Bones S03, Ep07 – The Boy in the Time Capsule

Show: Bones

Season: 3 Episode: 7

Title: The Boy in the Time Capsule

Original Air Date: November 13, 2007

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Favorite Quotes:

* Bones: How did Roger Dillon get from there to here?

* Hodgins: I ran a sample of the sludge.
Zack: Organic matter.
Cam: Or you could call him Roger.
Hodgins: Come on. When you can ladle someone, he’s a little less than a person, don’t you think?

* Zack: Violent students are the hallmark of a school yard. I speak from experience.

* Bones: Roger’s father had no issue getting physical with his son so why would he resort to a nerve agent?

* Bones: Angela was right. You were one of those guys.

* Hodgins: Looks like our young geek might have been killed over a drug deal.

* Sweets: This is obviously very difficult for you, but you shouldn’t be ashamed to ask for help.

* Bones: Dr. Hodgins do boys change after high school?
Hodgins: Only on the outside.

* Angela: Runner up for Mr. Popularity.
Bones: Where does it say that?
Angela: It’s the type Sweetie. He’s Mr. Second best. It’s kind of like when you want Brad Pitt but you get Matthew McConaughey.

* Bones: Just like his dad.
Angela: He looks nothing like his dad. [pauses] Oh boy.

* Angela: Twenty years ago Terry Stinson finds out that Roger Dillon has sex with his girlfriend.
Bones: And he kills him.

* Terry: You just wanted me to believe that the baby was mine?
Janelle: No, I wanted the baby inside me to be yours.

* Bones: Then why hasn’t he just confessed?
Sweets: Most likely he has in some way, Agent Booth. The question is were you listening?

* Booth: Why do you have to always correct me?
Bones: To help you evolve.


A group of classmates are unearthing a time capsule they buried 20 years ago. A current student gets the job of digging it up. It gets opened and its full of liquid and smells horrific. A guy sticks a crowbar in and pulls out a skull. Bones and Booth arrive. Bones drills a core hole into the time capsule to drain it into a tub. A video is played of the capsule being filled. At the lab, Zack is going over the remains. He finds some fractures. Cam is getting a list of those that did not attend the opening and others who were at the school at the time. Angela does a reconstruction and Cam finds him in the year books. An injury is consistent with his arm being twisted up behind his back. They go to visit Roger’s father. They learn he asked his father for a lot of money and he threw him out. They inform him Roger is dead and was found in the time capsule. At the lab, they pull the items out and check them against the inventory. The big floppy disk is not on the list. The pocket watch is not on the list either. In the car, Booth and Bones discuss high school. They talk to Gill. He tells them he left a note that he was running away. Hodgins found some fibers on the watch and disk that matches the victims’ jeans. They bring in a science teacher from back then. He was also the time capsule committee advisor. Booth and Bones are at Sweets office. He asks for help on the case and Sweets turns his high school years against him. Booth turns it on Sweets. He’ll share with Bones but not Sweets. Hodgins matched the cocaine in the watch to that in the sludge. Zack found cause of death. A blow to the jaw that cut his major arteries. Angela has found a system to run the disk on. The game is a primitive version of Doom. Roger seems to have made it. Booth continues trying to tell Bones a humiliating story, but each story he tells her is not humiliating. They bring Gill back in. He knew the game was planned, but not created already. Roger made some extra money tutoring both the cheerleader and a drug user. The two visit John Adamson. He admits that he paid Roger $200 to take the SAT for him. He gave him the cash and a watch. Bones gets annoyed with Sweets for being a slow reader. Sweets points out if Adamson killed Roger, he would have taken his watch back. Per Hodgins one chemical found on the body was used to spray for mosquitos. He’s even tracked down the records. Back then it was still a swamp. Roger would have to have waded through the swamp. The cheerleader lived in one of the only houses finished in the development. Angela is going through the yearbook. It was a prank version. Booth is still trying to tell Bones a humiliating story, it fails again. The two go to visit the cheerleader. She plays down her relationship with Roger. Her son comes in and joins them. Bones does her version of a double take. She then looks at a family photo and takes it. Bones ends the interview. At the lab, they go to Angela’s office. The two parents, the cheerleader and the jock are brought in. Bones point blank asks him if he knows Alex is not his son. He’s shocked. She doesn’t want to answer until after the DNA test. It’s still an answer though. She tells the truth about what happened with Roger. He made her feel special and cherished, where her now husband, she thought he didn’t care. Terry surprises all by saying, “Alex is my son. We are a family.” Sweets gives them the profile and Bones makes fun of him again. His profile says someone who is self-destructive and been punishing himself for years, working well below his potential. He’s likely confessed, and Booth missed it. Hodgins has new information. Asphalt was in the jaw wound. They bring Gill into interrogation. Bones mentions the pregnancy, but he didn’t know Janelle was pregnant with Roger’s baby. The death was an accident. His death was quick, and he held him while he died. Now Bones and Booth are in the diner. Booth tries another story. Bones tells him its both good and bad. He gives her brainy smurf to remind her how far he has come.

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