Bones S02, Ep12 – The Man in the Cell

Show: Bones
Season: 2
Episode: 12
Title: The Man in the Cell
Original Air Date: January 31, 2007

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Favorite Quotes:

* Booth: Stay close ok? A lot of these men haven’t seen a woman since Reagan was President.

* Bones: Mrs. Eppes the women in Howard’s life don’t tend to live very long.

* Bones: You shouldn’t risk your life just because you don’t want to tell your boyfriend the truth.

* Bones: I’m not unhinged, I can take care of myself.
Booth: You and Eppes ok, it’s personal. You represent everything that he hates.

* Bones: We need you Ang. Hodgins certainly does.
Angela: That was low.
Bones: I know. Did it work?

* Hodgins: If Eppes comes near Angela I’ll kill him.

* Booth: I can have the bureau pull your license.
Bones: Yeah and I can assign Zack as your Forensic Anthropologist.

* Booth: Sorry, I’m just a little anxious to get the little gerbil back in his cage.

* Cam (to Booth): Not your fault. Eppes did this to me.

* Hodgins: Don’t get paranoid.
Angela: That’s funny coming from a conspiracy theorist.

* Bones: You won’t let me shoot him, will you?

* Booth: It’s important to make things right. And I don’t know how. I don’t know how.

Synopsis: Smoke is coming out of a jail cell. Booth and Bones are called to the jail to investigate. Turns out that it’s Howard Eppes possible body. Accelerant is a possibly. She looks for the broken wrist she gave him. It’s not there, the body is not Howard Eppes. She finds a tattoo that reads, “DC Fire”. It’s a fireman and Eppes has escaped. Back at the lab, the body has arrived. Zack confirms that the fireman was knocked out, had his wrist broken and then was set on fire. Booth and Bones go to see Eppes wife. She tells them she divorced him. They offer her protection and she refuses. Booth has Cam up security. Angela has identified the fireman. Angela is very concerned because now he’s not just going after “his type.” Angela asks her how she deals with her fear. Bones takes out a huge gun. Bones’ phone rings and it’s Howard. He tries to put the fault for his actions on her. They are able to trace the call but by the time they get there he is gone. Eppes left something in the phone booth. It’s bone dust. Zack analyzes the dust and finds it to be a person in their 30s. Angela suddenly starts screaming. A box is open on her desk and it has a human heart. Bones realizes that Eppes is trying to get at her through her friends. Cam takes security to task for not doing their job. The clue is Indian spices. His ex-wife lives over an Indian restaurant. The only thing in the apartment is a fridge. Inside is Mrs. Eppes head. Cam examines the head. Cam realizes that Mrs. Eppes was alive when Howard cut off her head. Booth decides to go after “the heart of Eppes” and takes his mother into custody. They inform her that Howard escaped. She’s horrified about the beheading. She’s clearly insane. Bones and Booth have quite the discussion in the car. Bones realizes they are being followed. He explains it’s protection for her. Cam calls, she found something inserted in Mrs. Eppes. A token for Hillside Park. They rush to the park. He’s not on the marry go round, but Bones spots him getting ice cream. He wrote a message on the napkin. Booth has a meltdown and upsets Parker. Zack hovers around Cam as she examines the head. He calls Cam and tells her he went after Parker. They go a bit faster and cut the head open. But a powder shoots out and it gets Cam. She starts seizing and frothing at the mouth almost instantly. She has lung damage and kidney damage. Her lungs are filling with fluid. It does not look good. Hodgins has all Cam’s clothes and he’s going to analyze them for evidence. Hodgins is not finding any particles on the clothes. Zack points out the powder container should still be in the head. Cam finally wakes up. Booth tries to comfort her. He tells her that her family is coming. Angela shows Bones the x-ray of the inserted flask. She leaves to go sit with Cam for a bit. Howard calls Bones. He baits her so she tells him that they have his mother in custody. Cam’s now on a ventilator. Booth is cheered by Howard’s reaction about his mother. He goes back to the lab with Bones. Hodgins get despereate and puts the whole head in a machine to analyze. Booth asks what else was on her. They all brainstorm. Zack gets a possible location so Zack calls him back. He takes Zack and Bones. They get there and they find the body. Booth stops them from getting closer. Zack suddenly grabs for the bag of poison sitting on her body. It’s triggers a pressure sensor and arms a bomb. The bag of poison gets dispatched to the lab. Booth gets everyone out. He then looks at the bomb. He can’t disarm it, but he manages to get Zack out in one piece. The news reports Zack was killed. Hodgins is going nuts trying to figure out what the poison is. It’s methol bromide mixed with plaster dust. Booth heads to the hospital. Bones goes home to rest with her security escort. They tell her everything is fine. While she is in the shower, Howard comes out of a vent into her apartment. But Booth is ready with a team. She’s not in the shower, she greets him with her massive gun. He runs for the balcony. Booth grabs him. He goes on a bit of a psychotic rant, the grip is lost and he falls to his death. Booth takes Parker back to the merry go round. They have a short talk and Parker waves.

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