Bones S02, Ep02 – Mother and Child in the Bay

Show: Bones
Season: 2
Episode: 2
Title: Mother and Child in the Bay
Original Air Date: September 6, 2006

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Favorite Quotes:

* Bones: Let’s hurry. I don’t want the bones compromised.

* Bones: You could have used your siren. Why have one if you’re not going to use it?

* Angela: Why didn’t he just divorce her?
Bones: Why do they have to get married in the first place? It’s an antiquated ritual.

* Bones: Don’t ignore facts just because it might change the outcome of the case.

* Bones: Hey, even an empiricist can have a heart.

Synopsis: Booth tells Bones about a body found. It’s likely a pregnant woman missing for a year. Everyone heads to the scene. On the drive they get into it. At the scene, the body is brought up. Upon closer examination, the body was pregnant. There are stabs wounds everywhere. Bones and Cam have a slight disagreement. Booth heads off to arrest the husband. He gets there too late, though. He’s already taken off. At the lab, they start collecting evidence. Booth interrogates Kyle’s girlfriend. At the lab, the investigation continues. Bones asks Zack to identify the weapon used to stab the victim. Cam shows Bones a locket that was on the body. The locket says “I love you Kenny.” Bones meets Booth and shows him the locket. They go to talk to her friends. Turns out Kenny was the victims dog. Hodgins has news on the fish found on the body. It was in freshwater for at least 6 months of the last year. Bones dives under the fresh water. Sadly, she only finds racoon parts. Cam comes in and doesn’t like what she finds. The husband might not be the killer. At the FBI office, the victim’s parents pay a visit to Booth. They bring in a photo that proves his current girlfriend knew him before the murder. Rebecca shows up at his office and have quite a fight. Booth finally arrives at the lab for the fake body stabbing experiment. What’s odd is the force from Angela’s stabs did the stabbing. It looks like Kyle’s current girlfriend committed the murder. Now they think Kyle might have been murdered too. Hodgin’s finds particulates on the knife. Cam finds Kyle’s DNA under her nails, and also female DNA. At the lab, Hodgin’s has pinpointed where the body was originally dumped. They head to the original dump site and start analyzing what’s there. They find some beauty products, which doesn’t make any sense. They show some photos to her friends. Cam tells them the DNA under her fingers is not the girlfriend. Bone gets an idea. The baby is not a fetus, but a two week old child. Bones believes whoever killed the woman actually cut out her fetus and replaced it with her dead baby. Booth gets a call that they found Kyle. When they interview Kyle. She tells him that his child might still be alive. That the fetus was stolen. He wants to know where his kid is. At the lab, Hodgins tells them there was traces of betadine. Angela has completed the reconstruction through an aging process. Bones know who did it. They head to the playground to find the vet, her own friend killed her. Booth takes the baby from her. He then arrests her for two murders and kidnapping. Back at Booth’s office, Kyle is there. CPS brings in the baby. Booth tells him to step up. Booth and Bones are discussing the case at the diner, and Parker comes running in. Rebecca has brought Drew as well. Bones chooses to leave so they can have some time together.


Bones S02, Ep01 – The Titan on the Tracks

Show: Bones
Season: 2
Episode: 1
Title: The Titan on the Tracks
Original Air Date: August 30, 2006

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Favorite Quotes:

* Cam: Every survivor is one less person to autopsy.

* Bones: One minute she’s holding a severed arm and the next minute she’s hitting on you.

* Cam: Why does the whole lab smell like a luau?

* Booth: Cam knows that too much truth is just as bad as too little.

* Bones: How am I ever going to find out what really happened?

* Angela: Zack provided the skull and this is the face that goes with it.

* Cam: Miss Montenegro uncovered a fraud. That’s the opposite of a mistake.

* Bones: Don’t you have to read him his rights before you strangle him?

* Bones: We should warn the addicts.
Booth: Yeah, like they do on a pack of cigarettes.

* Booth: Bones doesn’t intimidate.

* Booth: You’re human remains and she hasn’t made a decision yet.

* Bones: How do I tell Russ that our father ordered the death of another human being?

