful and precious.
Bones: On a quantum level, that’s true. Although the word “stuff” is not accurate.

* Sweets: Fish aren’t actually sentient. There’s a reason people say, “cold as a fish.”


A man and a woman drive for an hour into the woods to jump into a mud hole. Once in something is poking her. She pulls up a skeletal arm. Bones and her team arrive. She finds blunt force trauma on the skull. Bones wants all the mud sucked up and sent to the Jeffersonian so it can be filtered. At the lab, Zack gives a run down of all the injuries. Zack mentions he’s seen a kill like this with Neandertals. It was at least two people that committed the murder. Bones and Booth meet with Sweets. He questions if they talk about work to avoid personal issues. Bones talks about her dad, but he was arrested. Booth about his son who was kidnapped. He wants them do go on a double date with he and his girlfriend. Bones agrees. Finally, Booth does too. Hodgins and Zack go through the mud. Zack outlines all the injuries the victim has suffered. Sweets calls and tells them they will be meeting at a ceramics class. Angela calls Booth and Bones at his office. Booth recognizes the guy, he’s a motorcycle racer. Booth and Bones head to the racetrack. They inform him that Trip is dead. The team cooperates fully. They bring the reporter in for questioning. He use to race, but Trip wrecked his bike and now he is paralyzed. Zack comes in with an armful of tools. Hodgins makes him drop them all. He helps him determine the most likely weapon from the pile. Now they bring Danny in for questioning. Danny asks Bones out, Booth cuts in. Zack and Hodgins race in to share their news, but it’s not as good as they thought. Bones find the toluene in the garage. Bones checks the drain for blood, it’s there. The two have another meeting with Sweets. Booth loses his temper about ceramics. The two head back to the track. Danny gets to ride Trips bike now. Danny jumps on the bike and hits the track. The brakes fail and the bike blows up and crashes. Danny is on fire. Bones calls for an air ambulance. Per the expert, the brakes were tampered with. Hodgins recovers some letters. Zack runs through possibilities and comes up with a winner. The reporter from the website. It’s now ceramics time. Bones try to talk about fish. Sweets’s girlfriend thinks that fish have souls. Bones then goes into science. April and Sweets get into a fight. April rephrases and now Bones agrees. April then tells them about his video game. Both has sculpted a horse. Booth starts a ceramics fight. The next day, Zach calls Bones. A pry bar is the murder weapon. The missing truck is found. There is a pry bar in the truck, it’s covered in blood. The side mirror is cracked. The toolbox is full of blood. He was hit and fell into the mirror and then transported in the box and dumped. Lenny Fitz is brough in for questioning. Lenny tells him he just signed a business deal with Trip. He gave him 10% of his company so he would only race for Slam Bolt. The contract is missing. In the car, Bones points out that signing over 10% of the company could be a motive. Booth talks to the guy who was at the mudhole. He wants to know who told him about the mudhole. It was the reporter Garth, the guy who use to ride and is now in the wheelchair. Examining the pry bar shows that the person who used it had to choke up on it because they could not swing the entire thing. April comes to see Bones. She wants to know what bones thinks of her and Sweets’s relationship. Cam interrupts with DNA results. It’s a female. They now bring in the sister for questioning. Bones points out that the same pry bar was used on the bike. Her brother wasn’t supposed to ride the bike. Philipa is the killer. One death was murder, one was an accident. Sweets shows up at the lab. April dumped him. Booth and Bones try to cheer him up by inviting him bowling.

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