The X Files S03, Ep03 – D.P.O

Show: The X Files

Season: 3 Episode: 03

Title: DPO

Original Air Date: October 6, 1995

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Favorite Quotes:

* Scully: Probably heat induced.
Mulder: Probably? It looks like his heart was cooked right in his chest.

* Scully: Are you aware that something like 60 people die from lightning strikes across the country each year? And five of those happened right here in Connorville?

* Scully: Do you have a theory about what’s going on here?
Mulder: I just don’t think it’s lightning.

* Mulder: This local lightning is a lot more predictable than Teller realizes because it seems to have a definite preference for the type of person it strikes.

* Mulder: Out of all the people that got struck by lightning, you’re the only one that survived. Don’t you think you’re lucky?

* Mulder: That we are wasting our time chasing lightning?
Scully: Look at the evidence, what else could it be?

* Mulder: This is the first lightning strike I’ve seen that left behind a footprint.

* Mulder: What is Oswald’s electrolyte imbalance is allowing him to generate electricity much higher than normal?

* Scully: You’re saying he’s some kind of lightning rod?
Mulder: No, I’m saying he is lightning.

* Scully: So, what? Are we supposed to charge him with assaulting a cellular phone?

* Scully: You said yourself sheriff that even science can’t explain how lightning works.


A teenage boy plays a video game in an empty arcade. Another teenager comes up to him and tells him he was playing the game. A third teenager appears and defends him. The newcomer physically attacks the one that was playing the game. The power goes off and a then a record player starts to play. He decides to leave. He gets in his car and the radio plays the song from inside. He speeds away but his engine stops working. The flag on his radio antenna catches on fire and goes down into the car. He’s electrocuted. Scully takes a look at the body. Scully finds it to meet with electrocution but there are no contact wounds. The coroner thinks it was lightning. The sheriff comes in and interrupts. He wants to know why they are there. Scully points out that these cases match others they have. Apparently, Connorville makes lightning in their town. He insists that people die from lightning in this town. After he leaves, Scully asks Mulder why he didn’t bother to help her. Mulder points out that all the victims of this lighting fall into a specific gender and age profile. They go to check out Hammond’s car. All the electrical is burned out. Mulder looks at the stores around. The arcade is the only one that would be open late. Scully speaks with the manger there. She points out that based on where the car is if he was working the counter, he would have seen it happen. He takes her to the machine Mulder has already found. On the game, Mulder sees the DPO initials. The only survivor of these lightning strikes. A woman walks into the auto shop to see Daren. He tries to apologize to her when her husband returns. He also tells Daren that two people from the FBI are coming to see him. They question him and he says he saw nothing. He was focused on the game. Scully suddenly sees smoke coming from Mulder’s pocket. His cell phone over heated and melted. At Daren’s house, his mother is unkind to him. He knocks out the TV before he leaves. His friend from the arcade has arrived and they leave together. He starts calling for lightning out in the field. His friend runs for cover. He gets hit by lightning several times. His friend runs back to find him on the ground. But he’s fine. There are three dead cows found where he was. There is a clump of ground that turned into metal at the strike sight. Mulder finds a footprint. Scully does a cast of the footprint in a lab. A men’s size 8.5 boot print. She also finds something that looks like antifreeze embedded in it as well. Daren is sitting on a billboard and his friend joins him. Daren is messing with the signal light below it. He is obsessed with his boss’s wife. He does manage to cause an accident. Mulder and Scully go to speak to Daren at his home, his mother is there. He’s not. Scully is able to confirm his shoe size. Mulder finds some interesting magazines which lead them to a year book in the close. Mulder links the name to the autobody shop where Daren works. The shop owner goes to the crash sight. He starts looking ill and collapses. Daren is there at the side of the road. EMTs start working his boss. He walks over to him. Daren puts his hands on the guys chest and gives him quite a shock. Daren just thinks its funny. Mrs. Kaveat arrives. Mulder speaks with her. He asks her about Daren Oswald. Scully tells Mulder the EMS worker is freaked out. He only saw Daren touching Kaveat’s chest, but their charging paddles were out of juice. Scully looks at Daren’s chart from the lightning strike. He had acute hypokalemia. Mulder suggests that Oswald could be lightning. Mulder and Scully go to Daren’s house. He’s extremely aggravated. They take him in for questioning. He talks too much. Claims he’s a hero for saving his bosses life. The pair go to see Mrs. Kaveat again. She finally lets them in. She is a teacher at the high school who teaches remedial reading. She got him the job at the garage. He told her that he had powers after Jack Hammond was killed. She didn’t tell anyone because she was afraid of, she or her husband being harmed. Mulder and Scully go back to the jail but find Oswald has been released. Mulder tries to reach Mrs. Kaveat but she is on the way to the hospital. At the arcade, the manager shuts all the games down, but Daren’s stays on. Zero starts to freak out. He finally gets outside. Daren hits him with lightning from the roof and kills him. At the hospital, Mulder requests a lockdown to keep Daren out. They find Mrs. Kaveat and inform her what happened. She refuses to leave her husband. The power goes out at the hospital. But he still comes up the elevator. It’s actually Zerios’ dead body on it. Mulder heads to the stairwell to try and cut Daren off. Daren shows up at Kaveat’s room. Scully threatens to shoot him. He wants to talk to Mrs. Kaveat, to explain what is going on. Mrs. Kaveat agrees to go with him to try and stop him. Outside he holds her hand. He explains that she was the only person that was ever nice to him. He offers to take her anywhere. He starts the car for her. Another car drives up, it’s the sheriff. She makes a run for it. Then he runs too. The sheriff pursues. Mulder grabs her and pulls her to safety. Daren starts to get angry and starts to bring lightning. Mulder runs to tell the sheriff to get out of there. He doesn’t listen or understand and is killed by lightning. Daren is hit by the lightning as well. This time he’s injured. He’s locked in a psychiatric facility. All his tests came back normal. The DA does not now how to build a case against.

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