* Bones: Come on Booth, the part of you with the big gambling problem must love this idea.

Synopsis: Bones and Booth head to a crime scene. She stayed home for vacation to spend time with her brother. The arrive at a train crash. Dr. Cam Saroyan is on the scene. Booth breaks the news to her that Cam is now her boss. She assesses the remains in the car that the train struck. Cam confirms deaths, it’s now a homicide and Booth’s case. Back at the lab, the team takes a look at a body. Hodgins examines a piece of evidence and determines it’s Warren Lynch. However, he was dead for several hours before he was hit by the train. Cam tells the team to not say a word outside the lab. Hodgins is trashing Cam to Bones as she walks in. So she gives them a rundown of her qualifications. Bones and Booth get called into a meeting at the FBI about the case. They go over the timeline of the day. Lynch was about to be charged by the SEC. Booth and Bones interview Mrs. Lynch’s wife, only he was cheating on her. At the lab, Hodgins has identified several types of glass. Bones checks in with Zack. Some bones have been dislocated after his death. Angela and Bones discuss why Cam got the job as head of forensics instead of Bones. Closer examination of Lynch’s bones show he was a heroin addict. Bones and Booth meet with the wife’s private investigator. The PI wasn’t aware of Lynch’s addiction. He was working with Lynch who was being blackmailed, but also Lynch’s wife regarding his cheating. He tells them the paid off a blackmailer for Lynch. At the lab, the skull is reconstructed. They’ve determined the country the heroin came from. Hodgin’s and Zack recreate the burn. It’s clear that there was extra accelerant. Cam stops the experiment. She informs them that all experiments must be authorized by her. At the diner, Booth explains to Bones why Cam is in charge instead of her. Booth gets a call. The man who murdered her mother was killed today. Bones is visibly upset. Bones is certain that the body in the car is not Warren Lynch. The prosecutor is pissed but Cam defends her. Bones goes with Booth on a stake out. Finally, the drug dealer makes a sale and they bust him. They question him about selling drugs to the tall man. They get a name. Booth gets a call that they found the real Warren Lynch. He’s in bad shape and won’t wake up. Zack has Angela recreate the most likely sequence for the bone dislocations. They were caused by the corpse being forced into a jacket. Booth updates Cam. He asks why she took the job. He thinks it’s because of him. Cam asks why Bones hasn’t confronted her yet. He gives her some advice. Booth and Bones go to the prison to speak to the man who killed her mother’s murderer. He tells Bones to look at it as another message from her dad, Max, to stop looking. Bones looks over her mom’s case file and possessions in her office. She just pops in Booth and tells him Lynch was in on it. Booth brings the PI back in for questioning. He thinks the plan was to make a killing on shorting the stock. Bones calls him out. She wants him to lie to him to get him to confess. She tells him about the shoulder and elbow dislocation. Booth goes back in and tries the bluff. Bones steps up and starts the play. There’s another team meeting with the prosecutor. They don’t like what they hear her say. The prosecutor slams the team. Cam is not having it. She calls her out for her actions. Bones finally approves. Booth and Bones go to her mom’s grave. She tries talking to her. When she puts the flowers down she notices something. A small metal dolphin. Her dad’s been there.

Bones S01, Ep22 – The Woman in Limbo

Show: Bones
Season: 1
Episode: 22
Title: The Woman in Limbo
Original Air Date: May 17, 2006

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Favorite Quotes:

* Zack: There are thousands of human remains down there waiting to be identified. Limbo seems an appropriate name.

* Booth: That is Christine Brennan.
Dr. Goodman: Good God.
Booth: We just found Bones’s mother.

* Zack: Technically, your mother has been at the Jeffersonian as long as you have.

* Booth: We’re going to find out what happened to your mom, ok?

* Angela: Hey, you finally got to slap Russ. You’ve been wanting to do that for years.

*Bones: If you keep bringing Chinese food in the middle of the night we’re both going to get fat.

* Zack: We’re all here. No one’s leaving till we figure out what happened to your mom.
Bones: Thank you.

* Booth: You’d be surprised what she can prove.

