Bones S02, Ep13 – The Girl in the Gator

Show: Bones
Season: 2
Episode: 13
Title: The Girl in the Gator
Original Air Date: February 7, 2007

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Favorite Quotes:

* Angela: Step away? Just because you have a doctorate now does not mean I will not use you like swizzle stick.

* Dr. Wyaat: So the FBI sent you to me because you shot a clown?

* Booth: I told the ice cream guy I was sorry. I even bought him a new clown head.

* Cam: Without DNA is the proverbial needle in a hay stack.

* Cam: Don’t be a horse’s ass. She’s your friend, that’s all that matters.

* Bones: I wonder if he knows you can’t just pay a fine if you murder someone.

* Bones: You know anthropologically speaking you follow a very ancient tradition.
Monty: Entrepreneur?
Bones: Pimp.

* Bones: So you don’t like being an FBI agent?
Sully: I do, I just don’t want it to be the only thing I ever was.

* Bones: Most of the killers I know aren’t all that smart.

* Sully: I minored in Kinesiology but this is the first time I’ve used it to impress a lady.

* Dr. Wyatt: Whatever you aim at you hit.
Booth: Is that bad?

* Isaac: It was the devil’s work.
Bones: No that was the part where you fed her to an alligator.

Synopsis: Booth gets a call about a case in Florida as they come out of the diner. He’s trying to take down notes about a case, but an ice cream truck is blaring music and he can’t hear. He loses his patience and shoots the clown three times to shut it up. It ignites. Bones is horrified. Bones winds up going on the case herself because Booth has to wait on a shrink. She’s going to be working with Agent Sullivan. He introduces her to the gator, Eugene. The Park Ranger is sad about it. He was disturbed seeing him chomping on an arm though. Sully wants the gator taken to the Jeffersonian to be carefully taken apart and remains removed. The gator is at the lab and Cam is starting to pull things out of its digestive track. The frog and rabbit are not out of the ordinary, but the foot is. Booth goes to see Dr. Gordon Wyatt. He’s about to sign the paper, when her learns Booth shot a clown he stops. At the lab, the stomach contents are still being cataloged. Sully shows up and it’s more like pops in. Bones stops him when she ID’s the body almost instantly. They meet with the father of the deceased. Bones shows him the locket and inside it’s a picture of he and his daughter. Booth is still at Dr. Wyatt’s and its tea time. He speaks of building a barbeque. Then runs off to get parts for the grill. So he puts Booth to work. Bones and Scully talk to the girl’s friend. She thought she had met someone. Cam looks at a scan of the victim’s body and doesn’t like what she sees. Back at Dr. Wyatt’s house the interrogation of Booth continues. He tells Booth he’ll see him tomorrow. Zack found a stab wound, that looks like a puncture. They now know she was raped and then murdered before she was fed to the gator. Sully and Bones pay the jerk a visit. He freaks out and has her removed from his website. Bones gets on his bus and Monty kicks her off. She gets off his bus and some evangelical person greets her. Another man gets in the mix trying to get a job. Oddly, Monty makes sure the man gets fed. One of Monty’s crew recognizes the victim. They get the waiver Judy signed. It’s a joke, she was so drunk she could barely sign the waiver. Booth pays a surprise visit to Dr. Wyatt. Bones calls Booth concerned about Sully. He tells her that Sully lost his partner about a year ago. In the backyard, Booth tells him about Howard Eppes. Back at the lab, Angela realizes she drank a alcohol with gold flakes. Bones calls Sully and he has the bouncer. It leads them to being able to search Monty’s bus. Sully and Bones go to see Monty again. Monty tries to assault Bones and she stops him cold. She shows him how the woman was killed. It turns out that Sully has a lot more education than he leads on. At the diner, Judy’s father pays Angela a visit. He’s learned about the video. He winds up apologizing, but Angela is shaken. Never before has anyone approached her like that. Sully and Bones talk to the bus driver. The driver admits that Judy was on the bus. He didn’t want to let her off the bus in alligator alley. Monty is conveniently absent. Back at Dr. Wyatt’s house, Booth gets rewarded for his wok with coffee. Bones calls Booth to find out if Sully is for real. Bones and Sully go to find Monty, but there’s blood. He’s dead. They bring in the evangelical guy for questioning. Bones gets called out of interrogation. It’s Angela. They bring is Judy’s dad. Judy’s dad killed him. At the lab, Bones and Sully go over the body. Hodgins’s joins them on the platform and tries to give a better idea of what killed her. Turns out it’s a gear shifter. The preacher man has a gear shift, but no handle, it’s a tennis ball. Suddenly, Isaac was heading back to his church. Bones checks the truck. There is blood all over the gear shift. He denies everything even with the proof staring him in the face. He calls it an accident. Sully and Bones talk after the case ends. They head to the diner. He asks her out and she accepts. Back at Dr. Wyatt’s Booth has completed the barbeque. He’s also brought two ribeye’s to celebrate. Dr. Wyatt brings up Eppes again and delves into his sniper career. He poses the question: did Eppes slip or did he let him go? Booth doesn’t have the answer. To console Booth for admitting that he lets Booth cook away and signs the form so he can go back to work.

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