Bones S02, Ep16 – The Boneless Bride in the River

Show: Bones
Season: 2
Episode: 16
Title: The Boneless Bride in the River
Original Air Date: March 21, 2007

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Favorite Quotes:

* Bones: You had a vacation and never left town.
Booth: That wasn’t a vacation, it was a suspension.

* Bones: I’m back on vacation, no bones, no Bones.

* Cam: Dr. Brennan was right, bone people should only do bone things.

* Bones: I know it’s strange, but I’d rather spend time with you than work.

* Booth: This is why I do things like shoot up an ice cream truck.
Bones: It’s a good thing you got therapy.

* Angela: You want me to bring you up to date?
Bones: No, I want you to tell me what to do.

* Angela: Bones, go. There will still be murder and mayhem when you get back.

Synopsis: Booth and Bones are at a watery scene. Bones was on vacation and it got interrupted for this case. A trunk wrapped in chains has a body in it. Bones want it sent back to the Jeffersonian. Can wants Angela to give this body a face, but she has no bones, it’s just skin. Angela however wants nothing to do with this and leaves. Cam is not impressed with what was done. The skeleton, brain and eyes are gone, the only thing left is the skin and organs. Brennan heads back to her vacation since there are no bones for her to work with. Zack and Hodgins come up with a way to try and recreate the face. It’s disgusting. Bones heads back to the boat Sully is renting and thinking about buying. He’s surprised she is back so soon. At the lab, Cam is frustrated as she cannot figure out how to get height or other measurements without bones. Cam has found a patella and gives it to Zack. Booth goes out to the boat looking for Bones. She’s back on the case with the patella. Zack already had the answers from the bone. Bones is not happy he called her for this. She goes back to vacation. Booth is clearly jealous. Angela does her best to make a face after what Zack and Hodgins did. Angela succeeds in IDing the victim. Booth checks in with the fiancé in the visa application. It doesn’t go well, and he makes a run for it. He gets away, Booth can’t keep up. Back on the boat, Booth is back. He’s got a book in Chinese that needs to be translated. Bones brings in an expert. He tells of a Chinese tradition where an unmarried male would be buried with the bones of a woman and they’d be married in death. They check with a new matchmaker who also handled the marriage. They break the news to her in an ungentle way about the death. She becomes upset and turns over everything she has to Booth. The information provided by the guy was all false. The expert is now back in the picture. Someone was willing to spend $25,000 for a bride. The professor is unsure whether including Bones is wise. At the house, Booth is better at reading the woman than Bones. However, Bones acts like she doesn’t know what’s going on. The woman leaves the room and she jumps up and starts going through the storage containers. She finds the bone and quickly throws it to Booth while she dives in her purse for a replacement. As she closes the box the woman comes back out. She becomes upset because she doesn’t know what’s going on. Bones covers by speaking in Chinese to her. Back at the lab, she confirms it’s a human bone. It’s not a female bone, it’s a male bone. The bone owner died of cancer. Sully pops in and tells Bones he bought the boat. He asks her to think about what he is about to tell her or ask her. He’s going south to the Caribbean when the case is over. He tells her he would really like her to come with him, if she would take a sabbatical to go with him for a while. He’s not quite sure how she is reacting and processing it. He awkwardly offers a hug and she still looks stunned. Suddenly, she wraps her arms him and he is the one shocked. So many emotions run across her face. Zack and Angela determine what kind of cancer he had. Cam tells Angela about an herb that was in the victims toxicology. In small amounts its helpful, in large its deadly. Bones comes flying into Angela’s office and tells her what happened with Sully. Bones is worried she’ll miss her friends. Angela tells her she’ll visit often. Zack IDed the male. Angela tells her to go and Bones looks torn. At interrogation, the professor attacks Bones for interfering. Booth doesn’t make any progress with the parents. Booth and Bones go to exhume the body of the man. Bones tells him about Sully buying the boat and how he wants her to go with him. Booth is clearly upset. Bones picks up on something, but she doesn’t realize it’s jealousy. At two feet down, they hit something. There is no body but fake money. They realize the mortuary is in on it as well. The funeral home director and his son are brought in. Booth makes clear he has no issue with the ceremony but is concerned that the woman was murdered. They go to the ceremony. She examines the bones visually. Everyone, disappears. Both skeletons are taken to the Jeffersonian. Angela goes down a romantic road regarding the two sets of remains. Both were ill. Angela decides to draw them a wedding picture. Booth and Bones are staking out a location. Booth then starts listing all the bad choices she’s made with men. They try to take him down, but Sully goes down. Now there are three of them chasing him. The suspect doesn’t stop and keeps running. He runs into Booth who knocks him out. They handcuff him to a pipe and question him. He informs them he got a refund because she moved slow, like an old lady. The lady who runs the agency is brought in. Booth lays it out and has her dead to rights. Sully and Bones talk in the interrogation viewing room. He is surprised that everyone told her to go. He tells her he loves her and she is clearly surprised. She tells him, with tears in her eyes, she wants to go and should go, but she still can’t. He kisses her and leaves. Booth doesn’t know what was happening while he was getting the matchmaker to confess. Bones goes back to platform with the skeletons. She finds Angel’s wedding sketch and you can see her heart break. She goes to the dock to see Sully of. You see the back of the boat. He named it Temperance, after her. Booth turns up behind her at the dock. He puts his arm around her and takes her to breakfast to cheer her up.

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