The X Files S03, Ep02 – Paper Clip

Show: The X Files

Season: 3 Episode: 2

Title: Paper Clip

Original Air Date: September 29, 1995

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* Scully: I was warned that someone would kill me. Someone I trusted.

* Mulder: Your cigarette smoking friend killed my father for that tape and then he killed me.

* Scully: I have to go there Mulder, that bullet was meant for me.

* Klemper: Progress demands sacrifice, and I have confronted my demons.

* Klemper: There are some things you don’t have to know.
Mulder: I need to know. I need to know the truth.

* Scully: What happened to you?
Mulder: They have a small army outside. I think they have us trapped.

* Skinner: This place isn’t even on the map. How’d you get here?
Mulder: You’d be surprised what’s not on the map in this country and what our government will do to keep it that way.

* Skinner: Is that answer worth your lives?
Mulder: It’s obviously worth killing us for.

* Scully: Look, those answers mean nothing if we are going to be hunted down like animals.

* Scully: What good are those answers to anyone but you Mulder?

* Man: Your life is in danger now too. You also threaten to expose the project. You have become your father.

* Mulder: Is there more?
Man: More than you will ever know.

* Mulder: I need to know. Did he make you make a choice?
Mrs. Mulder: No, I couldn’t choose. It was your father’s choice. I hated him for it. Even in his grave, I hate him still.

* CSM: You haven’t got any tape. You haven’t got any deal. You can’t play poker if you’re not holding any cards, Mr. Skinner.

* Scully: She died for me, and I tried to tell her I’m sorry but I don’t think she knows.
Mulder: She knows. Melissa knows.
Scully: You were right. There is no justice.

* Mulder: We both lost so much. I believe that what we are looking for is in the X Files. I’m more certain than ever that the truth is in there.

* Scully: I’ve heard the truth Mulder. Now what I want is the answers.


The opening has a story about Mulder and saving him. It also includes a story about the Gila Monster. Something big happened the same day that Mulder was healed. Two people run from a truck into a barn. A white buffalo was born. It’s a powerful omen.

Back at Mulder’s apartment, Skinner informs her his has the digital tape. They both draw their guns on each other. Mulder breaks into the apartment during the standoff. Skinner takes the tape out. Mulder tells him that it holds the truth about extra-terrestrial life. Skinner wants to keep it out of the hands of the men he wants to bring to justice. Scully follows him out of the apartment. They talk. Mrs. Scully goes to the hospital looking for Dana but finds Melissa instead. She’s shocked. Mulder and Scully take a photo to the lone gunmen. Operation Paper Clip is also discussed. It gave many Nazi scientists exemptions. One of them is in the photo Mulder has brought of his father and several men. Victor Klemper is identified. He’s the most evil Nazi. He experimented on the captured Jews. No one else in the picture is recognized. Frohike arrives. He tells Scully that her sister is in critical condition. She races out and Mulder chases her. In New York city the group discusses the shooting of Scully’s sister and how it was a mistake. The Cigarette Smoking man takes a lot of heat for the mistake. They want to see the tape that he recovered. They want him to show it to them. He leaves offended. An old man is tending to plants in a greenhouse. Mulder and Scully pay him a visit, it’s Klemper. He gloats about how his experiments changed the world. Mulder brings up his father. He tells them where the photo was taken and asks if they know a certain formula. Scully knows the formula. At the grops meeting a call comes in. Klemper is calling. He tells them that he got paid a visit. When he gets off the phone he announces that Mulder is alive. Dana’s sister Melissa is still in a coma. A strange man walks by the door. The older Navajo man comes to help. He informs Mrs. Scully that Dana sent him. He prays over her. Mulder and Scully go to the mine they were told about. They climb up the levels and find a couple safes. Scully and Mulder enter the answer to the formula on each safe. One opens. Scully is worried about how the information they find will affect Mulder. Skinner calls Cigarette Smoking Man in to make a deal for the tape. He starts screaming at Skinner. Back at the mine, the safe was actually a door to a massive record storage area. They open one and Scully finds medical files. Mulder finds a light switch. There are an uncountable number of files. The files have birth certificates, smallpox vaccination certificates and a tissue sample. Everything is by year. Mulder looks up Scully’s file. It holds a recent tissue sample. Files continue down the mine. He finds his sister’s folder. Her label has been placed over Fox’s label. He runs off and goes backout the door. Scully hears a hissing sound and scurrying. Mulder stands looking out the windows and a large craft floats up, a UFO it would appear. He races towards the roof to try and get a better look. The craft is massive and slowly flies away. At the end of the mine Scully sees a bright light and a creature that looks like at alien. They both disappear quickly. All kinds of cars pull up and open fire on Mulder. A search begins to find them both. He races back into the mineshaft with the files to find Scully. They meet up. She tells them she thinks there is a way out. She takes him where she saw the alien, there is a door, and they exit. Skinner drives to Maryland. He joins Mulder and Scully at a restaurant. Mulder tells him about what happened last night. Skinner offers to use the tape to guarantee their safety. Scully tells him about the medical records. Skinner asks Mulder what he hopes to find. He tells him he wants to find out who killed his father, what happened to his sister and what was done to Scully. Scully, however, is the voice of reason. She wants to turn over tape so they can be safe. She tries to talk sense into him. She also needs to see her sister. Skinner tells them that if they don’t honor the deal, he’ll turn states evidence against them. Scully wants the deal. She gets in the car with Skinner. Mulder gets in too. Back at Melissa’s bedside, Mrs. Scully remained. The older man returns again. He states that the white buffalo calf stopped eating its mother’s milk. On the third day, the mother buffalo died. Skinner comes to Melissa’s room. He identifies himself to Mrs. Scully and the older man. He tells Mrs. Scully that Dana is a dangerous situation that he is trying to reverse so Dana can come back to work. The older man points out the suited man to Skinner. Skinner tells both to not leave the room. He goes to look for the suited man. He chases him down a stairwell. He finds him and they fight. More men show up and try to kill Skinner. They take the tape off of him and leave him for dead. We see the three men in a car, one is Krychek. The other two exit the car. The clock starts flashing. Krychek gets out and runs. The car blows up. Mulder and Scully go back to visit Mr. Klemper at the greenhouse. They are greeted by the man Klemper called. It’s one of the men in the photo and group. He admits to knowing what is going on. He tells them about a spacecraft and body recovery. He then talks about Operation Paper Clip. He discusses the scientist who tried to make a perfect being. He was trying to make an alien human hybrid. His father was part of it. They had to gather genetic data on the human Populus for genetic identification in case of a nuclear holocaust. Scully is suspicious that the man is just telling Mulder what he wants to hear. Mulder thinks the tests have continued, now the subjects are abductees. Samantha was taken as leverage. He warns Mulder that his life is in danger. A call comes into the group to the cigarette smoking man. It’s Krycheck telling him he is still alive. Cigarette Smoking Man tells the group the tape was destroyed in a car bomb. Mulder goes to visit his mother. He asks her questions about he and Samantha. She tells him she couldn’t choose. It was his father’s choice. Cigarette Smoking Man pays Skinner a visit. Skinner tells him he has the tape. He’ll hand it over or destroy it for Mulder and Scully’s safety and reinstatement. CSM threatens him. Skinner stands his ground. He brings in Albert, the older man that visited Melissa in the hospital. Albert can recite everything on the tape from memory. He’s told 20 other people what’s on those files. CSM is not happy. He leaves angrily. Mulder goes to the hospital. He finds Scully sitting next to an empty bed. Her sister died three hours ago. Mulder does his best to comfort her. He knows Scully wants to go back to work. They decide to continue the X Files. He holds her.

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