Bones S03, Ep11 – Player Under Pressure

Show: Bones

Season: 3 Episode: 11

Title: Player Under Pressure

Original Air Date: April 21, 2008

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Favorite Quotes:

* Bones: Wow. I guess there’s life on this campus after all.

* Bones: We need to take the pinkies or they’ll die.

* Mr. Francis: Why would I kill RJ? Why would I kill the golden goose?

* Booth: RJ Manning broker her heart and a bit of her brain in the process.

* Bones: Is she crying because she loved him or lost a mansion?

* Bones: You don’t play at being a warrior. You are a warrior every day.


Bones and Booth go to a college gym. A student opened the bleachers and found a dead body crushed under them. Bones smells alcohol as well as decomposition. She also catches a rat and finds its babies in the body. Bones finds a gold chain with 11 around the victims next. It’s RJ Manning. At the lab they begin to process the body. They make the positive ID. Booth and Bones talk to his sisters. They are given a list of people to talk to. Zack and Hodgins wrap a skull in a Turkey to recreate the effect of the bleachers closing on the skull and crushing effect. The skull did not powder. He was killed by strikes to the head before he was crushed by the bleachers. Zack calls Bones and confirms it was murder. The basketball team gets together and says a prayer. Bones and Booth then talk to the coach. He wants to move on quickly. They talk to RJ’s girlfriend. Hodgin’s is grinding up maggots in a blender. Cam recognizes it as her own and is not happy. Bones and Booth go back to the college to interview more people. Booth shoots hoops while t hey wait. He leaves, she picks up the ball and makes a basket. Outside they find Colby and his fiancé. They don’t get any answers. Cam pops in Angela’s office looking for Hodgin’s. She has the tox results. The alcohol was poured on him, not in him. He was also on steroids. Booth talks to the coach and informs him RJ tested positive for steroids. The coach informs him he got brain cancer from steroids. He has a zero-tolerance policy for drugs. He’s terminal. He has two years tops. The coach approves steroid testing. Anyone refusing is off the team. However, two tests were the same person, so someone didn’t submit because they were using steroids. Booth tells him if he gives him the name of the person, he got the steroids from and it stays quiet. Angela goes to visit Cam. She is not happy that the file for Hodgins’s was left with her. She goes down the personal and work are separate line. Cam then shows her footage of them having sex in the storage area. Angela is shocked and tells her it was on their lunch break. But she gets Cam’s point. Booth arrests Mr. Francis for being the steroid supplier. Bones and Booth talk to Chief Cutler. Booth and Cutler decide to double team Mr. Francis. Hodgin’s. Cam gave Angela the disc of her and Hodgin’s. Cam walks in to find Angela watching it. Cam asks her to turn the volume down. Mr. Francis is argumentative in interrogation. Chief Cutler informs him that if he doesn’t admit to the steroids he gets arrested for murder. Turns out the NBA was going to sign with the NBA and Mr. Francis wanted his cut. Cam found evidence that RJ may have been with a girl just before he was killed. Cam asks Zack if he can narrow down who this person might be. He found gonorrhea. The same strain that the other basketball player had. He’s in the shower and it annoys her. He comes up with a name of who he might have gotten the STD from. They question Justine. They ask for a DNA sample. She gives them her snotty tissue and rips out some hair. Angela helps with the makeup but doesn’t want to be labeled a makeup expert. This lipstick was made for the cheerleading team. They get DNA samples from all the cheerleaders. RJ’s girlfriend knew he played around. She didn’t care, he always came home to her. Bones and Zack fins 2 and 5 imprinted in the reconstructed skull. It’s from free weights. A tech finds the blood splatter on a weight in the gym. The blood matches. Colby and Celeste Cutler are brought in for questioning. Cam interrupts with some test results. The spit was from Chief Cutler. They go to the gym and find him. He confesses and then takes out a gun to kill himself. Booth tells Bones to leave. He then tries to talk Cutler out of killing himself. Bones didn’t leave though, she snuck under the bleachers. She jumped up and put her finger between the hammer and the plate so the gun wouldn’t fire. They get milkshakes at the diner.

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