Bones S03, Ep05 – Mummy in the Maze

Show: Bones

Season: 3 Episode: 5

Title: Mummy in the Maze

Original Air Date: October 30, 2007

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Favorite Quotes:

* Booth: Look, when you say mummy, you mean, uh—

Coroner: Wrapped in bandages, curse of King Tut. You know, mummy.

* Booth: Fact, Bones. There are no coincidences in a murder investigation.

Bones: You do know the strict definition of a fat? It’s not the same as a funny feeling.

* Cam: Is our murdered literally scaring girls to death?

* Angela: I want a divorce. If I’m gonna shack up with anybody, it’s this guy.

* Booth: I dare you to put that lasso of truth around you.

* Booth: Now can you see why I hate clowns?


Kids are running a maze at a farm. A kid stumbles upon a mummy were a spider climbs out of its eye. Bones and Booth arrive on the scene and meet with a pediatrician who is also the coroner. They get lost so Booth makes a shortcut. Booth knocks down another wall to get to the car. Back at the lab, Cam and Zack examine the mummy. Cam reminds them they have to come to the Halloween Party. They find a label on the clothes to a church thrift store. Bones and Booth go to ask questions. Bones shows the pictures of the clothes to the Pastor. He does not recognize them. Bones asks a serious question that the Pastor thinks is rude. But Booth points out she is serious, so he answers. Hodgins and Angela meet with a private investigator to now track down her husband. She impresses Angela. She got the information from Roxy. She also found Angela’s husband, Grayson “Birimbau” Barasa. They inform her that she needs to reach out and make him the divorce papers. In the car, Booth and Bones have a small debate. Her position surprises Booth a little. Cam calls, she needs them to come back. The parents think it could be their daughter. Booth, Bones and the parents talk. Angela interrupts. She has a sketch of the girl in the maze. Cam calls Bones, there is another mummy at the park. They talk to a witness who is on oxygen from seeing a mummy. She tells them she is a nurse so she can tell the difference between a fake body and a real one. It’s past the killer clown. They go inside and Booth starts to freak out about the clowns. Cam calls with the identity of the victim. She’s been missing a year ago today from the park. As they walk through, Bones easily spots the actual body. The second body is not Megan Shaw either. She has been mummified in the same way. Angela has identified the second body. She also went missing from the same park. Booth goes back to the park. Everyone is getting questioned. Cam posits she may have been buried alive. Hodgins has worse news. She died via tarantula. Judy’s sister comes in and she still has guilt. She tells Booth her sister was very claustrophobic, even in a car. She went into the fun house while Judy waited outside. She was gone when she came out. Booth brings the guy who plays the grim reaper in. They bring him, George, in for questioning. He is not cooperative so Booth roughs him up a little. Bones joins in. Turns out it was Lola. She is his girlfriend and she likes to watch and interrupt him with young girls. The private investigator returns. She spoke with Barasa. He is refusing to give Angela the divorce. He built a house for Angela. Angela continues to say she wants a divorce. Booth learns that the newest missing girl is afraid of snakes. Cam is dressed as Catwoman and Hodgins the Captain of the Titanic. Hodgins says the spores are from a Hawaiian Orchid. He tries to talk to Lola but she’s not cooperative. Booth dresses up as a squint for the Halloween party. Bones dresses up as Wonder Woman. Angela maps out where the park is and also three pet stores that completely sold out of snakes. The third place sold out an hour ago. This means the girl is still alive. There are 126 possible locations. They need to narrow it down to try and save Megan. Bones, Hodgins and Zack work together to try and narrow down the possible choices of where the girl is being held. Zack does some complicated math to narrow down the search area. IT brings it down to 31 places. Bones thinks they can narrow it down further due to the requirements for mummification. It rules out a few more. But its still not enough. Hodgins thinks subways and florists. Cam calls with a location. Booth calls for back up at that address. They arrive but the flower shop is closed. They go around the back. Booth shots a lock off so they can go underground. Bones pulls out a massive gun that shocks Booth. They carefully advance. Bones finds a room with a table. It has cedar oil, lacquer and drugs. Booth knows who the murderer is now with what he’s seen. The EMT that helped each one. There is a girl screaming. They get lock off and open the door. Its full of snakes. The girl inside is freaking out. A scary clown appears. Bones tries to get her out of the room as Booth pursues the clown. Booth gets clipped by a bullet. He taunts Booth by telling Booth he knows he has the 50 caliber and only one bullet left. Booth manages to get him through the door with the last bullet in the gun. The private eye comes back again. She admits she tried to seduce Barasa. She comes up with excuses. She informs Angela that he is deeply in love with her still. Hodgins finally loses his temper with the private eye. Booth and Bones return. Bones suggest he say he’s Clark Kent.

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