Bones S03, Ep03 – Death in the Saddle

Original Air Date: October 9, 2007

Favorite Quotes:

* Booth: Hey.

Bones: Hay is for horses.

* Booth: What do you do? Run a service for cheating husbands?

* Booth: Well, two miles from here in the woods, Mr. Ed was found dead.

* Mrs. Ed: If I had killed my husband I wouldn’t need a divorce lawyer, would I?

* Bones: Yes, this is a culture and we need to investigate accordingly.

* Bones: It’s a very small step between selling dead meat and making meat dead.

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Boys are at a camp. One has gone off by himself to use a tree. Suddenly, there’s screaming. He’s found a dead body. Cam takes a look at the wound. Bones arrives and is confused why she’s there, there aren’t bones, it’s still quite fleshy. Cam called Bones because his feet are missing. At the end of the blood trail they find a pair of feet. Back at the lab, Bones is a little competitive with Cam. Hodgins comes on the platform and tells the two Angela is going to be hypnotized to try and remember her husbands name. Then they can get married. They find animal sunscreen on the body and Bones finds evidence of a bit in the mouth and his name is Ed. They bring in Ed’s wife. She is surprised, he was supposed to be in Florida. Booth asks a lot of questions about horses. Angela is looking for Bones, she went with Booth to a spot in Virginia. She’s not thrilled with the hypnosis thing because she worked with a magician who did fake hypnosis. Cam validates hypnosis herself. She gives her a little pep talk. The owner of the resort is not forthcoming at first. After a SWAT team threat, he talks. This resort is for pony play fantasy. He then informs the man Mr. Ed was found dead. Bones like to cut to the chase, she directly asks who Mr. Ed’s groom is. She gets an answer. She tells them that Ed’s wife showed up there. The pair have an interesting conversation on the drive back. They bring his wife in and question her about lying. She got a call telling her where her husband was. She went and then came home and called a divorce lawyer. Booth asks Bones why she doesn’t think the wife did it. The feet are cut off and that is ritualistic. Hodgins and Zack go over the skull. Booth and Bones go back to the resort. Bones asks if anyone has an accent. They get the name and try to speak with him. They ask him about calling Mrs. Ed. He denies it at first. Then they ask about the murder. He denies that too. Booth asks Bones why she lied about the evidence. Hodgins goes to Angela’s office. She’s trying to find a photograph. Zack thinks the murder weapon is a hoof knife. Hodgins starts to recreate what happened with Cam. But then runs off after tying her wrists. Angela’s hypnosis didn’t work, she is too wound up. Angela gets more worked up and loses her temper. They bring in the owner of the Pony Resort. He asks about the hoof knife. He says it was stolen several days ago. Hodgins tells Zack the hoof knife several the feet. Zack found it out another way. They go to the butcher shop Lucky tells them about. When they ask the butcher questions he runs. They take him in for questioning. He ran because he deserted from the National Guard. He says he drove to his parents in New Jersey after getting his flyers back and has gas receipts. Angela is at the hypnotist’s office. Bones calls Cam about the missing eyes. It’s likely the eyes were gouged out with the hoof knife. Cam thinks it’s a doctor that cut off the feet. The hypnotist has Angela under. It goes oddly, a large buzzing bug comes at her. The wasp has no answers. Angela is not amused and leaves. Booth and Bones execute a search warrant at the horse barn. Bones finds the hoof knife in the barn. Angela talks to Hodgins. He checked on wasps in dream theory. She hands him a book with a wasp on the cover. She was reading it in Fiji. In the book is the picture. On the back is his name. Booth and Bones are eating at the diner. They have a philosophical discussion about love and connecting.

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