The X Files S03, Ep07 – The Walk

Show: The X Files

Season: 3 Episode: 7

Title: The Walk

Original Air Date: November 10, 1995

Favorite Quotes:

* Lt. Col: I told you; he won’t let me die.

* Scully: That’s your conclusion General, but I’d hoped you’d allow us to come to our own.

* Mulder: You really think the General’s got something to hide?

* Mulder: What I can’t figure out is why a man who so deliberately and methodically set out to commit suicide would leave the one entrance to the room unsecured.

*Scully: What you’re saying is this man Rappo is leaving his body and floating around town killing people?

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A Lt. Col. Has attempted to commit suicide 3 times in the last 3 weeks. “It” won’t let him die. He exits his room and goes to the hydrotherapy room. He cranks up the temperature on one of the tubs, picks up weights and puts them in his gown pockets. He jumps into the boiling water to kill himself. The water temp was over 200 degrees. The fire department comes to pull him out. He’s been boiled, but he’s not dead.

It’s now three weeks later.

Mulder and Scully go to talk to the Lt. col. He’s bandaged but still alive. He tells Mulder that the person keeping him alive looks like a soldier. He tells them he’s lost his wife and children. They all died in a fire. They are asked to suspend their investigation. Scully asks to speak to the senior officer. There’s a group session going on in another space. An orderly takes one of the men from the meeting. Scully and Mulder go to the General’s office to speak with him. Scully points out the death of his wife and children in a house fire was not in his folder. Scully points out another soldier experienced the same thing. Scully thinks the General is protecting the men from being prosecuted for killing their families. They check the hydrotherapy room and Mulder finds it strange he didn’t lock the door. The General and the Captain have a short conversation and she heads home. He takes alcohol out of his desk to drink. The solider appears to him and says, “You’re time has come killer.” His answering machine goes crazy. The Captain doesn’t go home, she goes for a swim in the pool on the premises instead. She sees a shadow following her in the pool, but no one is there. She goes to get out of the pool but is dragged under by an unseen attacker. It drowns her. Scully takes a look when she is pulled out of the pool. Scully informs the General that there are bruises on the dead Captain that indicates she was drowned by someone. The security guards confirm no one else entered or exited the pool. Mulder voices concern for the safety of the General’s family. The General tells Mulder and Scully about a man who was in his office and disappeared. He also tells him about snake sounding phone calls. At a house, a boy plays with army toys and yells the mail arrived. The little boy sees a man and starts screaming. In the background we see the orderly from the base. It’s the General’s house. The General, Mulder and Scully go to the General’s house. The General takes them to his office and plays the tape of the weird message. Scully takes in the office and its surroundings. She looks out the window and sees someone running. She finds the footprints to prove it. Back at the hospital, the orderly brings something to the man with no arms or legs. The burned Lt. Col. gets wheeled in. At the house, they got fingerprints on the intruder. They storm the orderly’s apartment and arrest him. Scully reads him his rights. Mulder opens a drawer in the kitchen and finds a lot of stolen mail. There is stolen mail in the living room too. The mail all matches victims. The General’s son is playing in his sand pit. Some of the sand starts to shift and the whole pile gets pushed on top of the little boy. The guard on duty starts desperately trying to dig him out. Scully interviews the orderly. The little boy has died. They go to the hospital to see Rappo. He has no arms or legs, but he is their best suspect. Rappo is laying in his bed and appearing to be in a trance of some kind. The orderly starts freaking out that he is not safe where he is. He starts screaming that he’s here. Scully goes to see him. The guard that left him an hour ago takes Scully to see him. He is dead in the cell. Mulder now things that Rappo is the killer. All the dental film he has been carrying around has been exposed to radiation. Mulder thinks that Rappo is doing astral projection. Scully thinks it’s a bit much. Mulder then plays the recorded message in reverse and its clearly saying, “Your time has come.” They go to visit Rappo. Mulder and Scully go and question Rappo. It’s a strange conversation. At the General’s house, his wife is cleaning up the little boys’ toys. The General drinks. Rappo appears in his mirror clearly. He screams for his wife. The General runs and finds her dead. His phone rings. He doesn’t answer, but he loads his gun. It’s Scully calling. Mulder and Scully race to his house. The General goes to the Lt. Col. Room and tells him he was right. He tries to take his life. The Lt. Cold tells him who it is. He goes to Rappo’s room. Rappo admits he killed his wife and child. He causes all the bullets that get fired to go in the wall above his head. Mulder and Scully find the General. He says Rappo wanted him to kill him and he stood down. Rappo appears to be having some kind of seizure but he’s in a trance again. The General is in the elevator, and it takes him to the very bottom level and stops working. Rappo appears again. He breaks some of the pipes and causes things to start falling on the General. He winds up in the hydrotherapy room. Mulder finds him on the floor. He gets blasted back. Mulder witnesses him getting attacked. The burned man makes his way to Rappo’s room. He puts a pillow over Rappo’s face to smother him to death and end it. Everything stops. The General is ok. Scully witnesses him kill Rappo. The orderly was cleared in several murders. Rappo was buried in a regular cemetery. The Lt. Col. recovered enough that he became the General’s assistant.

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