Bones S02, Ep21 – Stargazer in a Puddle

Show: Bones
Season: 2
Episode: 21
Title: Stargazer in a Puddle
Original Air Date:

Favorite Quotes:

* Booth: I’m very good at my job.
Max: Well, you’d have to be to work with my daughter.

* Angela: I have a face but you’re not going to like it.

* Bones: Booth is going to find proof of who you are and arrest you.
Max: But not tonight.

* Miss Julienne: Max Keenan got himself wiped from the system? Who is this guy? Some sort of super criminal?

* Cam: You’ve got spam and sea chimps. If you get anything out of that I’ll buy you both a car.

* Bones: What you did was wrong, but you did it out of love.

* Booth: Bones, your father chose to be arrested because he felt that if he abandoned you again he’d lose you forever.

* Booth: Why me?
Zack: You know more about duty and honor than anyone I know.

Synopsis: Bones and Booth are at a scene. It’s flooded. It’s a cesspool that includes what’s left of a body in a cage. It’s a small body. Hodgins goes over the items with the body. He and Angela are talking and it appears they are going to get married. Bones shows Booth an X-ray. Max appears in the office. Booth arrests him and asks Bones to handcuff him. Bones refuses. It’s just a weird situation. Miss Julienne informs Booth that Max’s identity comes back as someone else. Booth has to let him go. Booth points out to him that he keeps coming and going in Bones life and she feels it. Angela tells them she has a face but it’s not what they are expecting. Something got missed. Angela asks Bones to be her maid of honor. Bones reacts by hugging her not one but twice. At Bones apartment, Max tells her he set her brother up in a safe place. He gives her a ring that belonged to her grandmother and she is shocked. She invites him to stay in the guest room. Meanwhile, Bones and Miss Julianne are not happy because Max is somehow no longer in the system. Zack and Bones go back over the bones. It’s clearly a child, but the bones say the body is much older. Bones says progeria, the aging disease. Angela gets a hit on a 22 year old that went missing last November. Hodgins asks Zack to be his best man. He has to think about it. They go talk to Chelsea’s mother. Bones realizes from the drawings that the girl also had another issue. The mother filed a complaint about a care taker and Chelsea disappeared shortly after. Booth interviews that caretaker and finds out what happened. He also tells Booth that the mother was going downhill and failing all her classes. At the diner, Max tells Bones about her family history. He tells her he also has a message for her from her mother on video. Hodgins again asks Zack if he will stand up with him. He hands him a letter. It’s a request for Zack to go to Irag. Hodgins starts to freak out. Zack is examining the girls skull and thinks the hole is from a drill. Bones looks at the drawings again and tells the mother they are accurate drawings of the constellations. The mother freaks out and gets her pills, three bottles. Hodgins calls Booth and asks him to be his best man. Booth mentions Angela’s dad and Hodgins freaks out. Bones tells Booth that Cynthia, the child’s mother has HIV or AIDS from the medicine. Booth and Bones are eating at the diner. Bones thinks she loves her father. She tries to talk about it and starts to break down. Booth’s phone goes off and Hodgins has figured out what killed the girl. Bones immediately knows what killed the girl. She was given an overdose of AIDS medicine. Bones reads off the meds to Cam over the phone. She confirms that one of the drugs replaced what killed the girl. And she gave all her old meds to her daughter. Hodgins bravely goes over to Angela’s dad studio. It doesn’t go well. Hodgins asks permission to marry Angela and her dad tells him that’s not very wise. He does give him a rather scary warning though if it doesn’t treat Angela right. Meanwhile, Booth has Cam test some DNA and it proves to be Max’s. Max and Bones meet. She is wearing the ring, he gives her the video. In the parking lot, Booth arrests him. Max doesn’t want to go quietly. And Booth refuses to shoot him. So they box instead. Max gets in a cheap shot, but they both just fall down next to each other. Bones plays the video at her apartment. She filmed the message on Bones’s sweet 16 but she also has the ring. At the jail, Bones gives the girls mother the drawings. She lays out what she thinks happened. She thought she was going to die before her child and she wouldn’t be cared for. But after a bit the experimental drug started to work. Bones gives her the I Love You rock. It’s now Saturday and everyone is at the church for the wedding. Zack asks Hodgins about Irag and what getting shot feels like. Angela’s Dad walks her down the aisle. Suddenly, Booth feels the need to tell Bones about her dad in the middle of the wedding. What he tells her causes her to hug him. Angela politely interrupts to get married. However, a guy walks in from the State Department. She’s already married but didn’t remember getting married. Zack gives Booth the letter while they wait and asks him to tell everyone after he’s gone. Angela apologizes to Hodgins. He tries not to be upset, they both do. Miss Julienne tells them to run for it. Hodgins and Angela quickly announce that everyone can go straight to the reception and have a great time on them. Everyone is a bit confused. Bones says, “what we do we do now?” The officiant gives Booth and Bones a look.

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