Synopsis: Dr. Goodman tries to persuade Bones to check out a set of bones. The team rallies around her with questions about other cases. Her boyfriend also stops by. He’s thrilled with her newest manuscript. When she heads back to get her notes, Angela’s reconstruction causes her to become upset. She runs on the platform setting off the alarm. She goes through the evidence that was with the remains. The belt buckle she clearly recognizes. The remains are her mother. Booth checks on Bones. Zack comes in with the files. Booth comes over quite late and brings a lot of Chinese food. He tells her he did work on the case, but there wasn’t much to go on. He offers to start a real case now. She tells him all that she can remember. Booth finds out that Bones mom was living under an assumed identity, her whole family was. Booth goes and has a chat with Russ. Hodgins is able to date some of the material found with her mother. She’s not happy. Bones finds cause of death. Booth walks in with Russ. Her mom died from a blow to the head. She was murdered. Booth lets Angela know that he’s going to send Russ to her to describe people for her to draw. Booth takes off to check out the family car. He takes Russ and Bones with him. It turns out the real first name was Keenan not Brennan. Bones gets upset. Her real name was Joy. Bones talks to Angela. We learn why she’s been so upset with Russ for so long. Booth tracks down the agent assigned to her parent’s case. She briefs Booth, Bones and Russ. Russ can’t believe that his parents were bank robbers. The lab tech interrupts and tells them he found two different blood samples in the car. Russ meets with Angela. Angela tells Russ how upset Bones is with him. He tells her about the promise his dad made him make. It triggers a memory and he describes him for her. In the middle of the night Booth brings more Chinese food. She heads to the lab and finds everyone there. When Bones and Zack look closer, it look about a year for the head wound to kill her. She slept on her couch in her office. Booth gets a blood match on a protected file. Booth gets the information he wanted. They go pay the man a visit. He’s got three guns on him. He was there when her mother got hit in the head. He tells them her father did it. He tells them he was having an affair with her mother. Bones becomes very emotional. Booth think he was lying. Booth gives them another story to make them feel better. He plans to search the farm with a warrant he will get because he’s not allowed weapons. Russ finally tells her how hurt he is too. Turns out he grew up on a farm. Bones thinks there could be something else going on. They find a bolt stunner. It’s likely what was used on her mom. He then gives her an ultimatum. Booth lets Bones drive. He’s proud of her for pissing off a hitman. She winds up driving to the fair where Russ works. She brought Russ the marble. She patches things up with him and they share a hug. He agrees to come back for a few days. Russ tells them about his girlfriend and the two daughters. She plays a message on her machine. It’s her dad telling he to stop looking for him. He’s not dead.

Bones S01, Ep21 – The Solider on the Grave

Show: Bones
Season: 1
Episode: 21
Title: The Soldier on the Grave
Original Air Date: May 10, 2006

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Favorite Quotes:

* Bones: I know you think he’s a good man. That’s enough for me.

* Bones: I’m your partner. Let me be your partner.

* Booth: Want me to guess your weight?
Bones: You do and you could lose a tooth.

* Bones: No, it’s my job to solve a murder, yours too.

* Angela: Men aren’t like us. They are more fragile and needy.

* Angela: So this was more than a friendly fire incident?
Booth: Yeah a hell of a lot more.

* Booth: People surprise you.
Bones: That hasn’t always been my experience.

* Booth: It’s never just the one person who dies, Bones, never, never.

