The X Files S02, Ep12 – Aubrey

Show: The X Files
Season: 2
Episode: 12
Title: Aubrey
Original Air Date: January 6, 1995

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Favorite Quotes:

* Mulder: I’ve often felt that dreams are the answers to questions we haven’t yet figured out how to ask.

* Mulder: That’s a pretty extreme hunch.
Scully: I seem to recall you have quite a few extreme hunches.

* Scully: I don’t think Mendel had serial killers in mind when he developed his theory on genetics.

* BJ/possessed: How does it feel to be on the other side of the razor brother?

Synopsis: In a police station people are talking about a brutal murder. One of the detective’s gets a visit form his wife. She writes a note to him, “I’m pregnant.” He gives her an address. Maybe it’s not his wife, but his mistress. She goes to meet him, but she suddenly becomes weak and has a lot of pain. She sees a cars headlight. We see a flashback of a death and murder. She follows it and uncovers the body of the victim. There’s a justice department badge too. Scully finds Mulder looking at dental x-rays. He asks her if they match. She says they match. It’s Special Agent Sam Chaney. He was one half of a partnership, both partners went missing at the same time. Mulder doesn’t understand how the policewoman found the remains. At the scene, they talk to the police woman. The detective she was having an affair with runs interference. Chaney’s bones are in very good condition. Scully thinks the field was tilled shortly after he was buried based on small cuts in the bones. Mulder is still perplexed regarding the hotel and her engine. Scully points out BJ (the police woman) and Tillman were having an affair. BJ pays them a visit while they examine the bones. BJ gets another vision. Scully checks on BJ in the bathroom. She asks about the affair. BJ tells Scully that she is having nausea and also nightmares. Scully goes back to Mulder and tells him what she confirmed. Words were likely cut int Chaney. Mulder thinks he became a victim of the killer he was hunting. BJ tells them that the carvings spell brother. Two words, sister at the top and brother at the bottom. Tillman pops in. He gets angry about files. They match a current case. And he freaks out. He tells them about the new case. Someone comes in and informs them there’s been another murder. They all go to the scene. BJ said it’s the woman in her dream. They go to a park and she tells them both about her dream. She describes the man in her dream. She draws some symbol. Mulder recognizes them from the 1939 Worlds Fait. He also has her go through a book of old mug shots from that time period. Tillman pays her a visit. He wants to go with her to the appointment. She tells him she’s changed her mind. She finds who she is looking for: Harry Cokley. He’s still alive and Mulder and Scully go visit him. His victim had sister carved in her chest, but it was never connected to the rest of the murders. Scully throws a few theories out there as they drive. The man is now 75 and lives in the middle of nowhere. When they find him, he’s on oxygen, but he is happy to see them. He comes off a bit crazy. Mulder shows him a picture of Chaney. He doesn’t recognize him. BJ is asleep and her window is open. She’s back in time again and wakes with a start, grabbing her gun. She finds blood on herself. She freaks out and runs to the bathroom and starts washing herself off. She finds the work sister carved on her chest. She sees the man again. She goes to a basement and starts prying up floor boards. Tillman, Mulder and Scully arrive. Tillman takes BJ to the hospital. Mulder sticks his hand in the space below the floorboards and pulls up bones. At the hospital she says Cokley did it. They bring Cokley in for questioning. Tillman does the questioning. Scully meets with Mulder. The blood on BJ matches that of Cokley. Mulder suggest they visit his first victim who survivied. She remembers every detail of what happened to her and the trial. Mulder realizes she got pregnant by Cokley’s attack. She gave the baby to an adoption agency. She gives him the address. Scully gets confirmation that the bones under the floorboards are Chaney’s missing partner. Mulder wonders if the attacker is Cokley’s grandson. He continues on his thought process about how somethings that you like or do or traits you have may be genetic and out of your control. They found the missing person. BJ turns out to be Cokley’s granddaughter. It’s clear to Mulder that BJ Is not herself. The two head back to the first victims house. They are worried BJ might try to finish what he started. She does go there and the woman throws bleach on her face. She has a gun to defend herself but doesn’t use it. She recognizes the eyes and calls her her grandchild. She rips open the shirt where the carving still is. BJ rips open her shirt and the older woman is very compassionate. Mulder and Scully arrive and find the older woman on the landing. She tells them what happened. They try and figure out who the next target is, Tillman or Cokley. At the station, Tillman is furious. The older woman is there and confirms it. Cokley is watching TV. He goes to put on his oxygen and finds the tube has been cut. He turns off the TV. Mulder races to Cokley’s place. Mulder goes around the outside. The old truck is there. He goes in the back way. He hears something and follows the sound. He finds Cokley dying. BJ knocks him out. Then tries to kill him. Scully and Tillman arrive to try and stop her. She says, in a man’s voice, that she’s not BJ. Scully checks Cokley and he’s dead. Tillman checks on BJ and Scully checks on Mulder. BJ has been locked up. They are not sure if the pregnancy triggered the psychosis.

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