The X Files S02, Ep04 – Sleepless

Show: The X Files
Season: 2
Episode: 4
Title: Sleepless
Original Air Date: October 7, 1994

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Favorite Quotes:

* Mulder: I don’t want you to take this personally, but I work alone,

* Mulder: So it’s actually possible to alter someone’s dreams?
Doctor: In theory, yes.

* Scully: It’s as if his body believed that is was burning.

* CI: The truth is still out there, and it’s never been more dangerous.

* Scully: Are you suggesting that Cole killed those people with telepathic images?

* Mulder: I think that Cole possesses the psychic ability to manipulate sounds and images that are so convincing they can kill.

Synopsis: An older male wakes up on a couch to find smoke from a fire coming into his apartment. The whole building is being evacuated. When the fire department gets there, they find the man dead but no sign of a fire. Mulder opens his door to get the paper, a tape falls out of it. He plays the tape, it’s the 911 call that the dead man made. Mulder shows the tape and article in the paper to Skinner. He doesn’t decide yet. Mulder works on transcribing some audio first. Krycheck hands him a file. They are going to have to work together on it. At the FBI Academy, Scully is leading a class in the morgue. Her class is interrupted by a phone call. It’s Mulder, he wants Scully to do an autopsy. Mulder goes to the doctor’s facility. Scully calls, something is not right with the doctor. What she has found is evidence of exposure to fire. Everyone is a bit surprised. Another man is in his apartment, watching tv and getting tired. He’s got a scar across the back of his neck. Someone called Preacher pays him a visit. Preacher makes him see things. He kills him with a vision. The case comes to Mulder and Krycheck. This case links to the first case, Dr. Grissom. The two go to visit the last surviving member of the military group. When they get to his room, he’s gone. When you see the file, Cole is Preacher. Mulder gets a call from his new informant. He goes to an arena under construction to meet with him. He gives him a folder about a top secret project done on the military. Mulder picks up Krycheck and he tells them they spotted Cole/Preacher. They head to the scene. It goes badly and two officers are shot. They actually shot each other. Scully writes up a report about the procedure and the report Mulder faxed her. Mulder calls her and while they discuss her findings he suggests that Cole is able to manipulate what people see. Mulder and Krycheck go to see another surviving member of the squad. Scully is a bit jealous that Mulder is working with a different partner. When the two reach his place of employment he’s a bit jumpy. He tells them about the experiment and what they did. They all went rogue and murdered at will. They also learn of a second doctor. Mulder thinks he’s the next target. Scully calls Mulder, she’s tracked down the doctor. He’s coming to New York for Grissom’s funeral. They get to the train station to try and find the doctor, but Preacher/Cole is already there. Mulder spots him, but he appears to get shot. Mulder watches the surveillance video. He tells Krycheck his theory. The security finds a car that shouldn’t be there. Cole has the doctor tied up and instruments to harm him. Cole has created all the team members to kill him. Mulder and Krycheck arrive and hear the doctor scream. They first find his glasses. Then she see blood and it leads to the doctor. The back of his neck has been cut open. Mulder looks for Cole. He finds him. He just wants to talk to him. Krycheck shows up. Cole tricks him into shooting him. Mulder’s report has gone missing. Scully’s office is broken into and her copy is gone too. The Smoking Man is given the report by Krycheck.


The X Files S02, Ep02 – The Host

Show: The X Files
Season: 2
Episode: 2
Title: The Host
Original Air Date:

Favorite Quotes:

* Mulder: I should warn you I’ve been experiencing violent impulses.
Scully: Well, I’m armed so I’ll take my chances.

* Mulder: It’s an exercise. Skinner is just rubbing my nose in it. There’s nothing to it.
Scully: There’s a dead body isn’t there?

* Mystery Man: Mr. Mulder I think you should you know have a friend at the FBI.

* Scully: I’m sorry. It felt like old times there for a second.

* Mulder: That’s good. I didn’t want to have to tell Skinner that his murder suspect was a giant blood sucking worm.

