Criminal Minds S03, Ep11 – Birthright

Show: Criminal Minds

Season: 3 Episode: 11

Title: Birthright

Original Air Date: December 12, 2007

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Favorite Quotes:

* Hotch: “It doesn’t matter who my father was, it matters who I remember he was.” – Anne Sexton

* JJ: “A simple child that lightly draws it’s breath and feels its life in every limb. What should it know of death?” — Wordsworth

* Old Sherrif: It’s not normal for a killer to stop for 27 years is it?
Morgan: No.

* Emily: The killings stopped when he died, so who is doing it now?

* Old Sherrif: Are you suggesting there is a genetic predisposition to killing?

* JJ: Four girls are missing, and someone doesn’t notice an abandoned car?

* JJ: You stop caring and you’re jaded. You care too much, and it will ruin you.

* Rossi: You couldn’t have solved it. Your killer was dead.
Old Sheriff: How long has it been for you?
Rossi: 21 years.


A group of kids have a party and discuss missing girls at it. One of the kids plays a prank on the group. Two break off to get romantic, but someone is watching them. The male goes to see what is going on but when he returns his girlfriend is gone. At the office, JJ takes a call. She has the pictures of the missing girls in her hand. She goes to their presentation room and makes the presentation. The first missing girl has been found. She had been kept alive for 5 weeks before being killed. This has happened years before. Hotch thinks that the other two may still be alive. A girl gets thrown into a barn where another girl already is. The girl already there warns the new girl. The team heads to the dumpsite. Back in the barn, the new captive Molly, tries to break free. The two talk. She learns she’s been there three weeks. The old sheriff comes in to help as well. Rossi asks him what the town was like back then. While they go over the scene, Hotch notices JJ’s discomfort. He stays behind to talk to her. Back in the barn, both girls are attached to the ceiling. He takes away the girl that had been there longer, she couldn’t get up and dance. We see she is not being kept in a barn, but in a mine. Rossi shows the old sheriff a bracelet he carries around. The three kids that were left orphans. Garcia has searched and find a complaint filed that matches the MO. It was another jurisdiction. Emily and Morgan go to visit Miss Foley. She doesn’t want to help. She tells them she made it up. Emily and Morgan don’t give up. She still refuses to talk. Emily leaves her card. They all discuss why she feels safe now. Her abductor must be dead now or moved. They lay out the profile for this attacker for the sheriff. He gets a name, Robert Wilkenson. He’s dead now. He has a widow. They go pay her a visit. She has a son who is married. It’s clear she suspected that her husband was the killer. A woman stops at a farm stand. She grabs a couple fruits and leaves money for them. She gets grabbed and the fruit falls. The son is now the same age is father was when he started killing. Emily and Rossi go back to see Miss Foley. They tell her about the son that came of her rape. Molly tells the new victim who was there before so she can tell the police or the next girl. Emily and Rossi meet Stephen. He put two and two together and figured out what happened to his mother and who is father was. He denies being responsible. Now Miss Foley is willing to talk to them. She describes what the current girls are going through. She managed to wake up one night when he was still passed out and she was not locked up. She escaped. She tells them she scratched a peace sign into the wall where she was kept. They go visit Charlie’s house and just find her wife. She gives them permission to search the premises. Hotch finds blood and an axe. There are also the restraints hanging from the ceiling. This is where he is torturing them. His mother shows up. She has no idea where Charlie has gone. His wife doesn’t either. They ask Karen Foley to come back. He son comes with her. Miss Foley goes after Mrs. Wilkenson’s wife. She admits to killing him to stop him. She found the barn and realized what he had done, and she killed him. They do a sensory interview to try and figure out where he would hold her. Mrs. Wilkenson identifies the area where what Miss Foley described would be found. They find the old mine. They get the lock off and enter it. They find the two girls. Charlie is still missing. Charlie’s wife finds him on the battlefield. She confronts him. We see the team and then hear a gunshot. Charlie is dead. Julie claims self-defense.

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