Bones S03, Ep01 – The Widow’s Son in the Windshield

Show: Bones
Season: 3
Episode: 1
Title: The Widow’s Son in the Winshield
Original Air Date: September 27, 2007

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Favorite Quotes:

* Bones: In the vernacular, our victim’s face was chewed off by a cannibal.

* Caroline: You think a cannibal is making a habit of tossing body parts off of overpasses into passing dump trucks?

* Cam: Exposing a parent to the death penalty can have a chilling effect on the partnership, yeah.

* Bones: A cannibalistic violin thief who eats faces?
Booth: Yeah, it’s a stretch.

* Booth: It’s deserted, isolated. It’s a fortress.
Cam: Serial killer heaven.

* Caroline: Somebody kidnapped a fiddler and served him for dinner in an old bank vault stuffed with museum pieces?

* Hodgins: So suddenly you think my insane conspiracy ravings are legitimate?

Synopsis: Some teens are driving on the freeway. Some flies off the overpass and crashes into their car. In the lab, another skeleton is reconstructed. Clark Edison says the cause of death was that he was pinned somehow. Booth takes Booth to a scene. She’s not happy. He shows her the car with the skull. It gets her attention. He asks her if she doesn’t want to work with him anymore. She tells him she works with him. They talk to the eyewitness. He tells her the skull bounced. She starts doing some math because it seems to be impossible. At the diner, Hodgin’s PI is trying to get background information to find Angela’s missing husband. She doesn’t have much info and the PI looks concerned. Cam asks Bones about Clark. Bones calls Booth about scoring on the skull. The face chewed off by a human. Booth is a little shocked. A lawyer speaks at a meeting at Booth’s office. He needs a warrant to search a landfill. Caroline gets on board but is skeptical. In the bone room, Clark finds an osteoma on an x ray. Angela comes in and tells Bones that a ton of bone chips are coming from the landfill and more are coming. Angela calls Bones out for not hiring someone to replace Zack. She also points out that Bones is a bit traumatized because at Angela’s wedding when she and Hodgins left Bones and Booth were left standing at the altar. At the diner, Came and Booth are having a beer. They discuss Bones refusal to leave the lab. Cam points out he did arrest her father. Booth gets a call and they have identified the skull. He disappeared with a violin worth $3 million. Booth comes up with a theory that fails miserably. Booth invites her to interview the victims girlfriend with him. Angela watches the interview and wears a headset to communicate with Booth. He tells the girlfriend she can leave, but Angela points out a photo he needs to ask about. He realizes there was another woman involved. Hodgins has discovered the material on the skull. It’s a very rare material. It’s not in a lot of places locally. Bones tells Hodgins she’s been staying in the lab because Zack is gone. Hodgins tells her she can’t replace Zack, she can just find someone who can help out. Booth and Caroline interview the other woman. It’s quite unique the details she provides. She actually provides a video of their last encounter. At the lab, they have pinpointed a possible location where the cannibal could have done the kills. The pair go to the building. It looks like it’s dusted. The guard tells them the only place where their could be granite is the vault. They have to cut it open. Something goes off and Booth covers Bones and they both go to the floor. Nothing explodes though. The vault has a lot of things in it. It’s rather like a museum. Bones finds the missing violin. But Booth quietly calls her over as he is unsure what he’s found. It’s some kind of skeleton. Many bones are silver but there are also human bones as well. They have Caroline join them. Angela is there as well. She recognizes it as Calabrian. Bones points out that the bones on the skeleton belong to different people. She wants the whole thing brought back to the Jeffersonian. Cam thinks there is room in the basement. Caroline is not so sure. The PI comes and gives them some new information. The island in Fiji she got married on was wiped out by a tsunami. There was a steamer docked on the island around that time as well. Hodgins tells him to find it. On the platform, they have separated the bones from the skeletons. Booth tries to point out everyone is enabling Bones mental problem. She calls out, “Zack” and Booth is not having it. She points though. Everyone turns and Zack is there. Clark politely exits. He wants to jump right n the case. Bones goes to Booth’s office to give him an update. She asks to join him when he does this interrogation. They bring in a suspect with a diamond tooth. They ask him to bite something. He refuses. Booth tells him they have a warrant, so he can do it himself or he’ll make him. In the lab, Zack has determined the bones are from different people. Six victims so far. Back at the diner, the PI has a picture for Angela to look at. She thinks it’s the guy. Angela actually gets annoyed at the PI. Hodgins starts having a meltdown about the size and bulk of him. Bones and Booth arrive at the lab in the middle of the night as Zack called them. He found something. He found one bone that was gnawed on by two people. But the older bones were gnawed on by a different person than Jason. Jason only gnawed on the newer bones. They go to the prison in the middle of the night and are getting now well. Bones asks Booth why he didn’t stop Zack from going to Iraq. Someone comes to let them know that Jason is dead. Bones points out that his body is in the same position as the silver skeleton. They also call for Hodgins. The body position is the “Widow’s Son.” Outside, Booth and Bones sit on a bench. She gives a long list of things to do with all the evidence. Booth is worried this is going to be a big case. He tells her this case will be a marathon not a sprint. They have a slight argument about the coffee.

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