* Scully: Look, Mulder, I don’t know what to say but I wouldn’t betray a confidence.

* Mulder: You know that fluke you caught? It must have been the runt of the liter.

* Skinner: What do you do with it Mulder? Put it in a zoo? It killed two people.

* Skinner: I know. This should have been an X File.

* Scully: Is this seat taken?
Mulder: No, but I must warn you I might reek a bit of the sewer.
Scully: I’ll take my chances.

* Mulder: They say three species disappear off the planet every day. You wonder how many new ones are being created.

Synopsis: A boat is out on the Atlantic Ocean. One of the crew finds there is a problem with the toilets. He picks on the youngest crew member to unclog the plumbing. Something pulls him in and three men try to pull him out. They fail and he immediately yells for the tanks to be flushed to try and save him. Mulder is in a hotel listening to a wiretap. Another agent comes in to relieve him and send him on a case. He arrives on the scene. They take him to the body. He heads to Skinner’s office. When he storms it there’s a whole bunch of people in it. Scully finds him on a bench. He tells her he’s been thinking about leaving the FBI. Scully requests the autopsy and gets it. She finds some kind of tattoo on one arm. Some weird little silver colored wormlike thing starts coming out of the body. Down in the sewers in Jersey there are some workers doing repairs. A man is left alone in the water and he’s pulled under. The other man comes back and trhows him a rope. He manages to pull him out but he’s been injured. While he’s being examined, Mulder shows up. He’s told of the strange wound. The doctor has never seen anything like it. The wound has a center and five points. Scully calls and tells him abut the parasite. Then Mulder gets a weird call. When Mulder goes to see Scully she tells him it’s a flukeworm. There’s no other cause of death. He shows her the picture of the bite. She’s shocked. The man who got attacked in the sewer is preparing to shower. He’s brushing his teeth frantically trying to get a weird taste out of his mouth. But when he spits out the toothpaste some blood comes out too. In the shower he vomits out a flukeworm. Mulder goes to speak to the sanitation department. He shows him the flukeworm that Scully found. He’s not surprised. A man is walking on the catwalk above some of the water in the sanitation plant. He sees something that scares him. Mulder and the man in charge run out. He traps it and they actually see it. No way to describe it. Scully is working on her report and a newspaper gets slid under her door. It has an article about a bizarre accident on a Russian tanker. She realizes the writing on the dead man’s arm is in Russian. Mulder calls her. He takes her to a psychiatric facility where it’s being held. She is totally shocked at what she sees. It’s a scientific wonder. She shows him the newspaper and how she made the connection. Mulder gives Skinner his report. He tells Mulder the man attacked in the sewer died. At the psych facility they strap the flukeman to a gurney to transport it, but it escapes the straps. The Marshall pulls over to check the back for it. It hid and then it killed the marshal. It crawled to a port a potty and got in it. The next day some guy comes to clean the port a potty and he sucks the flukeman right into the cleaning tank. Mulder goes to the scene. He gets another mysterious call. The police office gets a call that the scent was tracked to a port a potty. He’s on the tanker. If it’s already been dumped in the sanitation plant, it will be trapped there. Everyone is watching and waiting. Scully calls him. She gives him bad news, it’s trying to multiply. The supervisor tracks the lines and they think it’s trying to work back out to sea. They head down into the lines to try and close and overflow gate. Mulder watches the water while he tries to work the gate, but he slips and falls in. He gets pulled under the by monster. Mulder tries to pull him out but he gets pulled back in. Mulder actually jumps in to look for him and the monster. He lets the guy go and tries to go through the gate. Mulder manages to pull the gate down chopping it in half. Mulder is back on the bench again and Scully joins him. He tells her about the second call. She’s got results on the fluke larvae. It was a cross between a human and flukeworm. It wasn’t made by nature but most likely exposure to radiation. It’s mutated somehow. The Russian freighter serviced Chernobyl. It was likely born of the radiation. We see the sewers again and the monster floats back up to the surface and it opens its eyes and breathes.

