Bones S02, Ep09 – Aliens in a Spaceship

Show: Bones
Season: 2
Episode: 9
Title: Aliens in a Spaceship
Original Air Date: November 15, 2006

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Favorite Quotes:

* Bones: We’re buried alive. He must have got us.
Hodgins: Who?
Bones: The Gravedigger.

* Booth: Two kids, huh? I liked it better when they were aliens.

* Booth: Dr. Brennan here is pretty good at getting dead people to tell her things.

* Bones: Booth will find us.
Hodgins: You have a lot of faith in Booth.

* Booth: Zack tell me what that means.
Angela: It means he know where they are.
Zack: I know where they are.

* Bones: I knew you wouldn’t give up.
Booth: I knew you wouldn’t give up.

Synopsis: Bones wakes up in a car with the radio playing. She hears a sound and Hodgins is in the back seat.

48 Hours Earlier… Bones and Booth go to a crime scene. A capsule of some kind is in the ground and it has two dead bodies in it. The bodies are looked at in the lab. One died before the other. Booth has already ID’ed them as a set of twin brothers, the Kents. They meet with the father, the prior FBI agent on the case and also the prosecutor. They also learn of a man who wrote a book about the gravedigger. His name is Jose Vega. He also worked with a journalist. The pair meet with them and the two provide all they know and decide to help no matter what. Back at the lab, Hodgins gives Bones several clues. The news is broken to the twins dad. Hodgins texted her regarding the length of time, they only had 12 hours, not 24 hours in the vat. The prosecutor had the confirmed victims exhumed, their clothes are provided too. When Angela does her analysis, Booth realizes that the gravedigger only meant to kidnap one of the twins. Zack is on the hunt for a stun gun but is stumped. In the garage, Brennan is walking to her car and she is suddenly knocked out. Hodgins’s finds her on the ground by her car and gets run over. Booth gets a call, it goes to voice mail. When he listens to it, it’s a message from the gravedigger. Bones and Hodgin’s have been taken by the gravedigger. Everyone is on deck to try and figure this out. Bones and Hodgins are back in the car, buried alive. Hodgins tries to calculate how much air they have. They all go to the garage and find where Hodgins was run over. Back in the car, Bones tallies up what’s in the car. Hodgins is having leg pain. Bones thinks it’s compartment syndrome. Zack has cracked the stun gun. In the car, Bones gets ready to try and fix Hodgins legs. She gives him something to bite on after he finishes a note to Angela. Worried that he won’t survive, he professes his love for Angela to Bones. Cam can’t crack Hodgins code, but Angela can. She walks away upset. In the car, Hodgins wakes up. They come up with a way to send out a single message. Bones hands him a handful of the “dirt” that fell into the car when she tried to open the window. He surmises they are in Virginia, but that’s not good enough. He uses items in the car to analyze the material and he figures out where they are. Vega goes to see Booth and it doesn’t go well. They prepare to send out a text. They have 4 seconds or less. Hodgins keys it in but neither are certain if it went through. Booth goes straight to the lab. The timer runs out. Bones pops her spare tire to give them more oxygen. The two do their best to conserve air. Hodgins figures out how to make a carbon dioxide scrubber to give them more oxygen. At the lab, Booth is trying to rally everyone to not give up. In the car, Hodgins makes more oxygen. Bones decides to use the airbags accelerant to try and blow their way out. She starts taking it all apart. In the lab, Vega and his partner arrive and tell them they tried to get time extended. Zack finally starts to realize what the text is about. Bones is preparing to set off the charge. If they are within 4 feet of the surface they’ll be ok, otherwise they won’t survive. Everyone races to the location to try and find them. It’s a massive quarry and they view it from above. They are all trying to find something to pinpoint where they are. In the car, Bones and Hodgins set off the charge after they share a heartfelt moment. Booth watches from above and he sees the small puff of smoke. He races down the side to that spot as fast as he can and starts digging by hand. He finds Bones arm and pulls her out. Everyone is digging now. They find Hodgins and pull him out too. Angela kisses him. Angela finds Hodgins back at the lab when he should be at the hospital. He tells her he can’t sleep. He’s afraid that when he closes his eyes he’ll be back in the car running out of air. She tells him to come home with her and when he opens his eyes she’ll be the first thing he sees, not the car. Bones goes to church with Booth. They have a little disagreement about God in church. She does give a little. They share a small moment about their faith in each other.

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