Bones S02, Ep05 – The Truth in the Lye

Show: Bones
Season: 2
Episode: 5
Title: The Truth in the Lye
Original Air Date: September 27, 2006

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Favorite Quotes:

* Bones: I’m sorry, did I say I must know?

* Booth: He’s been here all weekend, just dissolving?

* Bones: You called it. You want answers, the tub is coming with us.

* Cam: The cream always rises or in this case melted body fat.

* Angela: Talk about the proof in the pudding.
Bones: Even for me this is disgusting.

* Booth: Good old Larry’s got two wives.
Bones: More like two lives.

* Angela: It’s so Jerry Springer.

* Booth: You realize everything you’re telling me sounds a lot like motive.

* Zack: I’m going out on police business.
Hodgins: I’m so bad.

* Booth: That’s why you’re here actually. For the same reason. For the same husband.

* Hodgins: Man, what I wouldn’t give to have been a fly on the wall when you told those two wives.
Bones: You would have been swatted, trust me.

Synopsis: Booth and his ex are having a little rendezvous. Bones calls but she picks up. It’s awkward. Booth shows up on scene a little late. He’s a little defensive. The crime scene is a victim in a bathtub and it’s a bit soupy. At the lab, they start working through the evidence. They determine the man weighs about 160 pounds. Zack gets a femur out and they find a hip replacement. In Cam’s lab, Zack brings in the victim’s wallet. Bones finds that the victim is not elderly, he has brittle bone disease. Angela tracks down some cases of brittle bone disease. But she only finds kids no adults. She prints out he list and they each go talk to four sets of parents. Bones gets a hit on the first try. Mrs. Sever is grateful someone came to check about her missing husband. At the lab, Booth comes back he’s also got a hit. Booth and Bones interview the second wife. Booth had an interrogation room converted into a lounge and he has both wives placed there. He doesn’t get any confirmation that the two know each other. Cam finds evidence of blunt force trauma. Booth goes to visit the site again to tell them it was Larry who was dead in the bathtub. He’s not happy that he’s dead. All his complaints like motive. Zack finds a piece of ivory that has been chewed on. Hodgins brings some evidence from a ceramic stopper. Cam comes into Bone office with the tip of a rubber glove. It should still have a finger print from the killer. Booth gets the finger prints from both wives. He puts both wives in his office. He introduces them and tells them they are both married to the same man. It doesn’t go well. Booth gets a call that the print from the glove does not match either wife. Rebecca shows up at Booth’s office. Bones asks Rebecca why she wouldn’t marry him. She said no simply because she didn’t want to get married out of need. Bones tell her that Booth worries that he would have made a bad father and that’s why she said no. Rebecca is clearly upset by this. They scrutinize the bathtub in the lab. Zack found an electrical box that his head got smashed on. Booth looks at the small pieces of copper and says they are bird shot. Angela finishes her analyzes of the piece of ivory. It’s a chopstick for hair. Booth and Bones go to visit the secretary at Beltway Burger. Bones asks her far along she is. She’s 14 weeks pregnant. Both wives show up too. All three of them know each other. Turns out the wives met a week before at a park. Chloe’s prints match the print in the glove. They all tell the same story. That he killed himself and found him with the gun in his mouth. They leave interrogation and Rebecca comes in. She tells him the truth about how he’s a wonderful father and how lucky Parker is. And finally ends it on a good note for Booth. They find the gun and begin to analyze it. She disproves the suicide because the pits in the skull from the shot are bloodless. Cam comes in with a spare tooth, or a crown. It’s a man’s crown. Bones thinks about Pete and is root canal. Booth lays out the story for Pete. He says he didn’t put him in the tub and doesn’t know how he got there. Hodgins and Angela have a philosophical discussion on the multiple wives subject. In Booth and Bones office, they have a moment. And Booth and Cam have a final romantic moment at his place.

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