Bones S03, Ep06 – Intern in the Incinerator

Show: Bones

Season: 3 Episode: 6

Title: Intern in the Incinerator

Original Air Date: November 6, 2007

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Favorite Quotes:

* Bones: There are no tissue markers. You can’t just look at a skull and see the person.
Angela: Sweetie, I’ve done hundreds of these reconstructions. The depressed glabella, the narrow nasal aperture, the chipped lateral incisor.
Bones: You can see a face from that?

* Angela: I’m just really freaked out by this one.
Bones: Because you know the victim.
Angela: Well, and the killer. I mean, look around. Do you like thinking that somebody we see every day could have thrown Kristen into the incinerator?

* Booth: Camille, you’re an adult. You can’t live your life afraid of what your family thinks.

* Bones: Is he dead?
Zack: Yes, but only because he was never alive.
Booth: You gotta be kidding me.
Hodgins: Look at this. The Gestapo is interfering with free inquiry.

* Cam: You might have noticed, but these people are tough to squelch.
Booth: You know what? They’re always telling us not to jump to conclusions.
Cam: But when they do, it’s called a quantum leap.
Booth: Jump. Leap. Tomato, to-mah-to. What’s the difference?

* Cam: Eyes on the evidence.

* Bones: Kyle, I know you get everything you want by flaunting your superior intellect but that won’t work with me.
Kyle: Why is that?
Bones: Because I’m smarter than you are.

* Angela: You know Jack. You are actually a better candidate to be Gormogon than Kyle Aldridge.

* Bones: Well, he was hung up in the vault. It all circles back to the vault.
Cam: It all circles back to the Authentications department, who happened to be working in the vault.

* Bones: Why don’t you and Booth think that Gormogon is behind these murders?

* Hodgins” You want her to find out from her sister?
Booth: Wow. This is worse than when we were a couple.
Hodgins: [Laughing] Sorry.
Booth: I really should take my gun out and shoot you now.

* Angela: I feel like I was just threatened.

* Evan: I can only take responsibility for smuggling the oryx into the country.
Booth: Get your hands off the murder weapon.

* Booth: Look, all the scientists and the squints and the eggheads, they wanted it to be a serial killer so it wouldn’t be one of them.

* Bones: Are you going to betray me?
Booth: No.
Bones: Nonetheless, I shall be vigilant.


