The Golden Girls S03, Ep14 – Blanche’s Little Girl

Show: The Golden Girls

Season: 3 Episode: 14

Title: Blanche’s Little Girl

Original Air Date: January 9, 1988

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Favorite Quotes:

* Dorothy: What happened Ma, Butch and Sundance steal your seat on the bus?

* Blanche: I need four years and five minutes.

* Rose: Dorothy’s right. I haven’t heard anyone insult someone like that since Lars Swenson accused Eric the Red of being a coward and called him yellow.

* Jeremy: Rebecca is a bigger everything.
Dorothy: Not everything Jeremy.

* Rose: Back in that town whose name you’re tired of hearing…

* Sophia: She’s your grandmother. Has she ever lied to you?

* Rebecca: Oh Mama, open your eyes. Look at me. I’m not beautiful. I’m not a catch.
Blanche: Well, for that man out there you certainly are.

* Blanche: You’re probably the only woman out there who is kind enough and caring enough to even give him a second glance. He’s not good enough for you.

* Rose: It’s not like Blanche to go to bed at 8’o’clock.
Sophia: At least not by herself.


Sophia comes home from her job. She got in trouble for not using the correct greeting for the customers. Blanches joins them. She’s excited because she got a post card from her daughter Rebecca. She’s going to visit for the first time in four years. They had a falling out when Rebecca wanted to move to Paris and become a fashion model. It’s another day, Sophia is organizing a strike of the senior citizens at her job. Everyone is preparing for Rebecca’s arrival. Blanche is very nervous. When the doorbell rings she runs to the kitchen. Sophia greets Rebecca at the door. She is shocked at her size. Dorothy handles the introductions. Blanches finally joins them and is shocked at the sight of Rebecca. Blanche and Rebecca talk privately. Blanche decides to put her on a diet. She is not interested. The fight that they had last time, starts again. Blanche decides that having Rebecca back in her life is more important and they make up. Later, Sophia updates them that the meeting with her boss did not go well. The seniors are going on strike. They then discuss Jeremy, the boyfriend Rebecca brought for Blanche to meet. Rebecca and Jeremy arrive. Rose asks how they met. It’s not the greatest story. He quickly demonstrates how rude and unkind he is to Rebecca. As the night goes on he becomes downright abusive. Dorothy and Rose are angry and offended by how he talks to Rebecca. Blanche is afraid to interfere because she doesn’t want to lose Rebecca again. Sophia joins them. She heard Rebecca say she and Jeremy are planning to get married. Blanche goes out in the living room and learns the Rebecca has accepted Jeremy’s marriage proposal. She leaves the room crying. It’s another day and Blanche, Rebecca and Jeremy see the dodgers play. He makes a comment about Rebecca and Dorothy puts him in his place. Rose then brings up St. Olaf and Dorothy gets extremely upset. Sophia and her senior citizens coworkers take over the kitchen for negotiations with the boss. Their boss is a pimple faced teenager whose voice hasn’t changed yet. Sophia tries to impress with a story. He informs the three that he is firing them. His grandmother offers to tell his father the real story of how his car got dented. It’s now the day of Rebecca and Jeremy’s departure. He’s extremely impatient while Blanche and Rebecca say their goodbyes. But Blanche can take no more and asks to see Rebecca in the kitchen. Blanche asks her why she is going to marry that man. She wants a family and kids. Rebecca storms out and Jeremy follows. Blanche goes to her room. The girls discuss Blanche being depressed about Rebecca. Blanche joins them in the kitchen. She’s worried she made a mistake. They all support her in what she told Rebecca. They are interrupted by the doorbell. Rebecca is at the door. She tells Blanche she was right in what she said and how much courage it must have taken her to tell her. She broke up with Jeremy. Rebecca finally heads home. The girls sit in the living room and all sigh.

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