The Golden Girls S03, Ep15 – Dorothy’s New Friend

Show: The Golden Girls

Season: 3 Episode: 15

Title: Dorothy’s New Friend

Original Air Date: January 16, 1988

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Favorite Quotes:

* Rose: Look at this great costume I got for the masquerade ball. I can’t decide whether to be the front end or the rear end.

* Blanche: Dorothy, you can’t help it if you’re dull and boring. God did that to give the world some variety. Otherwise, everyone would be just like me.

* Blanche: Rose, you can’t believe everything the put in that rag. It caters to people of the lowest intelligence.
Rose: Then why do you buy it?

* Blanche: Offering to make him dinner just made you look too easy.
Sophia: Please, black underwear and pasties couldn’t make me look easy.

* Blanche: All those waves. I had to take a Dramamine to get through chapter three.

* Barbara: Sophia, your daughter is one of the most beautiful people I’ve ever met.
Sophia: Boy, you writers never stop using your imagination.

* Dorothy: This from a woman who tells her dates that she was Angie Dickinson’s body double in Dressed to Kill.

* Rose: Blanche is right Dorothy; Barbara is not very nice. I mean she looks down on everybody except you and that’s only because you look up to her.

* Blanche: You just don’t notice how she uses her intelligence to make everyone else look stupid.

* Blanche: I think she cares more about words then about people.

* Dorothy: Boy, did I misjudge you. Blanche and Rose were right. You are not the kind of person I want as a friend. Why don’t you go to the Mortimer Club by yourself?

* Dorothy: After all the practice I’ve had, I’d be honored to be the horses behind.


Sophia is making lasagna for a guy at the Senior Center she has a crush on. Rose rushes in with a horse costume for the masquerade ball and she’s very excited. Dorothy comes in and is not excited at all. She’s in a rut. Blanche tries to cheer her up, but it doesn’t go well. They inspire her to go to a lecture being given by an author named Barbara Thorndike. She goes to hear her speak. The next day, Dorothy is setting out tea. Barbara Thorndike is coming over. She is very excited. Rose learns that Barbara is coming over and gets excited. Blanche talks about meeting Arnold Schwarzenegger. Sophia comes back with her lasagna, and she is upset. He shut her down cold. The doorbell rings and Barbara has arrived. Introductions take place and don’t go smoothly. Barbara then presents Dorothy a book she signed for her. Dorothy exits to get coffee. Blanches asks Barbara about her broach. The story goes a bit sideways. Barbara gets a bit standoffish towards Blanche and Rose. When Dorothy returns Barbara looks angry and lies about enjoying the ladies company. She then makes an excuse to leave. Blanche and Rose agree they do not like her, and she doesn’t’ like them. Another day in the kitchen and Blanche is trying to read one of Barbara’s book. Blanche asks Dorothy to the movies with her and Rose but she turns them down. Dorothy defends Barbara and her refusal to include Rose and Blanche. The two decide to give Barbara a second chance. Rose tells a St. Olaf story. Blanche loses her patience with Rose. Rose suggests they invite Barbara Thorndike over for dinner to give her a second chance. It’s now the night of the dinner. Blanche and Rose are not having a good time but they are trying for Dorothy. Blanche tells her she picked up her first book the other day. That all the waves made her sea sick. They have a small spat. Sophia joins them. Then heads out on a date. Barbara takes her leave as well. Before she leaves, she invites Dorothy to a writers symposium on Friday night. It’s the same night as Roses’s ball. Another evening Blanche and Rose are doing the dishes and giving Dorothy a taste of her own medicine. Blanche loses her temper and tells Dorothy she does not like Barbara. Rose tells her she doesn’t like her either. It all turns into a big fight and Dorothy storms off. It’s another day and Dorothy has gone to lunch at a writers hang out. Dorothy discusses Blanche and Rose with Barbara. Barbara responds that they are limited. She decides to invite them all to the Mortimer Club. It’s now the night of the dinner and Rose is nervous. Blanche is excited that it has the wealthiest men in town. Barbara arrives with a very young date. The doorbell rings again and it’s Sophia’s date, Murray Gutman. Barbara instantly shakes her hand and then asks to see Dorothy in the kitchen. Barbara informs Dorothy that Murray can’t go to the club because he’s Jewish. She informs Dorothy that the club is restricted. Dorothy is shocked and asks why she would be a member of a club like that. The truth comes out when Barbara informs her she tolerates the rules because she likes the club. She tolerates Blanche and Rose because she likes Dorothy. Dorothy, however, is not interested in being friends with a person like Barbara. The girls come in to check on her after Barbara storms out. They all hug.

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