Bones S03, Ep02 – The Soccer Mom in the Mini-Van

Original Air Date: October 2, 2007

Favorite Quotes:

* Bones: Why do you care about my relationship with my father, Booth? You were only too happy to arrest him and put him in prison.

* Bones: Who’d want to blow up a soccer mom?

* Angela: Angela Montenegro. I do facial reconstructions. And him.

* Max: I’ve always liked Booth. The nicest guy to ever arrest me.

* Bones: Of course, I’m upset. My father’s a criminal.

Max: No, outlaw. There’s a difference.

* Bones: So our soccer mom was a killer?

* Caroline: Leave her be, cher. Absence makes the heart grow fonder.

* Max: I got caught so that I could be with you. I was hoping you’d meet me halfway.

Bones: I’m here, aren’t I?

* Bones: I’m not sure I want a father who’s always keeping score.

Booth: Yeah. Sounds like you are too.

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A mom drives to soccer practice to pick up her kids. She gets out of the mini-van to throw way garbage and then gets back in the car and drives away. The mini-van blows up spectacularly. Bones and Booth arrive. He is upset because Caroline got her special visitation with her dad and she doesn’t want it. She looks at the different pieces of the victim in the van and points out other parts of her in places outside of the van. She orders the van taken back to the Jeffersonian to remove the remains. She finds a locket which has two pictures of kids. Angela comes for the skull to do a reconstruction and finds the skull is in pieces. It will take her a bit to do the reconstruction. The bomb tech arrives. Hodgins stutters and Angela steps in to do the introductions. She makes clear that Hodgins is hers. Hodgins starts working with the bomb tech and it seems like flirting so Angela clears her throat. Suddenly, Hodgin’s is taking her to dinner. Booth got the name of the van owner. Booth heads out to go talk to the van owner and Bones informs him she is going to visit her father. They did go to a lot of work and she doesn’t want to seem ungrateful. Max is excited to see Bones. She tells him that Booth arranged it. They butt heads. She hands him a deck of cards. He wants to play Blitz with her. He compliments her on how good she is at what she does. Booth meets with Mr. Nash. All the things in the van were for the daughter’s dorm room. Zack uses bugs to clean the bones. Bones asks the bomb tech if she has determined the bomb yet. Bones kicks Hodgins out. Angela is analyzing the iconography of the items in the vault. Hodgins goes to see her and tries to get back on Angela’s good side. Booth tells Bones about the visit. He asks about her dad, he wants socks. Hodgins finds parts of a tattoo on her. Angela reconstructs it. It’s an NLA tattoo. Hodgin’s references a cop murder, which Booth says was in 75. Turns out this woman and her husband are the killers. Caroline comes up on the platform upset about this body. Turns out she had decided to turn herself in. Caroline was working the case. The original lead on the case comes in livid about the deal. Booth and Caroline bring in Mr. Huntzinger and during the interview the previous agent storms in and goes at him. The man punches him and Caroline tells him that he bought himself a night in jail. He tells them to call Valenti. Bones takes her dad the socks. He apologizes. He tells her he got caught so he could be with her. He then asks about her testifying on his behalf. She thinks that he apologized just to use her. The bomb tech finally has some answers about the bomb. She wants to throw some items out and Hodgins is horrified and takes it all. Zack also finds a bullet in the remains. Booth, Bones and Sam all discuss the bullet. Sam wants to deck Bones. They bring in Valenti. Booth asks for Valenti’s gun to check it against the bullet in June Harris. He refuses, telling him to get a warrant. Ballistics comes back that it wasn’t a match. It matches the same gun that killed the senior Valenti 30 years ago. They go talk to June Harris’s husband. He didn’t know about the deal for 9 years. Zack learns it’s a very old bullet injury. Cam thinks June Harris was shot during the robbery. He also found a hand injury and the bullet went into both the hand and shoulder. Angela proves that June was protecting the police man. Her partner did. Hodgins also confirms her partner made the bomb. Booth asks about her dad and apologizes. She is upset that he is keeping score, but Booth points out she is too. Angela checks on Hodgins and the bomb tech. He tells her the bomb tech was going to through out perfectly good evidence. Angela tells him that the computer is rendering the letter. She asks what he found. Hodgins realizes that two things are in very limited areas. He shouts up to Booth the two cities Watkins could be in. Angela suggests to Hodgins they go to the medieval storage room. Booth and Bones head to Watkins and have a discussion about male menopause. They arrive and the house is quiet and Sam is no there. Bones pulls out a large revolver to cover Booth. They find Watkins dead and Sam there. They are both holding a gun. Same says he killed himself. Sam puts his gun down. Cam says its from the gun in his hand and the trajectory is consistent with suicide. Bones notices on an x-ray that Watkins has arthritis. He could not have moved his finger enough to pull the trigger or make the bomb. Caroline checked the evidence in the case and says items are missing. Hodgins runs on the platform with news on the watch. He found a thumbprint on the battery in the watch. Angela comes up and says the letter is done. Booth and Bones go to arrest Mr. Nash for killing his wife. He thought she was cheating on him but she was trying to get Watkins to surrender. Booth sees Bones comfort the daughter. The letter she wrote, Bones reads, it touches her too. Sam comes to Booth’s office with an alcohol he’s been holding until this case was solved. Booth apologizes but Sam tells him it’s find he’d have done the same. Bones is playing cards wither dad. Later, Booth and Bones are sitting at a monument. She tells him she saw her father. She tells him that she has to conclude that her father loves her because she won at cards.

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