Family Matters S03, Ep08 – Making the Team

Show: Family Matters

Season: 3 Episode: 8

Title: Making The Team

Original Air Date: November 8, 1991

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Favorite Quotes:

* Ritchie: Come on, Uncle Carl. The day you eat oat bran is the day they make me pope.

* Eddie: Isn’t there somebody else you can annoy?
Steve: Sorry, it’s your turn.

* Steve: Don’t scoff, freak accidents do happen.
Carl: Don’t I know it?

* Laura: Oooh, tell me more.
Mother Winslow: Don’t worry, she will.

* Laura: And by the way, if you ever call me geek again, you’ll be digesting those pom poms.

* Steve: They treat you the way people treat me?
Laura: Yeah. How do you stand it, Steve?

* Steve: I’ve learned that if you fill your heart with hope there won’t be any room for hurt.


Carl opens a cereal box and pulls out donuts to eat. Ritchie catches him. He shares a donut and tells him the glaze ones are in the granola box. Ritchie asks him to sponsor him in a bike-a-thon. He blackmails for $20 over the donuts. Ritchie actually wants a new bike. Steve comes in the back door and slams it in Eddie’s face. Steve asks Eddie if he wants to play basketball with him. Eddie refuses because he’s on the school’s team. Steve tells him he is going to try out for the school team. Carl comes downstairs. He’s in a bad mood. He’s upset with Lt. Murtagh. Steve tells a story about his uncle with a 2-foot-long nose hair. It got stuck in a car door and he was dragged 8 and a half blocks. In the living room, Laura comes in. Laura wants her mom to sign a slip so she can try out for cheerleading. Rachel is excited. She tells Laura about her cheerleading days. Harriet is worried that she will be upset if she doesn’t the team. But Laura informs her she has already made the cheerleading squad. Eddie is leading some exercises at the start of the basketball tryout. The coach takes over the session. As the tryouts continue, Steve is left out. He finally gets to do free throws but takes so long the coach takes the ball. Steve tries to talk to the coach, but he tells him he’s too short. He makes him the equipment manager. Laura is at her first cheerleading practice. Laura asks about some new cheers she made up. But the captain, Cassie Lynn, gets angry with her. She even threatens Laura, but she’s not taking it. Laura offers to take everyone to Rachel’s Place her treat, but Cassie Lynn shoots that down. Later, Laura calls Steve. She needs his advice. He races over. He is wearing an apron because he was doing the teams laundry. She tells him how the other cheerleaders are treating her. They are treating her the way people treat Steve. He tells her about his basketball team try out experience. Steve made her feel better. She thanks him and he goes overboard. The basketball team is playing and losing badly. Laura wants to cheer on the team but Cassie Lynn refuses. Murtagh arrives at the game, he played for Willow Glen. Carl got his letter from the football team. The team is running out of players. There is just one sub left. The coach gives them all a talk and says they’ll have to throw in the towel. Steve volunteers to go in. He doesn’t want Steve to play. Eddie points out forfeiting could cost him is job. He puts Steve in the game. Steve turns the game around quickly. Laura, has now lost her patience, she jumps up by herself and does one of her cheers. Her cheer gets great applause. Steve feels an ally oop pass to Eddie who slam dunks it. Laura jumps out again to do the cheer and all the teammates join in except Cassie Lynn. Steve continues leading the charge with steals and passes and scoring. The crowd actually chants Steve’s name. In the last second, he shoots a three. The crowd watches, and the ball goes in to give them the win by one point. Steve is the hero of the game.

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