Bones S02, Ep10 – The Headless Witch in the Woods

Show: Bones
Season: 2
Episode: 10
Title: The Headless Witch in the Woods
Original Air Date: November 29, 2006

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Favorite Quotes:

* Angela (re: the video): I didn’t get much, maybe I got too much.

* Zack: Dr. Brennan thinks that’s impossible.
Cam: What do you think?
Zack: I think it would be wonderful if it were possible.

* Bones: People need connection Booth, even me.

* Bones: I’m sorry. My social skills are very limited.

* Booth: This the time where the innocent guy comes clean or the guilty guy asks for a lawyer.

* Bones: I’m merely trying to follow your reasoning Booth.

* Bones: I wish I could see the world the way you do.
Will: Then you’d be looking at a very beautiful woman.

* Bones: I’m afraid my best isn’t good enough. I can read bones not people.

Synopsis: Booth and Bones are in a forest with a Park Ranger being led to a body. She stops to look at something and Booth freaks out when he doesn’t see her. Then more are found all around the area. The Park Ranger tells then about a witch story. Bones finds a video camera at the scene. She finds the body, but it doesn’t have a head. At the lab, they have a discussion about ghosts and visitations from spirits. Hodgin’s says some of the wood comes from a tree that’s been extinct since the 1800s. Booth tracked down a missing person. Angela restored some of the video footage. The whole team watches the video, it’s not good. Back at the body, they are all feeling a bit shaken. Bones gives Zack some instructions that shock everyone. Bones and Booth meet with the brother of the victim. Zack goes back to testing weapons to find the murder weapon. Booth and Bones are driving, and the conversation goes back to when Bones was a kid. Booth meets with the victim’s video partner. He tells them as much as he can. The girl with them checked back into the psych ward. Booth goes to talk to her. It doesn’t go well. She totally flips out. At the lab, Booth tells Bones that this was a first for him. Zack discovers the victims head was removed after he was dead, it wasn’t what killed him. Bones has coffee with the victim’s brother. He’ll get a second date. Hodgins goes to Angela’s office to show her something. He found where Graham was killed. When he tells Angela they have to watch all the video again she is not happy. Bones tells Booth about the girlfriends. Cam comes in and there was some LSD involved. It could have caused Laurie’s mental break down. Booth goes to visit Brian again. He only learns of Brian’s video project. Hodgins and Angela are still going over the video. It’s too much for her and then suddenly she spots the tree they are looking for. They also get a glimpse of her watch that has the time. Hodgins can use the moon and time to pinpoint where it’s att. They head back to the forest and find the skull. There is also a second skull. Angela does a reconstruction of the second skull. Bones realizes that the second skull underwent trepanation. Booth has figured out that the screenplay Brian is doing was actually Graham’s and he stole it. He does admit to stealing it with his teachers help several months after Graham had been missing. He tells her the rest of what happened. They get the location of the clothes he hid. Bones narrows down the location. The clothes are found quickly. Cam matches the blood from the clothes to a cow and the blood from the axe to Graham. Zack finds a serial number in the second skull, it was stolen from the university. They start to think that the murder was all an elaborate set up. They bring the professor in and he lawyers up. Angela tells them she may have found another person in the woods. The person is taller than Graham but otherwise it’s all too grainy. Bones has another date with Graham’s brother. She tells them they are producing Graham’s movie. He gets a little romantic and they share a kiss. At the lab, Cam has found a second set of DNA. She’s having trouble separating the blood. A professional flame retardant is also found. Cam realizes the blood samples are so similar because the second set of blood is from his brother Will. Will killed his brother. Booth arrives to interrupt her date. He arrests Will. He starts to admit he was out there. And he tells her what happened. He tries to blame the witch for what he did. In Angela’s office, the last piece just finishes rendering and there’s a weird ghostly apparition. Angela is freaked out. Bones is in her office a bit depressed. Booth tries to cheer her up.

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