The X Files S02, Ep01 – Little Green Men

Show: The X Files
Season: 2
Episode: 1
Title: Little Green Men
Original Air Date: September 16, 1994

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Favorite Quotes:

* Mulder: So what do you want?
Scully: To know that you’re all right.

* Scully: And you’re worried that all your life you’ve been seeing elves?
Mulder: In my case, little green men.

* Mulder: What am I looking for?
Senator: Contact.

* Mulder: His expression reflects…My God Scully, he looks frightened to death.

* Mulder: Before I could only trust myself. Now, I can only trust you (Scully). And they’ve taken you away from me.

* Mulder: They came Scully. The ones that took her. They were here.

* Scully: You still have nothing.
Mulder: I may not have the X Files Scully, but I still have my work. I still have you. I still have myself.

Synopsis: Mulder talks about the space shuttle Voyager. He then introduces us to a listening station in Puerto Rico. But there is nothing he can do as the X Files has been closed. We see a transmission received on the listening station. Now, Mulder is on a stake out listening to a wiretap. Scully is teaching a class at Quantico. At the FBI office, Scully sees Mulder and says hi, but he ignores her. They meet up in the garage. He’s extremely paranoid. He asks her about an observatory in San Diego. He’s upset because he has no solid evidence of anything. She tries to comfort him as he even doubts if his sister’s disappearance was real. We see a flashback to Mulder playing a board game with his sister. The lights go out and the house starts shaking. There’s all kinds of lights. The door opens there is a bright light and his sister is levitated. He’s frozen as a strange figure stands at the door. He’s back in his apartment and some man comes to get him. They go to see Senator Matheson. They have an interesting meeting. He tells Mulder to go to Puerto Rico to check the station for contact. Mulder has gone missing and the Smoking Man wants to know where he went. He has arrived in Puerto Rico. He makes it to the station. Once inside he finds a machine running. Scully searches his apartment. She breaks into his computer and finds a clue. At the station, Mulder finds someone hiding and very freaking out. He doesn’t understand him, so he draws a picture of an alien. Scully has the pirint out analyzed. She learns this has happened before. Scully has figured out where Mulder has gone. The transmission starts again at the station. His companion runs outside and Mulder finds him dead of fright. Scully heads to the airport and makes to agents. She loses them and grabs a flight to Puerto Rico. He tries to do a visual autopsy. Everything starts shaking again. All different color of lights start flashing, the machine is going crazy recording a transmission. The door busts open and Mulder does everything to barricade it. The door opens, Mulder’s gun doesn’t work. He sees the same shape from when his sister was taken. The next thing he sees is Scully as he comes too. What he tells her, she’s overwhelmed by. They barely escape with their lives. Back in Skinner’s office, Mulder gets read the riot act. The Smoking Man is there too. Skinner flips and kicks him out of his office. He puts Mulder back on the same dead case. Mulder tries to play back the recording on the tape, but it’s blank. He goes back to listening to surveillance tapes.

The X Files S01, Ep24 – The Erlenmeyer Flask

Show: The X Files
Season: 1
Episode: 24
Title: The Erlenmeyer Flask
Original Air Date: May 13, 1994

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Amazon The X-Files: Season 1

iTunes The X-Files, Season 1 – The X-Files

Favorite Quotes:

* Scully: How do you know he’s not just yanking your chain, this Deep Throat character?

* Mulder: I don’t know what the hell I’m supposed to find.

* Scully: No. We’ve reached the point of absurdity Mulder.

* Deep Throat: Mr. Mulder, don’t give up on this one. You’ve never been closer.

* Mulder: I don’t suppose there were any witnesses.
Scully: Nope.

* Scully: Ok Mulder, but I’m warning you. If this is monkey pee, you’re on your own.

* Scully: I should know by now to trust your instincts.
Mulder: Why? nobody else does.

