The X Files S03, Ep01 – The Blessing Way

Show: The X Files Season: 3 Episode: 1 Title: The Blessing Way Original Air Date: September 22, 1995 Click either link to get a copy. Amazon https://amzn.to/3erTZs0 iTunes https://tv.apple.com/season/season-3/umc.cmc.49olicy7q8hmhpcwc86g0lng8?showId=umc.cmc.69xg1matxeoyzkwenk39mlqnc&itsct=tv_box_link&itscg=30200?&at=1010l8rx Favorite Quotes: * Voiceover: There’s an ancient Indian saying that something… Read More ›

Family Matters S03, Ep02 – Brain Over Braun

Show: Family Matters Season: 3 Episode: 2 Title: Brain Over Braun Original Air Date: September 27, 1991 Amazon https://amzn.to/33d14bq iTunes https://tv.apple.com/season/season-3/umc.cmc.2w9v08ou7vxerv6gp21xsvpam?showId=umc.cmc.2ez1jykp6r00333qqxns7jdfq&itsct=tv_box&itscg=30200?at=1010l8rx Favorite Quotes: * Harriet: Carl are you sure we can afford this trip? Carl: No, but sometimes you just… Read More ›