The supervisor is upset about the smoke coming out of the incinerator shaft. They open it and find what is left of a body. Bones and Cam take a look. Booth is a bit grossed out. He has the guest logs. It’s most likely someone who works there that died. The killer probably works there too. In the lab, Angela tells them she is ready to do the facial reconstruction. Bones says the skulls not ready. But Angela looks at it and through her eyes you see the reconstruction of the person’s face. Both Cam and Bones pick up on something odd with Angela. She quickly leaves. Bones goes to her office and Angela informs her she has IDed the victim already. Bones is outraged and shocked. She then asks her how. Angela then tells her how the tooth got chipped. Angela knows the victim, it’s Kristen Reardon. She was only there to make her father happy, but her plans were to go into design. Bones realizes she is Dr. Ted Reardon’s daughter. She took one of his classes. Turns out she was also seeing a married man who works at the Jeffersonian. Angela is freaked out as they all could know the killer. Booth talks to the head of the Museum. He unofficially tells him who the victim is. Bones notifies Dr. Ted Reardon of his daughter’s death personally. Cam invites Booth to go to her father’s birthday party. Booth does not want to go. Booth checks on Bones after she does the death notification. Kristen’s supervisor comes and checks in. They learn that she was also the front runner for the Bates Fellowship. They head down to the Gormogon Vault to speak to others on Kristen’s team. The second in line is a bit jealous because Kristen has connections through her father and got to go to an Ivy League School. He doesn’t know who she was dating, just that he was older. Bones finds Kristen’s bag and it has her cell phone. Bones becomes concerned that it could be a Gormagon follower that killed her, but that he or she also works at the lab. Suddenly, a body falls out a window to the ground. It’s actually Hodgin’s and Zack doing an experiment. Zack explains it replicates a human body. They created a duplicate of Kristen to prove she was dead before the incinerator. The math says the body was put in the incinerator from the top floor, the office suites, of the Jeffersonian. Cam determines she was stabbed to death. She is worried about Gormagon Vault being connected. Booth asks about Aldridge. It’s his number that is all over Kristen’s cell phone. Before he leaves, she reminds him to come to the party. Booth pays Dr. Aldridge a visit. Booth asks him about his finances. The interview gets interrupted by an agent collecting Booth to show him what he found in Aldridge’s work room. There is a massive amount of blood. They have located the murder scene. Cam checks in with the team on the platform. Zack has more details on how Kristen was murdered. Hodgins analyzed trace. He finds a type of tree that relates to Aldridge’s field of study. Zack crosses a line about Angela and Hodgins slaps him. Booth decides to have Bones interrogate Aldridge. He gives her some tips. Aldridge is not amused that it’s Bones interrogating him. He tries insulting her but she cuts him off at the knees. He refuses to answer questions about his relationship with Kristen. She proves they were having an affair. She then points out that his rich wife would leave him broke if she found out about the affair. That gives him motive. He then asks for a lawyer. Booth picks up Cam for her father’s birthday party. Cam’s sister is picking them up, but they apparently are competitive with each other. She finally arrives. Cam exits to get her things. Cam’s sister then kisses Booth. Angela tells Hodgins that he is more likely to be Gormogon based on the facts she presents. He points out he’s not. He has the analysis of the fragments in her rib. It’s an 800 year old piece of copper. Angela finds one item that matches. It is checked out to Aldridge and from the Gormogon Vault. Hodgin’s tests the copper spearhead for blood and it’s negative. Hodgin’s goes to put the spear back and starts screaming for help. He’s found Aldridge dead. Cam does his autopsy. Bones tells her she spoke with his wife. He sent her a suicide note by email confessing to the affair and murder. But Came says the hanging didn’t kill him. It wasn’t suicide. Bones states it all links back to the vault. She doesn’t understand why she and Booth don’t think the murderer is Gormogon. Cam gives her a few reasons. Cam accidently lets it slip about dinner with Booth. Hodgins comes in with the hanging rope. He found DNA on it from the killer. Bones sees something on the xray. Cam says the potassium level was ok. No signs of other disease that would cause it. Bones realizes that there is an anesthetic that turns into potassium in the body. This was covered in Dr. Reardon’s book. Booth confesses to Hodgins that Cam’s sister kissed him. He tells him to tell her before her sister does. Booth questions Dr. Reardon. He shows Dr. Reardon Aldridge’s cause of death. He then has him roll up his sleeves. His arms are perfect. Hodgins talks to Cam about the 800 year old metal. He thinks the copper could be from something bronze as copper is a component. Angela worked up a 3D model of the murder. The angle of attack was 67 degrees. They would need to be 6-8 and 300 pounds. Angela’s model shows she was impaled not stabbed by something sitting at 67 degree angle. It could be accidental. Dr. Bancroft is trying to cover up several murders. He then puts a target on Angela as the next victim. Hodgins check all bronze weapons that meets the criteria but does not find it in the Jeffersonian. Bones and Hodgins realize something could be smuggled in by mail. It would go to the Authentications department. Bones asks Hodgins to check Kristen’s log. Neither Hodgins or Bones can access it, but Booth types in Cam’s password and gets it. She was working on some Luristan Bronzes. The items are from the right time period. The items were likely being sold on the black market. Zack will have to check them all. Booth goes to talk to Cam. He tells Cam that her sister kissed him. He winds up in way more trouble. At this moment, her sister arrives for lunch. The two fight. Booth tells her the truth. Suddenly, neither want Booth. The fight continues. Suddenly, Cam is defending her sister. The two go off to lunch. Zack found an Oryx statue. It’s horns are what she was impaled on. Zack informs Bones the Oryx is not there anymore. It’s been mailed to a post office box in Arlington, Texas. When Cam tells Dr. Bancroft about the smuggling going through the Jeffersonian, he is not happy. Booth and Bones stake out the mail box. It’s Evan Klimkew who is the smuggler. He’s brought in. He’s shocked the murder investigation caused them to discover his smuggling operation. He admits to being there when Kristen died, but states Aldridge was the one who pushed her. He was forced to help dispose of the body. Bones points out it does not explain Aldridge’s death. Evan insists it was a suicide. Booth pulls up his sleeve and finds the rope burn that says it was murder. Back in Booth’s office the duo share a drink. He points out that everyone wanted it be Gormogon instead of one of them. Bones is offended because it was one of her own. She then asks Booth if he is going to betray her. He tells her no. They toast to Gormogon.

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