* Mulder: I’m not going to give up. I can’t give up. Not as long as the truth is out there.

Synopsis: A police chase is taking place through warehouses and a dock. The suspect tries to run for it and they start beating him, he fights back. One officer hits him with a taser, which he pulls out. He then shoots him twice. He runs and jumps into the water. Mulder is asleep on his couch when he gets a call from Deep Throat. The earlier incident is on the news. He shows it to Scully at the office. Mulder and Scully go to the scene. The Captain is not happy to see them. When they examine the car, they discover it’s not the right car. Mulder and Scully arrive at a science lab in Maryland. The scientist is not helpful. Mulder wants to continue the investigation and Scully is at her breaking point. Mulder heads home and Deep Throat meets him in front of his building. He’s disappointed. He pressures him to not give up. Back at the lab, the monkeys are agitated and the scientist is still working. He gets paid a visit by a man in a suit. The man kills the scientist. Back at the harbor, the Captain calls off the search. As the boat pulls out, the missing man surfaces. Mulder and Scully are called back to the lab. The scientists death is being written off as a suicide. They learn that he was working on the human genome. Mulder finds a container of fluid and asks Scully to analyze it. He then heads to the now dead scientists house and he breaks in. Scully takes the sample to the lab for analysis. She’s told it’s some kind of bacteria. The scientist says it is no bacteria she’s ever seen and wants to do more analysis. In the house, Mulder finds a phone number and has it traced. Outside a blue van pulls up and listens. The phone rings and it’s the missing man. But he’s gravely hurt. Mulder then gets a call back about the number, it’s a storage facility. In the ambulance, the injured man is bleeding green fluid. One of the techs does a needled decompression on his chest. But a noxious gas comes out and everyone is overcome. He escapes. Scully calls Mulder with information on the bacteria. They suspect gene therapy. He pulls up at the storage place. He finds the storage unit and unlocks it. Inside, he finds experiments in progress. Back at the lab, the scientist wakes Scully. She shows her base pairs of DNA. The bacteria has gaps in the DNA sequence. She found a fifth base pair as well. The scientist says it’s extra-terrestrial. Back at the storage area, some men in suits show up and chse Mulder. He escapes. Upon entering his apartment, the phone is ringing. It’s Scully. She tells him about the bacteria. He asks her to come pick him up. They head straight to the storage facility. They go into the storage unit together, but now it’s been cleared out. Deep Throat shows up. He tells them all about what was going on. The details of a human alien hybrid. Scully questions his reasons. He wants them to find the missing man before the suits do. Scully goes back to see the scientist, she learns she and her whole family were in a horrible accident and all are dead. Mulder goes back to the missing man’s house. He hears sounds and follows them. He’s in the attic and attacks Mulder. But a man in a suit shows up and shoots the man. Mulder passes out from the gas. The suits tie him up. Scully can’t reach Mulder and goes to his apartment. Deep Throat is there. He offers to get her into the facility with the original alien material so she can steal it and trade it for Mulder. She does get in. She goes to Level 7 Cryology. She gets into the storage area. There are many containers and she pulls the one marked “Purity Control.” When she opens the container she pulls out a small alien. She is shocked. That night she is parked on a bridge. She pulls a box out of the car with her. Deep Throat arrives as well and she walks to his car. He’s arranged to trade the alien for Mulder. They argue. Van pulls up. She quickly heads back to her car. She watches from a sideview mirror. Deep Throat hands over the parcel and then the man shoots him. They throw Mulder out of the van as they drive away. Deep Throat tells Scully, “Trust no one.” Then he dies. Thirteen days later, Scully is having trouble sleeping. Mulder calls. He tells her that the X Files is being closed. Scully is shocked. The Smoking Man puts the specimen in a box in a giant warehouse. When he closes the door the sign says it’s in the Pentagon.

