The X Files S02, Ep13 – Irresistible

Show: The X Files
Season: 2
Episode: 13
Title: Irresistible
Original Air Date: January 13, 1995

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Favorite Quotes:

* Cop: You’re saying some human did this?
Mulder: Yeah, if you want to call him that.

* Mulder: You ok?
Scully: I need a minute.

* Scully: Death is a recorded event for reasons natural and unnatural. When a body ceases to function a cause of death can be clearly reconstructed. A body has a story to tell.

* Mulder: I just don’t want you to think you have to hide anything from me. I’ve seen agents with 20 years field experience fall apart on cases like this.

* Scully: You think you can look into the face of pure evil and then you’re paralyzed by it.

* Scully: Anyway, you could use my help.
Mulder: Always.

* Mulder: We got to start at the beginning. As nasty as it might sound we got to get inside this guys head.

Synopsis: A teenager speaks about her friend at her funeral. It’s an open casket. She’s a teenager. Her classmates pay their respects. Then her parents. Tomorrow will be a graveside service. One of them employees caresses the dead girl’s hair. That night the funeral director is scared out of his mind by the employee. The girl’s hair is all over the floor. He’s cut most of it off and taken some. He is fired. Next, Mulder and Scully are at a graveyard. A grave has been dug up. The body has been mutilated. Mulder tells him that it was done by a human not an alien. Scully is completely taken aback by what’s happened. They are done but now have a whole day. He’s got football tickets for the two of them. The culprit is at a job interview. He’s trying to get on her good side by complimenting her make up. The cop calls Mulder and Scully back and they miss their game. There are more bodies. The body count is up to three now. Scully looks through the photos and to her one is her double. She freaks out and exits. Mulder requests a press release to make sure everyone is aware. The cop is frustrated because they don’t have enough manpower to do what is needed. Mulder checks on Scully, but she’s still not ok. Scully does a profile of this kind of offender. That night it appears Mulder was right. He is going after live bodies, he’s checking out the prostitutes. He picks one up and takes her to an apartment. She complains of the cold. He counters by telling her he’d like to run her a bath. He wants to shampoo her hair as well. She’s not quite sure what to think. He gets a call and leaves the bathroom to answer it. He got the delivery job. The woman leaves the bathroom and goes to his room to ask why the water is ice cold. She sees a sight that freaks her out. All kinds of funeral wreaths and things of that nature. She freaks out and he slowly walks after her. She screams. The three go to the scene where she is found. One of her friends identifies her. He’s done the same thing to her and a little more than on the bodies that were already dead. Scully is even more affected. The next day he starts his new delivery route. He starts meeting the people on his route. He asks to use the washroom. He digs through the garbage and finds some hair in it and takes it. The woman tells him she always leaves the back door open if they aren’t home. Scully is going to do the autopsy on the woman who was murdered. She begins the exam. A woman is brought in to see a line up of men. She does not recognize any of them. Mulder and the cop are very concerned that he’s going to keep killing. He does not understand the obsession with hair and nails. The killer is actually sitting in a classroom, but he begins to fixate on a woman in the class. He follows her to her car and introduces himself. She’s not impressed. He asks about the homework assignment to try and put her at ease. She tells him what the assignment was. He tries to stop her and she fights back and starts screaming and runs. Back in the autopsy sweat, Scully pulls back the sheet and sees herself. She suddenly wakes up to the phone ringing. Another guy gets arrested for the crime, but the actual attacker is there too. He sees Scully and fixates on her. They exit the interview and Mulder does not think he’s the guy. The real guy eyeballs Scully again and she takes Mulder aside. She’d prefer to go back to Washington. He realizes the case is getting to her and agrees with her. The real killer, Donnie, talks to the man the FBI interviewed and starts asking questions. Oddly, the woman drops the charges against him, and he’s released. Back at the fingerprint lab, Scully puts the techs to work. Scully goes to talk to someone in the employee assistance program. The woman suggests talking to her partner, but she does not want Mulder to feel like he has to protect her. The woman also brings up the loss of her father and her illness. She heads back to the lab. He found a print on the thumbnail that was still on the hand. Scully calls him and tells him about the print. She asks him about the call, neither called. The print leads to a suspect and they are now in the right apartment. The suspect wasn’t home though. It’s Donnie Faster. They find a finger in the freezer. Scully arrives back in town on the case. Donnie Faster is now following her. The police also have an APB out on him. He’s following Scully. He rear-ends her not once, not twice but three times. She’s been missing for three hours and they’ve now found her car. It’s gone off the road and the air bag has deployed. Mulder is in full gear to find her. Donnie has her in an old house and he’s running a bath. He’s got Scully tied up in a closet. The paint doesn’t help. They start looking for Donnie’s mother. Meanwhile, he’s now facing Scully in the closet with a knife. Donnie’s mother is dead. They do however determine the mother had a car that has the color paint. The creep starts to remove some of Scully’s bindings. As she looks at him he keeps morphing into different people and things. He takes her into the bathroom and she pushes him into the tub and makes a run for it. He’s got all the doors secured and goes for a gun. She hides in a closet. He finds her and she sprays something in his face and eyes. He chases her, they fight and roll down the stairs. She sees the gun and grabs it. Mulder storms in before she can shoot him. She asks how he found her. He tells her the house use to be owned by his mother and was willed to his sisters. The car was also his mothers. Scully tries to be strong, but Mulder lifts her chin and looks her in the eye. She starts to cry and he holds her. Donnie is behind bars.

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