Bones S01, Ep22 – The Woman in Limbo

Show: Bones
Season: 1
Episode: 22
Title: The Woman in Limbo
Original Air Date: May 17, 2006

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Favorite Quotes:

* Zack: There are thousands of human remains down there waiting to be identified. Limbo seems an appropriate name.

* Booth: That is Christine Brennan.
Dr. Goodman: Good God.
Booth: We just found Bones’s mother.

* Zack: Technically, your mother has been at the Jeffersonian as long as you have.

* Booth: We’re going to find out what happened to your mom, ok?

* Angela: Hey, you finally got to slap Russ. You’ve been wanting to do that for years.

*Bones: If you keep bringing Chinese food in the middle of the night we’re both going to get fat.

* Zack: We’re all here. No one’s leaving till we figure out what happened to your mom.
Bones: Thank you.

* Booth: You’d be surprised what she can prove.

Synopsis: Dr. Goodman tries to persuade Bones to check out a set of bones. The team rallies around her with questions about other cases. Her boyfriend also stops by. He’s thrilled with her newest manuscript. When she heads back to get her notes, Angela’s reconstruction causes her to become upset. She runs on the platform setting off the alarm. She goes through the evidence that was with the remains. The belt buckle she clearly recognizes. The remains are her mother. Booth checks on Bones. Zack comes in with the files. Booth comes over quite late and brings a lot of Chinese food. He tells her he did work on the case, but there wasn’t much to go on. He offers to start a real case now. She tells him all that she can remember. Booth finds out that Bones mom was living under an assumed identity, her whole family was. Booth goes and has a chat with Russ. Hodgins is able to date some of the material found with her mother. She’s not happy. Bones finds cause of death. Booth walks in with Russ. Her mom died from a blow to the head. She was murdered. Booth lets Angela know that he’s going to send Russ to her to describe people for her to draw. Booth takes off to check out the family car. He takes Russ and Bones with him. It turns out the real first name was Keenan not Brennan. Bones gets upset. Her real name was Joy. Bones talks to Angela. We learn why she’s been so upset with Russ for so long. Booth tracks down the agent assigned to her parent’s case. She briefs Booth, Bones and Russ. Russ can’t believe that his parents were bank robbers. The lab tech interrupts and tells them he found two different blood samples in the car. Russ meets with Angela. Angela tells Russ how upset Bones is with him. He tells her about the promise his dad made him make. It triggers a memory and he describes him for her. In the middle of the night Booth brings more Chinese food. She heads to the lab and finds everyone there. When Bones and Zack look closer, it look about a year for the head wound to kill her. She slept on her couch in her office. Booth gets a blood match on a protected file. Booth gets the information he wanted. They go pay the man a visit. He’s got three guns on him. He was there when her mother got hit in the head. He tells them her father did it. He tells them he was having an affair with her mother. Bones becomes very emotional. Booth think he was lying. Booth gives them another story to make them feel better. He plans to search the farm with a warrant he will get because he’s not allowed weapons. Russ finally tells her how hurt he is too. Turns out he grew up on a farm. Bones thinks there could be something else going on. They find a bolt stunner. It’s likely what was used on her mom. He then gives her an ultimatum. Booth lets Bones drive. He’s proud of her for pissing off a hitman. She winds up driving to the fair where Russ works. She brought Russ the marble. She patches things up with him and they share a hug. He agrees to come back for a few days. Russ tells them about his girlfriend and the two daughters. She plays a message on her machine. It’s her dad telling he to stop looking for him. He’s not dead.

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