The Golden Girls S03, Ep18 & Ep19 – Golden Moments p1 and p2

Show: The Golden Girls

Season: 3 Episode: 18 & 19

Title: Golden Moments parts 1 and 2

Original Air Date: February 13, 1988

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Favorite Quotes:

* Sophia: Listen, I love you all dearly, but I have to go where I’m needed, and Phil needs me.

* Sophia: Please, you’ve ridden more winners than Willy Shoemaker.

* Sophia: You need the wizard of oz.

* Blanche: Let’s slice this baby up and see if we can solve our Sophia problem.

* Sophia: There are more fights here than at Ceasars Palace.


Rose comes in the kitchen with a can of cat food behind her back. Dorothy and Blanche get upset at her for feeding the stray cats. Sophia joins them and identifies the kind of cat food. She then tells them she is moving out tomorrow. Phil’s wife left him. They then argue about how Sophia came to live with them. They replay the scenes of when Sophia first arrived in the pilot episode. Back in the kitchen, Dorothy is furious. Even Rose and Blanche are not happy. Sophia then goes on about how they always have to bunk up. The episode with Jean is featured. Then we see scenes from previous episodes supporting Sophia’s statement. Back in the kitchen Sophia discusses Phil’s wife. Then Sophia points out all the bad relationship decisions they have made. Then they replay scenes of different men that the women have gone out with. First, Blanche and Dirk, then Dorothy with the priest, then Blanche’s calendar of men, and Rose’s psychiatrist who is a little person. Back in the kitchen again, Sophia tells them they are strong and don’t need her and that the help Rose needs is hard to find. That night Dorothy is upset because she hasn’t been able to convince Sophia to stay. Blanche goes to get a cheesecake out of the fridge but there is none. Rose comes in with a cheesecake. Rose points out most of the time they talk about sex and men while eating cheesecake. Then we see scenes where the ladies talk about men and sex and even menopause. Back in the kitchen, they are still worried about Sophia leaving. Sophia enters the kitchen and is already mad at Phil. Sophia says they fight all the time. Then we see scenes of various fights between the ladies. In the kitchen, they topic turns back to sex again. Blanche points out that it’s never dull at the house. Then they play scenes of excitement and craziness. First, Rose shoots the vase, the dead man in Rose’s bed, and the play where Blanche had the inflatable breasts that popped. Rose says she is going to miss Sophia’s advice. Then we see scenes where Sophia gives advice and tells stories from Sicely. We hear about Mama Celeste, the marathon, and the widow who served as the doctor in her village. Sophia pops back in the kitchen again and informs them she’s staying. Everyone is shocked. Phil’s wife came back. Everyone joins in a group hug.

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