Synopsis: Bones and Booth are at a military cemetery. Booth is quite upset. A burned body sits on the grave of Charlie Kent. Not far away, Booth finds the grave of one of his squad members. At the lab, Zack and Goodman talk about Kent. Hodgins tells Booth that the dead man was military. Angela ID’s the body as one of Kent’s squad mates. Bones determines he was murdered and then lit on fire. The pair drive to meet the deceased mother. Bones is worried that it is affecting Booth. At the VA Hospital to talk to another member of the squad. He’s not doing too well. Bones snagged a cigarette butt to get his DNA. In the lab, Hodgin’s and Angela argue over the war. The two speak with Kent’s squad leader. He tells them what happened when Kent died. In Bones’ office, she and Angela talk. Zack enters with all the military records. There are a lot of gaps and no autopsy was done. Bones wants to exhume Charles Kent and she succeeds. At the lab, Hodgins’ tries to comfort Booth. Booth talks to Jimmy. He gets him to tell him what happened. Zack’s X-rays show six rounds still in Kent’s body. Hodgins’s apologizes to Angela for earlier. Booth interviews Campbell. She tells her version of what happened as well. He then speaks with Lefferts. His story sounds different than the rest. Booth finds all the stories to be too consistent and suspects something. Bones starts removing the bullets from Kent’s body. Booth sees the bullets aren’t from an AK47 but an M14. He died by friendly fire. Lefferts is the only one who had an M14 and was the one who killed Kent. They go to talk to him and find he has hung himself and left a confession of the shooting. But he’s not the one who killed Devan. At Booth’s office, they get paid a visit by Mr. Kent. All he wants is the truth. They revisit the Captain and he is evasive. At the lab, they determine that there was a cover up of the friendly fire. Angela reconstructs the scene. Bones determined that no one was armed, the weapons were planted on them. Booth confronts the Captain about it. He tries to arrest him. The military police arrive and arrest him. Bones and Zack determine that the killer has medical training. Booth thinks of Campbell. She comes up with a lame excuse. Booth and Bones attend Devan’s funeral. Booth tells Bones about Kosovo and a man he had to kill. He executed him at his son’s birthday party. She comforts him.

Bones S01, Ep20 – The Graft in the Girl

Show: Bones
Season: 1
Episode: 20
Title: The Graft in the Girl
Original Air Date: April 26, 2006

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iTunes Bones, Season 1 – Bones

Favorite Quotes:

* Angela: It’s not nice to fool mother nature.

* Booth: If you’re just the mechanic then who’s responsible for all the parts you install.

* Hodgins: Not bad for a certified member of the geek squad.

* Zack: She went in for a broken leg and was poisoned.

* Bones: Well you can spit into four states from where we are now.

* Bones: If Biotech doesn’t exist, then who sold the diseased bone to the hospital?

* Bones: All of these people. You’re saving their lives.

* Bones: Hey, don’t harass my assistant.

Synopsis: Booth, Bones and Angela are in a pediatric cancer ward. The Deputy Director’s daughter is there. Angela starts talking to the little girl about art. Bones asks about the cancer. She had a broken leg that required a bone graft. The X-ray tells a story. Bones speaks to the doctor who did her surgery and informs him it gave her cancer. She gets him to do a bone biopsy on the graft. Bones and Booth check with the coordinator. He doesn’t have any real information, but he gives them the number of the tissue bank it was procured from. At the lab, Angela is digitizing some of Amy’s art. The analysis of the bone graft sample, it was from a 60-year-old. The graft is riddled with terminal cancer. Bones informs the director that the bone graft is what gave his daughter the cancer. He’s upset and tells them to notify the CDC. Both are concerned about how many others are going to fall victim to this graft cancer. Back at the hospital, Angela is projecting Amy’s art on the wall. She asks Angela about the Louvre Museum. The pair go to visit the tissue bank. They arrive to find it boxed up and abandoned. Back at the hospital, Bones informs them that Biotech hasn’t existed in two years. His assistant did some research on who else got a graft from the same donor. There is one name. Booth finds out she is dead. Zack checks the graft from her. It has the same cancer, and that cancer killed her as well. Booth interrogates the donor coordinator. He explains the procurement process. Angela goes to visit Amy and shows her some of her work. Back at the lab, Booth tells them 4 hospitals have used BioTech. The tally of victims is up to 14. Bones wants to try and identify the donor. Hodgins just tracked a body to Virginia, now it’s across state lines and becomes Federal. Booth tells the director, and gets approval to move forward. Meanwhile, the graft recipients they’ve tracked down are all getting biopsies of their grafts. Three of them have early signs of cancer. Amy pops up at the biopsy sessions. She leaves upset. At the lab, they narrow in on their search for the donor’s identity. Hodgin’s does a laser analysis and they are able to shorten the list to three possible donors. One is being exhumed, another is cryogenically frozen. They are eliminated as the donor. Bones and Booth talk to the widow of the third man. She tells them a funeral home cremated him but isn’t willing to give a sample of the cremains. While they update the director, the doctor needs to speak to he and his wife. It’s not good news. Booth and Bones go to check with a funeral director. Booth gets a warrant for the ashes. Hodgins confirms the cremains are consistent with the donor. They go back to the mortuary with a warrant. They go through the building. A casket showroom use to be a body prep room. Bones climbs up to examine a ventilation shaft. She finds bone dust. Zack analyzed the bone dust and it’s a match to the donor. But the dust has come from at least 7 bodies. But now they need to find out who actually harvested the bones. Booth hauls the mortician in. Bones heads back to the hospital to check in with the tissue coordinator office. They have a collection of phones for prospective donors. The coordinator’s assistant is the one who’s been cutting the grafts. Booth comes in and arrests her. It doesn’t help Amy. Angela is upset. Hodgins tells Angela she can create the Louvre for Amy. Everyone goes to the hospital. Angela has created a 3D virtual Louvre for Amy.

