The Golden Girls S03, Ep16 – Grab That Dough

Show: The Golden Girls

Season: 3 Episode: 16

Title: Grab That Dough

Original Air Date: January 23, 1988

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Favorite Quotes:

* Rose: You use to live under a bridge?
Sophia: Yeah, we were wealthy. Most people didn’t have a bridge to live under.

* Sophia: Oh yeah? Well, I’m from Sicely and you know what our company policy is? First, I break your knees.

* Rose: It’s like being on an adventure.
Blanche: Adventure, my foot. It’s more like a nightmare.

* Sophia: Please, if you lift up your skirt someone might mistake your thigh for the on ramp to the freeway.

* Blanche: Dorothy, your mother and Rose are dead weight. Let us cut them loose before they drag us down.

* Sophia: You’re dumping me and Rose for those two yutzes?


Sophia comes in the kitchen with a new idea. Blanche turns it dirty. But Sophia informs them they are going on Grab That Dough. Everyone is excited. The tickets are for the next day. Dorothy looks at the envelope and learns the tickets were sent out 4 months ago, but to the wrong address. Blanche is upset, now they won’t be able to go. Sophia reminds them about the money. Blanche suggests catching the red eye to Hollywood. The ladies land and go to their hotel. Their luggage was lost. They check in but get informed that their rooms were given away. Dorothy asks for two rooms but gets informed none are available. Blanche tries to impersonate Angie Dickinson to get a room. It doesn’t work. The clerk tells them there is not a vacant room in the city. She offers to let them sleep in the lobby for $75. Dorothy pays her. Sophia then tells them about a gameshow she was on in Sicely. They are all sleeping when they wake up to Blanche who is talking her in sleep. They realize all their purses have been stolen. The police come but are of no help. Sophia comes back to the group. She found the tickets for Grab That Dough in her bra. Now they just have to get to the studio. Rose looks at the map, its only 39 blocks away. They arrive and introduce themselves to Tiffany. Then they meet the host and start to drool. Blanche gets the idea to split up, so they are on both sides and guaranteed to win something. Dorothy is horrified. But agrees to do it. Sophia and Rose are outraged at them. Sophia and Rose get very competitive. The gameshow begins with introductions of each contestant. Sophia has altered Dorothy’s biography. Blanche’s is a total lie and the host even points that out. Rose’s introduction includes St. Olaf. He introduces Sophia last. She takes a shot at Dorothy. The game begins and Rose gets the first question correct. Sophia gets the second question correct. Willard rings in and gives an incorrect answer. Rose rings in and gets the third question correct. Blanche rings in for the fourth but gives the wrong answer. Rose gets its right. At the first break, Rose and Sophia’s team have 400 points and Blanche and Dorothy have zero. They trash talk during the break. The Big Money Wheel is brought in for them to spin. Blanche spins first and lands on Grab That Dough. Dorothy is going to Grab That Dough. She needs $500 or better for her team to win. She grabbed $900 to win the game. Rose and Sophia’s team each get $100 each and the home version of the game. The host gives them the option to keep the money or pick a window. They pick window 3. Window 1 had living room furniture. Window 2 had a brand-new sports car. The window they picked has an electric skillet and a lifetime supply of soup. Dorothy cries. Sophia and Rose are angry. They get back to the house. Rose tries to cheer them all up. Blanche heads for the bathtub. Rose follows. Dorothy tries to make up with her mother. Sophia scolds her about greed. She’ll forgive Dorothy for cash.

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