Bones S02, Ep14 – The Man in the Mansion

Show: Bones
Season: 2
Episode: 14
Title: The Man in the Mansion
Original Air Date: February 14, 2007

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Favorite Quotes:

* Hodgins: I would really like to help catch the son of a bitch who murdered my friend.

* Angela: Brennan, for once can you just pretend that you’re the girl?

* Sully: That’s why you need psychiatric treatment, you have the hots for your partner.

Synopsis: Bones and Booth arrive at the crime scene. She teases him about therapy. It’s a very gruesome scene with flies. The body has been there for about three weeks. The dead man is part of the Bancroft family, as in the Bancroft Wing of the Jeffersonian. Booth speaks to the wife. Hodgins finds out at the lab and is upset. Cam picks up on it. At his desk, Hodgins begins the insect analysis. Angela pops over to see him and invites him to lunch. At his desk, Hodgin’s is hiding all pictures of he and the murder victim together. Sully visits Bones in her office. He invites her to watch him play in a basketball game. Hodgins goes to visit his friend’s wife. He tells her he doesn’t want to be removed from the case, so if they cross paths during it to act like they are meeting for the first time. Booth goes to the center where Terry Bancroft both donated and volunteered. He learns about a drug mule that Bancroft caught. They check the kids locker, it’s got a sweater with blood on it. In Angela’s office, they discuss Sully while looking at evidence. Angela advises her to go to the game and watch him play. Sully goes to Booth for advice. They get interrupted with news that someone matching their missing report has been found. Booth now thinks Bancroft was killed because of the heroin he took off the kid. Cam determines that Bancroft was killed with extreme overkill after he was dead. The block in the locker match Bancroft’s. But the kid was proven dead two days before Bancroft. Someone planted the blood. Bones goes to see Sully’s game. Booth meets with his shrink again. He pretty much informs him it will be of indefinite length. Gordon offers to help Booth on the case. The basketball game ends and Sully comes over to Bones. They have an odd conversation about impressiveness. Booth is taking to Hodgins and he wants to see if the wife has anything to hide. He asks Hodgins to come along. Hodgins has no choice but to go with him. They decide to make it extra awkward. Booth takes the time to question the wife. She confesses her affair. The truth also comes out that Hodgins knows them and was friends with Terry. He leaves Hodgins there. Back at the lab, it’s icy. The muskrat fur is part of a jacket. It pretty much solves the case. But Booth blows up and tells everyone that the wife is one of Hodgins ex-girlfriends. He goes so far as to say he’s trying to get in her pants….all in front of Angela who is his current girlfriend. In the conference room with Bones, Booth, Cam and Caroline. Turns out Hodgins had been engaged to her. Cam takes him off the case. Booth says he should be fired. Bones defends Hodgins. We’re not in court. The defense attorney tries to discredit the Jeffersonian right off the bat. One after another they testify. While Booth is testifying a new witness pops up. He agrees to testify. Booth meets with Gordon Gordon again. It once again goes rocky. Gordon tells him to go back to wearing his ties, socks and belt buckle. Back in the court room, Hodgins is brought up and smeared. The defense then calls him to the stand. The case is not dismissed after Hodgins testified. They get 24 hours. The team heads back to the lab to try and find something that wasn’t analyzed by Hodgins. Later, Hodgins comes into Bones office and hands over a letter of resignation. She refuses it. He tries to hand it to Cam and she accepts it. The fungus that Bones found is aspergillus, but there’s 125 strains. However, Angela starts sounding like Hodgins. She identified it quickly. Hodgins goes to the diner to talk to Booth. He tells Booth he did it to put things right with him. Booth orders him a piece of pie. Back in the court, more testimony about this fungus. The fungus is discussed. When the defense attorney questions Bones about Hodgins involvement in that. She gives Hodgins a glowing recommendation as well. In the cafeteria, Caroline gives the whole team a massive lecture about messing a up a good thing. Caroline suggests that if they win Hodgins is reinstated and if they lose, Booth gets to shoot him. The verdict is in. He’s found guilty. Cam rips up his resignation letter in the courtroom. Bones goes to watch another of Sully’s basketball games. She loses patience with is slow approach and lays a kiss on him that turns heads. Hodgins shows Angela pictures of his friend and shares memories. She comforts him when he’s overcome with emotions. The next morning, Sully drops bones off at work and Angela witnesses quite a kiss. They have a little girl talk. She tells Angela that in cop speak nicknames mean the opposite. Angela is surprised and shocked. Booth is waiting in Bones office and he has all his unique apparel items again. She tells him she spent the night with Sully. He actually doesn’t take that news well.

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