The X Files S01, Ep23 – Roland

Show: The X Files
Season: 1
Episode: 23
Title: Roland
Original Air Date: May 6, 1994

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Amazon The X-Files: Season 1

iTunes The X-Files, Season 1 – The X-Files

Favorite Quotes:

* Roland: People die, they go away. They aren’t supposed to come back.

Synopsis: A janitor is trying to work a keypad, but fails. He’s mentally disabled. A scientist helps him but puts him down. The room has scientist’s working on a jet engine project. The three of them are fighting. One scientist goes into the turbine room to make some changes. The door closes behind him. The janitor starts working at the computer and turns the turbine on with the scientist in the chamber. Roland erases some math on the board. He writes a new problem. The turbine reaches speeds of over Mach 6 and inhales the scientist. Scully and Mulder are brought in. They speak with the two remaining scientists and the project leader. Then they go to speak with Roland. They don’t get any answers but Mulder takes a paper he was writing on. A handwriting expert can’t match Roland’s writing to what’s on the white board either. Roland is having another memory flash. At the lab, one of the scientists is working. Someone enters the code on the lab door. Roland cracks him over the head with his coffee cup. He puts him face first into liquid nitrogen. Scully explains what happened to Mulder. The two go back to see Roland. Mulder tries to help him pick out a shirt to calm him. Roland tells him Dr. Grable got him his job. He tells Mulder that he died and wasn’t supposed to come back. Scully requests a copy of Roland’s file. Mulder postulates that Dr. Grable is using Roland. Scully discovers that Dr. Grable and Roland share the same birthdate. Back at the house Roland lives at he’s talking to a girl and gets a scary vision. He scares her but he doesn’t want to hurt her so he locks himself in the bathroom. The duo talks to the project manager again, they suspect a cover up or a faked death. At the college, Dr. Grable’s body is in a cryogenic capsule. The temperature on his unit fluctuates randomly. Based on the file Mulder thinks that Roland and Dr. Grable are twins. Mulder has a computer artist do some comparison and confirms they are twins. He goes back to talk to Roland. Roland doesn’t want to tell him about his dreams because they are bad. He shows him a photo of Dr. Grable and he starts getting very upset and hitting himself in the head and screaming. He runs into the bathroom again. Mulder explains psychic connections to Scully. He tells her that Grable isn’t dead because of the cryogenics chamber he’s in. The project manager was spying on them through the cameras. He goes to Dr. Grable’s cryo-crypt and reprograms it to slowly warm up. Roland is somewhere working in a notebook and gets a flash of a temperature. Scully gets the records proving that they are indeed identical twins. Scully gets a call from the cryo facility. She learns the capsule has been messed with. Roland is back at the lab working on the turbine. It’s up to Mach 13. He gets flashes of the temperature being fixed. The project manager walks in on him. He realizes it’s Dr. Grable working through Roland. He pulls out a gun. Roland knocks him out with a keyboard. Mulder and Scully rush to the school. The project manager is put in the turbine room and Dr. Grable/Roland start it up. Mulder and Scully run to the turbine room. Mulder asks Arthur how to stop it. Then Scully asks Roland to help stop it. We see the cryo temp hit 150. Mulder and Scully try to explain to the house mother what happened. He shows her how Roland has completed the calculations. Roland is in his room packing. Tracy comes to see him. She asks where he is going. He tells her he has to leave. He gives her his jar of stars. She tells him she loves him and he tells her he does too.

Book: Ground Zero (The X-Files #3) by Kevin J. Anderson

A man seeks revenge for the annihilation of his entire tribe and culture. They were all destroyed by nuclear bomb testing. He barely survived as a child.

Now, Mulder and Scully are going to a secret base in California where a nuclear scientist has died by nuclear bomb, only there was not a nuclear bomb. It’s a puzzling X File. While there several more cases pop up of death by the same way.

The case takes them full circle back to the island for another secret and illegal nuclear test.

Who is the behind the killing? How is he killing when he’s not there? What happens on the island the second time around? Do Mulder and Scully make it out alive?