Bones S01, Ep19 – The Man in the Morgue

Show: Bones
Season: 1
Episode: 19
Title: The Man in the Morgue
Original Air Date: April 19, 2006

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Favorite Quotes:

* Bones: What happened to Wednesday?

* Bones: I sent you the x-rays of a murder victim?
Booth: How’d he die?

* Angela: You’re hopping the street car named Desire with Booth? Oh I love this.

* Booth: We don’t make zombies.
Bones: Jesus rose from the dead after three days.
Booth: Jesus is not a zombie. I shouldn’t have to tell you that.

* Booth: That whole zombie stuff probably puts a crimp in your public relations.

* Bones: Something bad happened here
Booth: Oh yeah, something bad.

* Booth: No matter how bad they’re saying it is, it’s worse.

* Zack: Sometimes a person should look for things that aren’t there instead of things that are there.

* Caroline: Three degrees and still a fool.

* Bones: I’ve noticed that very few people are scary once they’ve been poked in the eye.

Synopsis: A makeshift morgue in the wake of Hurricane Katrina is overwhelmed. Bones is there helping. A detective brings in a body. Bones wakes up covered in blood in a bathroom. She only has flashes of memory. There is a call and it’s her airport shuttle. She goes to the doctor. The detective from the morgue comes to her assistance. Booth shows up. She is missing an earring and is upset because they were her mom’s. At the lab, Zack looks over the x-rays of the John Doe brought in by the detective. He gives her the details of the murder. They eat at a diner. The cook at the diner fills in a blank. She ate dinner there Tuesday night. They head back to the morgue and talk to Sam. They get a mini lesson in good and bad voodoo. When Angela and Zack call, Booth tells them what happened, but they are skeptical. The two visit the voodoo shop that Sam directs them too. They get a list of people who bought a specific ingredient and the medical examiner is on it. They go to visit him and find him extremely dead. The detective arrives and Booth explains why there were there. Booth spots Bones missing earring and he steals it from the scene. At the morgue, Bones collects all the files that she worked on. The file for John Doe 361 is missing. The assistant can’t find the file. They go into the morgue and she is looking for the body but don’t find it. At the lab, the case is driving the squints nuts. They can’t examine anything because they only have x-rays. Zack gets an idea thanks to Hodgins. In the hotel that Bones is staying at she worries it could have been her. Booth assures her she didn’t do it. He sees something on her pillow. The detective busts in. She has arrived to arrest Bones for the murder. The detective interviews her. Booth brings in Caroline to defend her. She is furious that Bones was talking. Zack discovers that John Doe had spina bifida. Caroline gets her out and the two meet with Sam over lunch. After he leaves, they have a moment. Caroline joins them with hospital records. Caroline suggests copping a plea. Bones looks at the x-rays. The doctor read the x-ray wrong and it gives Caroline some room to work. Zack calls Bones and gives her the name of the murder victim. She lets it slip about the murder charge and the team freaks out. Hodgins tries to cheer Angela up by telling her that Bones is just trying to be more like her. Back at the morgue, Booth tells Bones about the murder victim and all he did. Now they search all the bodies in boxes and find another employee dead in one. The coffin girl is now a suspect. Sam sprinkles some ashes and a pattern appears on the body. The voodoo shop owner owns the caddy and its grill marks are on his chest. His daughter was sleeping with Mike Doyle. They go to the shop to see Eva. In her room downstairs, she has impaled herself on a spike to kill herself. Bones realizes Eva did not commit suicide. She had to be pushed onto the spike to have it go through her spine. The shop owner killed his daughter and committed all the murders. Back in Bone’s office, the two tell the team everything that happened. Booth gives her back the earring.

