Bones S02, Ep07 – The Girl with the Curl

Show: Bones
Season: 2
Episode: 7
Title: The Girl with the Curl
Original Air Date: November 1, 2006

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Favorite Quotes:

* Cam: Murder and stuff. Just another day at the office.

* Hodgins: What is she? A midget stripper?

* Booth: So Mom, bound, starved and drugged her? That’s heartwarming.

* Bones: One of those little girls is the murderer.

* Angela: It was perfect. Maybe the best date I ever had.

Synopsis: Bones and Booth are called to a sanitation plant for a body. Bones determines it’s an 8 – 10-year-old who’s been dead no longer than two months. Cam determines that her hair color has been changed. Bones also discovers that she has veneers on her teeth. Once they add in all the non-normal things, it’s a missing beauty queen. Booth and Bones meet with the mother. They are a bit shocked. Zack learns she had a broken neck. Next, they interview the father. He’s not very cooperative. Hodgins brings Angela some paper to try and reconstruct. Hodgins gets up the nerve to ask Angela out. She turns him down. In the bone room, they go over her rib x-rays. It appears she slept in a corset, which damaged her ribs. They continue on with a list of horrors. Angela comes in, she has got some video footage of an incident in a stairwell with the mother and daughter. They interview the mother again. Zack finds some more evidence. Bones finds Angela in her office, freaked out over Hodgins asking her out. Cam joins in the conversation as well. Cam tells her to go out on the date. Angela sighs, painfully. Bones and Booth go to a dance class the little girl was in. They talk with one of the Mom’s. The class ends and Booth goes to meet with the dance teacher. At the lab, Hodgins has found several bugs that pinpoint a one mile radius from the hotel being wear she died. Angela finds Hodgins and tells him she accepts and will go out with him. The dance teacher shows Booth a picture of a teenage boy hanging around the girls. Bones talks to some of the girls in the dance class. Bones gets all philosophical with the girls and they don’t understand. They do have a suspect now. Booth questions him. Hodgins and Zack inform Bones those boots aren’t the boots. Hodgins run out of the lab for his date with Angela. He takes to a swing set. Cam and Booth identify an ice cream sandwich wrapper. It was on the little girl’s body. It can only be bought at one store. Back to the date, Hodgins and Angela are swinging happily. He gets romantic and they kiss. Bones and Booth finds the store and try the ice cream sandwich in question. They search the immediate area around the store and find a culvert the body could have been stashed in. It’s quite hidden. Bones finds a pageant medal in the dirt and water right in front of the culvert. They identify the medal. It was from a pageant years ago. The mother who they talked to at the dance school, it’s her medal. Zack lays out all the kicks that the little girl received to Bones. All the kicks are just on one side. Bones asks Booth for video footage of the mother walking. The killer has a slight deformity in her back. Hodgins has determined she was kicked with tap shoes. They go to the pageant and Bones starts touching the girls and they freak out. When they explain what is going on, the guard believes as well that one of them could have killed the girl. He allows them to watch the pageant so she can determine who has the back issue. She identifies who it is. It’s the daughter of the woman whose son was questioned. Bones talks to her. The truth comes out. Hodgins is waiting in Angela’s office. He’s worried he screwed up, but she assures him he didn’t. Angela freaks out. She doesn’t want to hurt everyone else when they go wrong. He’s clearly heartbroken, but Angela isn’t thrilled either. Booth and Bones share a donut. They have a conversation how about woman are treated in society. He compliments her, she thanks him and compliments him. He sees Cam and makes an excuse to leave, but she smiles and nods from below and leaves. He stays with Bones to help her with paper work. But it seems to turn more into a date.

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