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iTunes The X-Files: Ground Zero – Kevin J. Anderson

The X Files S01, Ep22 – Born Again

Show: The X Files
Season: 1
Episode: 22
Title: Born Again
Original Air Date: April 29, 1994

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Amazon The X-Files: Season 1

iTunes The X-Files, Season 1 – The X-Files

Favorite Quotes:

* Officer: Agent Scully, he’s been dead for 9 years, which means that little girl saw a ghost.

* Scully: Because sometimes looking for extreme possibilities makes you blind to the probable explanation right in front of you.

* Scully: I told you it was a signature hit.
Mulder: Give me the grizzly details.

* Mother: What’s going on?
Scully: All we know is that your daughter has witnessed two deaths in the last two days.

* Scully: You think he’s back later Peter Proud to avenge his murder?

* Mulder: Short of her growing a mustache, how much more apparent does it have to become for you to accept it?

Synopsis: At a police station a female office is just getting off. She spots a child in the alley alone. She brings her back in for another office to talk with her. The child makes eye contact with the male officer and he suddenly flies out the window and lands on a car, dead. They call in Mulder and Scully. They try to get background on the officer. The little girl told the female office a man threw the officer out of the window. They use a computer artist rendering to try and figure out who the man is. The computer system has a strange glitch. Scully speaks with her mother. Her mother tells her she’s not like other kids her age. Mulder shows her the sketch of the man but she doesn’t recognize it. Scully heads back for an autopsy. Mulder suspects that the child has psychokinetic powers. He talks to her psychiatrist. She starts looking at him like he’s nuts and kicks him out. Scully begins the autopsy. When she uncovers him she finds what looks like burns. The female office arrives and she found a facial match. But the officer who it matches has been dead for 9 years. She brings the case file to Mulder at the station. He asks for the details of what happened to the officer. His injuries are the same thing that the little girl keeps doing to the dolls in therapy. The two begin investigating that murder. They speak with his former partner and don’t get much. The officer they spoke with, Tony, speaks with another person. He’s very freaked out. Turns out they were involved in Charlie’s murder. That night a bus picks up the man the Tony met with. When he gets off his scarf somehow gets stuck in the doors. The bus drivers sees it but when he tries to stop the bus he can’t. He winds up being hanged and dies. The little girl is on the bus. The mother comes down to the station. The female office tells Mulder that the man who just died used to be Barbola’s partner. The only connection is the drug bust in Chinatown. So the two dig into that case. Tony gets another visit. His wife tells them he never came home last night. They have an origami collection. Turns out they were made by her ex-husband, Charlie Morris. He’s the officer killed in the Chinatown hit. The little girl finally gets hypnotized. She’s reliving Charlie Morris’s death. Scully is not happy about the results. Mulder rewatches the taped video of it, he finds some weird static. At Tony’s house, there is a knock on the door. His wife thinks it might be him. She opens the door and finds a origami giraffe. Mulder has a tech check the video. He confirms that the image was actually recorded there. The female officer comes in with the pathologist’s records of Charlie’s autopsy. He was murdered by drowning. Tony finally arrives home. He wants her to run away with him. The little girl is at the window. The tech has managed to pull the image. It’s a diver from Charlie’s saltwater tank. Mulder believes he was killed in his own fish tank. Back at Tony’s the power goes out. He goes downstairs with a gun. A power cord wraps around his legs and he loses his gun. The little girl appears. Mulder and Scully arrive at Tony’s house. They hear a racket and the wife is screaming. Scully finds another door that they are able to get in. Tony starts talking to the little girl like he’s Charlie. They make it in the house and the wife is screaming she’s trapped. Scully lets her out. They both come down stairs. Tony then confesses that he knew what they did to Charlie and that he was a part of it. Suddenly, there’s a bright light and even the fish tank is going crazy. The wife asks him to stop. The fish tank explodes. A gun was in the tank along with the diver. Tony plead guilty to quite a few charges involving Charlie’s death. The little girl has now gone completely back to normal.

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