The Golden Girls S03, Ep17 – My Brother , My Father

Show: The Golden Girls

Season: 3 Episode: 17

Title: My Brother, My Father

Original Air Date: February 6, 1988

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Favorite Quotes:

* Dorothy: The only time you make lasagna al forno is for funerals and favors and you’re not wearing black so what do you want?

* Stan: Hello mama bear papa bear is back in the cave.
Dorothy: I could vomit just looking at you.

* Dorothy: Stanley, you’re a pig in a cheap suit.

* Sophia: Shut up and play ball you yutz.

* Stan: Where am I supposed to sleep?
Dorothy: On the floor like any dog.

* Sophia: Pull yourself together pussycat. Gershwin confused a lot people.


Blanche and Rose come in the kitchen to find Sophia making her special lasagna. She gives them each a taste. Dorothy joins them and asks how the tryouts for the play went. Blanche and Rose are nuns. Dorothy asks what occasion Sophia is making her lasagna for. The doorbell rings. It’s Stan. Sophia invited him for dinner. Dorothy demands answers of Sophia. She needs a favor. Her brother Angelo is coming to visit and wants to wish them a happy 40th anniversary. She wants them to pretend to be married still for that one day. Dorothy refuses. She decides to cooperate when Sophia threatens to invite Stan to dinner every night until she dies. Later, Blanche and Rose are running lines for The Sound of Music. They shout about Nazi’s and Sophia freaks out. The two head off to their practice. Stan arrives. He quickly annoys Dorothy. Angelo arrives. He greets everyone. The tension rises quickly. Angelo is confused by the quips Stan and Dorothy are shooting at each other. Sophia and Dorothy go in the kitchen. Angelo follows with lots of kind words. As the day continues tensions rise. Blanche and Rose arrive in their nun costumes. They were forced to come back in costume due to the hurricane. The two pretend to be nuns collecting lingerie. Blanche begins to tell a story about a hurricane when she was married, but quickly spins it. Stan doesn’t help. Dorothy and Stan start to fight. Sophia tries to distract them all. Everyone heads to bed. Stan gets the couch. That night Angelo goes to Dorothy and asks her to make up with Stan. Now the two have another fight. They remember the first time she kicked him out of bed. He sings to her. Sophia comes running in and sleeps between them. Everyone gathers in the kitchen the next morning. Angelo points out it’s their 40th anniversary. Rose tells a story about how her parents renewed their wedding vows. Stan wants to and Dorothy doesn’t want to. Stan begs her to marry him again. Angelo admits he’s not a priest. He never became a priest. It turns out he got married instead. Dorothy then tells him she and Stan are divorced. He’s thrilled. Rose and Blanche confess they aren’t nuns. Sophia makes Angelo breakfast and brings him up to speed. Blanche goes to her boyfriends dressed as a nun. Rose goes outside to try and get airborne in her costume. Stan walks to the door. Sophia gives him the money as promised but he gives it back.

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