Bones S03, Ep08 – The Knight on the Grid

Show: Bones

Season: 3 Episode: 8

Title: The Knight on the Grid

Original Air Date: November 20, 2007

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Favorite Quotes:

* Booth: Touchy.
Cam: What can I say? I’m just a girl with feelings.

* Cam: Mr. Kneecaps has your home address?
Bones: I can’t freak out every time someone Google’s me.

* Cam: So this is what it’s like to be a kindergarten teacher.

* Booth: Okay, Sweets was right about the kneecaps. This guy would’ve been a world class kneeler.
Bones: Saying that someone is a whiz at psychology is like saying they’re good at mind reading. It’s a serious of lucky guesses.

* Monsignor: God forgive me, but sometimes I wonder if I’m little more than a Band-Aid.

* Bones: Hayley, is really sick. She’s asking for him.
Max: How sick?
Bones: I’m here, Dad. I’m asking you tell Russ.

* Bones: The teeth marks suggest two cannibals.
Sweets: Really? It’s awesome! It’s like the Sith Lords, man. There’s always only two of them.
Booth: Did you just Star Wars us?

* Booth: Two of the men you travelled with are dead.
Bones: Their faces were eaten off.
Porter: This is Washington, D.C. People have their faces eaten off all the time.

* Max: I’m here for you and a lot of dads aren’t.
Bones: That’s true, Dad.

* Bones: Booth was right. Gormorgon meant to kill us.

* Bones: We know who you are. We know what you did.


Camille goes to a scene instead of Bones. Booth gives her the rundown on a body, not a skeleton. She does a precursory exam. She finds a gemstone. In the lab, Zack confirms the stab wound to the chest was cause of death. Hodgins confirms the gemstone is jade. Bones is at her apartment, when there’s a knock at the door. It’s a woman named Amy Hollister, her brother’s girlfriend. She asks about Russ. She then tells Bones about her sick little girl. Bones gives her a phone number for Dr. Goetz. He’ll help her. She’ll call him to let him know she will be calling. Amy is shocked. Bones goes back to her package that is leaking blood. The dead man’s patellae are inside. At the lab, Zack confirms they match the victim. Angela recognizes the seal on the paper. Booth wants Bones to have protection, she is not worried. Sweets comes in while they all argue. He’s there because Booth and Bones were a no show for their appointment. Sweets looks like he’s going to be sick in the autopsy room. Zack has found the murder weapon, the Gormogon knife. The seal is on a tapestry in the vault. They all go down to the vault. Sweets thinks that Gormogon sent them the kneecaps to add to the silver skeleton. Back in the lab, Bones tells Booth about Amy looking for Russ. Zack has identified the victim. Bones gets angry when Booth decides to bring Sweets in on the case. They bring in the Monsignor. Doug Cooper worked for him as the vicar general. Bones tells him too much and he is horrified. Angela and Zack analyzed the tapestry. It’s a map. Two new points: a retirement home and a mausoleum. Zack wants to see the mausoleum. Booth brings a crowbar. They break in and find another skeleton that is completely made of bone. Amy is at the hospital with Hayley. Bones goes to check on them. Hayley really wants to see Russ. Amy asks Bones to have her father send a message to Russ. Zack is working on the new skeleton. He has already identified 18 different bodies. Hodgins has evidence from the suspected location of the garden of eden from the vault. Bones goes to visit her father. They talk about Disney World. She brings up Russ. He’s confused. Bones tells her how sick Hayley is. She asks him to tell Russ. Back at the lab, Angela tries to explain the tapestry. It has a of of tarot cards. It’s a murder list. Sweets joins them. He thinks it’s a duo. It’s a master and apprentice. The master must complete the sculpture, once done, the apprentice becomes the master. The cycle continues. Sweets thinks that whoever the master is has access to at-risk children. Booth finds out that several of the dead people all went to a region of Turkey. They ask him some questions. He gets mad and makes to leave. He thinks it’s a joke. Russ comes to Booth’s office. Booth arrests him. Before he takes him to jail, he takes him to see Hayley. Bones thanks him. He tells her that as far as he’s concerned, he catches him here in 15 minutes. Bones kisses his cheek and thanks him again. Bones goes to see her father and they fight. Zack calls her. Zack takes her to the vault. The lights are off. He’s found a bunch of mirrors. He turns on a laser and points it at one mirror. The beam reflects and hits every mirror ending at an eye. Whoever Gormogon is has been watching them the whole time. Booth has techs check. The eye is broadcasting audio and video. Bones wants to try and make Gormogon think that they are moving the skeleton. She has to put the knee caps in it first. They then move the skeleton to try and catch Gormogon. A motorcycle starts following the van and tosses a backpack. It blows up the cab that Booth and Bones are in. He manages to get out. Both are injured. He gets out and then gets Bones out. The agents lost the motorcycle. Bones discovers shrapnel in her arm. Booth pulls a human tooth out of her arm. EMT’s rush over to Bones. Booth rushes to the “corruptors” house, Porter. The guy still has the motorcycle helmet on. Booth gives chase. He grabs a kid to use as cover. Then throws him in the pool to get away. Booth saves him. Gormogon gets away. Hodgins explains to Sweets that the Gormogons were brought about to counteract secret societies. Sweets realizes that Gormogon needs a new apprentice because the one he had is dead. Bones goes to visit Russ. He’s freaked out by her appearance. She tells him she was blown up. Russ gets upset because he thinks he’s going to be in prison for a long time. Bones meets with Caroline about Russ. She tries to tell Caroline the truth about what happened with Russ. Caroline reminds her that Russ is a material witness in her father’s case. She’ll arrange for Bones to speak at his parole hearing. Zack has reconstructed Gormogon’s teeth from the bite marks. All the teeth were chipped. The marks are all from pliers. Zack found the number 1026 etched on a rib. Angela thinks the numbers are a signature. Cam suggests opening box 1026. It’s a key with a barcode on it. It’s a key from the 70s. It dealt with foster care and group homes then. The man from that office, Arthur Graves, is a legend. They go to visit him. He has Alzheimer’s. They have a court order for a dental impression. He hisses at Bones. They can’t take an imprint because all his teeth have been pulled. She tells him she knows what he did. He smiles happily as they leave. Amy meets Bones and Booth at the courthouse. Hayley drew a card for Bones. Booth gets called into the Judge’s chambers. The meeting takes place in chambers. His parole officer defends him. It gets a little dicey. He got a call from Sweets and also from archbishop of DC. The parole officer wants him to get 30 days in county, ankle monitoring and extended sentence. Bones is happy. So is Russ and Amy. Booth gives Russ fair warning that if he runs again and leaves those kids, he’ll be answering to him. Bones goes to visit Hayley and reads her a book. Russ gets to see his dad in prison. They hug. Angela is working in the vault. Zack is working on the skeleton. Booth goes to the range. Porter comes home. He takes off his jacket and opens the closet door to hang it up. The man comes at him with a knife

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