Bones S02, Ep20 – The Glowing Bones In The Old Stone House

Show: Bones
Season: 2
Episode: 20
Title: The Glowing Bones In The Old Stone House
Original Air Date: May 9, 2007

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Favorite Quotes:

* Booth: Why is she glowing?
Bones: I have no idea. No idea at all.

* Bones: Still no answer on the luminescent bones?
Hodgins: It’s not like we get a human light bulb in here every day.

* Booth: Ok, Squint Squad, why does the corpse look like a glowstick?

* Angela: Are you ok?
Bones: Yeah, I’m just use to victims being strangers.

* Bones: Just because I think marriage is an antiquated ritual doesn’t mean I don’t want Angela and Hodgins to be happy.

* Cam: Either that trunk was packed with invisible pillows or Abby’s lying to us.

Synopsis: Bones and Booth go to a scene in the woods with a glowing body. While they put on radiation suits Bones tells Booth that Angela turned down Hodgins again. The way they are talking the guy on site thinks they are a couple. The three all enter the scene suited up. The body is indeed glowing. The man finds no radiation, so he hands the scene over to Booth and leaves. Back at the lab, Bones finds repeated stab wounds. Booth joins them and asks about the glow as well. In Cam’s lab she needs him to pour fabric softener to rehydrate a finger. She’s able to scan the fingerprint. She gets an ID. Angela points out she is a celebrity chef. Bones actually knows her and is clearly upset by that fact. She said she was a nice person. Booth and Bones go to the restaurant to speak with the husband. He tells them about their business partners. He also tells her that she and Abby use to run off to Atlantic City a lot. Abby is missing too. Angela and Hodgins are going over social media. Angela starts listing foods she ate. When she says sushi it gives Hodgins an idea. They talk to Abby’s husband, he’s in the reserves. Hodgins has figured out the glow. They figure out which sushi restaurant and the sushi chef. They pay him a visit. Booth takes the opportunity to have some lunch while questioning him. He tells them that Carly’s husband is a jealous man. When they tell him Carly is dead he assumes it was Dan. He tells them that Carly cut herself and should have gotten stitches but didn’t. Angela analyzed the knife set. She was only able to match a small knife to a cut on Carly’s hand. In Bones office, She and Angela discuss relationships. Bones gets a call. Carly took out a restraining order on her husband. Dan took out a $2 million policy on her. Bones finds a knife from a set is missing. Booth questions him and he loses his temper and goes after Booth. Abby’s boyfriend gives them permission to take whatever they want. Booth gets a call they found Abby’s car. She’s in the trunk and miraculously is still alive. They go over the car on scene. Cam thinks Carly was killed in the car. Hodgins find particulates in the trunk. Angela identifies the missing knife, but it is not was used to kill her. She and Bones have a heart to heart. Bones admit that she lets fear win a lot. She realizes how much it costs her. Hodgins finds that the particles are ceramic, industrial ceramic. Hodgins goes into a philosophical rant. Hodgins gives Booth a hug. Abby is awake. They go to talk to her. Abby tells them that Carly and Dan fought before they headed to the bank. She tells them a guy was hiding in the back seat and had a mask on. Cam tested the samples and found that Abby’s boyfriend was behind it. He was on a survival mission. So he was alone for two days. They bring him in. They don’t understand why he raped Carly and then killed her but spared Abby. He lawyers up. Booth and Bones and another discussion about marriage on the drive to go back to Abby. Booth asks her to think. She’s hesitant because her boyfriend could be the killer. In the lab, Hodgins figured out the murder weapon. It was a ceramic knife. Cam joins them on the platform and is questioning Abby’s story. Ben doesn’t figure in now. Abby would have been driving. Abby would have had to undo Carly’s seatbelt and then Abby stabbed her. She found out Carly was having an affair with her boyfriend. Her broken wrist was from stabbing her. Hodgins is back in his lab with shrimp and Angela arrives. Hodgins gets sentimental. He turns off the lights and shows her shrimp saying “be my love.” She suddenly says, “yes, let’s get married.” She asks him to marry her. That just them, no pressure, was all she wanted. He accepts. She wants to get married in one week. She wants a big wedding and he has no clue how to pull it off. At Bones apartment, she cooked for them. He’s very excited about the food. She made the mac and cheese from Carly’s restaurant.

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