Bones S02, Ep19 – Spaceman in a Crater

Show: Bones
Season: 2
Episode: 19
Title: Spacemen in a Crater
Original Air Date: May 2, 2007

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Favorite Quotes:

* Bones: I’ve never read about an alien encounter where the alien wore loafers.
Booth: I bet Hodgins has.

* Bones: This is, I want to say anomalous, but I’m going to go with weird.

* Cam: Call Booth, ask him if anyone is missing an astronaut.

* Booth: Our government does not kill people.
Bones: You were a sniper. Wasn’t it our government who sent you to kill people? Just saying.

* Zack: These bones are as human as you are.
Hodgins: Oh, if you only knew how irony packed that is.

* Cam: No, it’s not. Sometimes when people try to cover things up it goes wrong, that’s all.

* Hodgins: But you love me?
Angela: More than you know.

* Bones: I guess right now it looks to me like marriage is having someone who will slap your enemies and then toss their dead bodies out of airplanes.

Synopsis: There’s a crater in a cow field. Bones and Booth take a closer look. Bones determines it’s a human. At the lab, Hodgins agrees that aliens don’t wear loafers. Zack runs through all the math and determines the fall was at least 1200 feet. The x-rays show a lot of issues. The bones look to be 130 years old. He may have fallen from outer space. Zack can’t find any reports that would fit this. Zack thinks the dead man was an astronaut. He thinks he spent 10 months in space. Booth figures out which astronaut it is. Booth and Bones go to visit his wife. The man was also a pilot. He was also training others. Their wives are with her. It’s just strange. Booth calls about his plane to see if it’s missing. The plane is still in the hanger. They go to the hanger to inspect the plane. The Colonel’s boss shows up at the hanger. The CSI didn’t find any signs of a struggle on the plane. The colonel doesn’t cooperate so Booth hands her a warrant. Back in Booth’s office, Hodgin’s isn’t much help with the documents turned over. Hodgins’ points out that nothing rusts in space so a telescope shouldn’t need repairs. Hodgins tells Booth he asked Angela to marry her but she said he didn’t do it right so she said no. The go to the training center and get told that the man they want to speak with is going to be training on the vomit comet. They go with him on it to talk to him. Suddenly, the inveterview stops as they achieve weightlessness. Bones and Booth are overjoyed. They find that Cal had been talking to the STC. Hodgins asks the two how the vomit comet was and they both tell him how awesome it was. Cam has Cal’s clothes and asks Angela to try and do a reconstruction of what could have caused the damage. Zack comes in wondering when he’ll get the bones because the body is still mostly intact. Booth finds Bones and tells her the STC qualifies as a bit mentally unstable and they have a border patrol unit along with pilots. Turns out they had some planes in the area where Cal’s body was find. They bring someone in to ask questions. He tells them he’s been abducted by aliens. Bones asks some interesting questions. He tells them Cal came to him. He’d seen something up there and wanted to go back but changed his mind six weeks ago. They go back to Cal’s wife. On his last mission, three years ago, he thought he saw a visitor. She finally admits the truth. At the lab, Zack is cleaning the bones of Cal. Zack finds something weird, a tuberous defect. Bones thinks it’s osteonecrosis. Inside the bone she finds a green material with a small piece of metal. It’s coral that was implanted to try and repair the bone damage. Bones wants to know the source of the technology. Back at the agency, Cal’s commanding officer tells them it was actually space junk. They ask about a broken leg. The Colonel takes offense. Bones asks him if has seen anything. Hodgins and Zack tracked down who likely did the surgery. The guy is funded by the STC. They bring is wife back in and she confirms he injured his leg in Haiti, but doesn’t know what he had done. She is not surprised by what they tell her. Angela manages to create a reconstruction. In addition to the fall, he was also chopped up. Hodgins walks in and announces a dinner reservation. Booth and Bones met with the doctor who did the procedure. He volunteers all the data he has. Booth asks for some evidence to accuse someone with. Angela joins the conversation, in a fabulous dress, looking incredible. The conversation turns to an idling propeller. That he was pushed into a propeller. Someone calls Bones and Booth. There’s blood going down the drain. James’s plane is in the hanger, and the propellers are covered. The Colonel pulls off the covers and the propeller is quite damaged. Turns out that James’s wife was the culprit. It was all a tragic accident. The arrest his wife. Angela and Hodgins are at their dinner. He launches into a beautiful speech and she freaks out and asks if he is breaking up with her. He puts a ring box on the table and pushes it towards her. He continues his speech and it’s quite magical. He then asks her to marry him. She turns him down again. It’s something about a feeling. She tearfully apologizes and tells him she is as confused as him. Booth pops into Bones office and tells her that Hodgins is going to propose to Angela. Bones’s current view of marriage is not so rosy.

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