Bones S01, Ep18 – The Man with the Bone

Show: Bones
Season: 1
Episode: 18
Title: The Man with the Bone
Original Air Date: April 5, 2006

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Favorite Quotes:

* Bones: We are looking for answers, Jack, not treasure.

* Booth: You dive too?
Bones: I have the time because I don’t own a tv.

* Angela: So you believe there’s treasure?
Bones: I believe there’s greed. That’s the real curse.

* Bones: Ok let’s say it’s a pirate. This would be an extraordinary find.

* Hodgins: I wonder if there was gold dust on it.
Bones: Perhaps you should start working with a parrot on your shoulder.

* Bones: Maybe we’re looking for someone else.

Synopsis: Booth introduces Bones to Harry. He has a body for them to investigate. He was holding a bone and the doctor put it in a solution to cause it to break down and destroy any trace evidence. Back at the lab, it’s been determined the finger is over 300 years old. Hodgins thinks it’s the bone of a pirate from a treasure island. The two head to the island. When everyone ignores Booth, Bones gets their attention. Back at the lab, Zack and Hodgins are researching Blackbeard’s Treasure. Harry arrives with Bones and Booth. He has a soil sample. Hodgins needs a soil sample from the bottom of the hole to determine if he died at the bottom and floated to the top. He insists on collecting the samples himself. He is a certified cave diver. Back at the dive site, Booth tries to ensure that Hodgins will be safe during the dive. The mayor is interfering with the investigation. Back at the lab, Bones examines the bone again. At the dive site, Hodgins gets suited up and begins his descent. He makes it all the way to the bottom. He finds a skull and the entire skeleton that goes with it. The evidence suggests that the person was killed at the top after reaching the bottom. The millionaire investor flies in quite angry about the bones belonging to him. Booth talks to one of the treasure hunters. Bones goes into the bone room and finds that there are no bones. She’s livid and everyone telling her to calm down is making her angrier. Booth talks to the mayor’s wife about her affair with the man who was murdered. Hodgins checks the bone again. Harry then tries to back up his strangulation theory with Bones. It triggers something in Bones brain. Zack has everything that could make the hole. She determines the bones were placed in the bottom, it’s a fraud. She calls another curator in with a set of bones. She proves that the bones he has are fake. His bones are actually missing because they were placed in the bottom of the pit. The FBI director is stunned and everything is laid out for him. Hodgins is at the shaft hanging out with the guy who helped dig it. He tells him the bones were planted. He admits that he wants to go down again. Booth and Bones question Hardwick again. He gives them full access to the books. Angela goes over the security footage. Someone turned off the camera during the bone theft. She and Goodman do a little test run. Goodman suspects a guard. They figure out who took them. He got paid 10 grand to steal them. He was actually hired to steal the bones twice. Booth and Bones go back to the dig site They find Hardwick dead. Harry decides Hardwick died the same way. Bones compares both sets of X-Rays. She demonstrates how it would have to be done. It’s a special forces skill. They meet with Rose. Bones proves he was never in special forces. Later that night, Hodgins is suiting back up to dive the pit. Booth runs the dive master’s name. He served in the Navy and was a Navy Seal. Booth and Bones approach the shaft, they don’t know that Hodgins is diving. He explains he killed the two people because they turned the dive into a con. Booth shoots out the monitor and gets him to bring Hodgins up. At the lab, Hodgins and the team authenticate the coin. Angela draws Hodgins as a pirate.

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