Bones S02, Ep18 – The Killer in the Concrete

Show: Bones
Season: 2
Episode: 18
Title: The Killer in the Concrete
Original Air Date: April 4, 2007

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Favorite Quotes:

* Hodgins: Shot, stabbed and lived to play another day, rock star.

* Bones: I have very few distinct memories of my mother.

* Bones: How is reading your police record going to change my mind?

* Booth: As a friend of mine would say, “Don’t jump to conclusions until all the evidence is in.”

* Booth: You’re the first guy to get the drop on me in ten years.

* Bones: I want to do something, but I don’t know what.
Max: Are you asking?
Bones: You’re going to help find the man who’s going to put you in jail?

* Bones: Thank you.
Man: You’re welcome. You’re dad’s a psycho by the way.
Bones: You have no idea.

Synopsis: Booth and Bones are in Baltimore. A body was found in concrete by a cadaver dog. She wants it all hauled back to the lab. The team begins to work on the skeleton. Zack finds he was shot. Cam asks Zack to get the skull out of the cement first. Bones and Angela are at her mother’s grave. It’s the one-year anniversary of burying her. Angela waits in the car while she reflects. Bones’ father shows up. He offers to provide answers if he can. Bones instead calls in and reports seeing him. He tells her he loves her before he takes off. At the lab, the time of death is anywhere from two to three years. Turns out he died from a penetrating wound to the back of the head. At Bones’ apartment, here dad is there. He asks her to look at his rap sheet. Booth shows Bones a case file on a rural mobster. Cam gets a leg that’s frozen. Bones examines the femur and Cam takes some DNA. The bounty hunter Booth has been looking for finds him. Their meeting is interrupted by a call. The bounty hunter takes off during the call. She drives off and waves. The leg was sawn off. The leg was taken off in the same means as a livestock amputation. Bones looks at his tooth. Booth tells her that the only people Max killed were people who actually deserved it. Angela does a 3d reconstruction. The ice pick did not kill him instantly. He was buried alive in the concrete. They bring in a witness. He decides he wants to give the deceased a proper burial. Max pays Bones another visit. He brought snickerdoodles and a message from her brother. He asks about the rap sheet. She tells him Booth will arrest him if he has a chance. He is trying to trigger some memories for her. He sings her a song. She reacts. He also sees her notepad and is familiar with the people on it. He gets ready to leave because she speed dialed Booth. Max gives Booth a clue on who he is trying to catch. Then he heads out. Booth stakes out the model airplane park. Zack suggests he drive out onto the field and park where they like to land. People storm out at him. It works though, the one man with a fake leg will stand perfectly still. He spots him. Booth shows up at the hotel and puts his badge in the desk guy’s face. He gets the information he needs. He is waiting for Booth and ambushes him. He leaves him tied up on the bed and heads out. Bones is at the diner and Max shows up. She tells him Booth is missing for more than 18 hours. Max offers to help find Booth. The witness they brought in earlier finds Booth. The witness is less than friendly or helpful to Booth. Cam now spearheads the team to try and find Booth. She makes them go over all the evidence with all their senses. Angela comes up with taxi cab driver as the killer. Back at the airport field, Bones and Max are asking questions. They get an address of a hotel. Max does the strong arm thing to get the room. The bounty hunter is there, and she attacks. They catch her though. Bones finds a tooth. She realizes it’s Booth’s and in anger she knocks out the bounty hunter. Meanwhile, the witness they brought in is beating Booth for answers. The guy hits him in the face and hurts himself more than Booth. Booth headbutts him in retaliation. But the guys starts kicking on Booth. Bones takes the tooth to the lab and they identify it as Booth’s. Angela follows her out. She clues in Angela that her dad is helping her find Booth. Angela is shocked. Bones arrives back at the hotel to find her dad suffocating the bounty hunter over and over. She spills her guts. As they drive, Max tells her Kennedy does not have Booth. He realizes it’s the witness, Gallagher. Back at the lab, they try and figure out where Gallagher would take Booth. Zack realizes that Gallagher flies everywhere. They go over his records to find something specific. Angela finds it. Bones calls in a tip with the address of the machine to try and save Booth. She runs for the car, where her dad is waiting. They speed to the airfield. Everyone is worried. Gallagher’s associate heats a screwdriver to lethal heath. Gallagher runs for it. The FBI is there and catches him. Max runs back in and asks for the keys to her car. She left them in the ignition. He gets away. They save Booth. At her place, Max leaves her a dolphin, a note and a picture. Bones and Booth are eating at the diner. Max left her car in the garage. Booth tells her he’ll be back. She asks him what she should, and he tells her she should find out about her mother when he comes back. Bones tells him about the song. He knows it. They sing it together.

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