The X Files S02, Ep17 – End Game

Show: The X Files
Season: 2
Episode: 17
Title: End Game
Original Air Date: February 17, 1995

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Favorite Quotes:

* Mulder: How do we find him?
Samantha: We don’t, he finds us.

* Mulder: There’s no way out. We got both sides of the bridge covered. Now let her go.

*Scully: Mulder, why didn’t you tell me on the phone it was her?
Mulder: I couldn’t tell you.
Scully: Why not?
Mulder: Because you’d have never let me go through with it.

* Scully: Many things I have seen have challenged my belief in an ordered universe. But this uncertainty has only strengthened my need to know.

* Scully: Hey, how you feeling?
Mulder: Like I got a bad case of freezer burn.

* Scully: Thanks for ditching me.
Mulder: I’m sorry. I couldn’t let you risk your life on this.

*Scully: Did you find what you were looking for?
Mulder: No, no. But I did find the faith to keep looking.

Synopsis: A sub in Alaska is the scene. They are looking at a UFO on their radar, hovering in the water. The Captain calls his superior and is instructed to head for it and destroy it. But they have an engine malfunction and he instructs them to prepare to surface, but a crewman points out they are under 32 feet of glacial ice. Meanwhile, Scully is in her hotel room and Mulder is in front of her but also on the phone. She grabs her gun and tells him to put his hands against the wall. He attacks her with inhuman strength. When she doesn’t give him what he wants he throws her through a table and then turns back into the bounty hunter. Mulder goes to her room with his sister. She tells him he likely took Scully to get Samantha. She tells him about killing him by puncturing the base of his skull. Mulder paces at his apartment. He loses his patience with Samantha. She tells him about a colony and clones. There’s a knock at the door. It’s Skinner. They think he’s the bounty hunter. Once it’s confirmed it’s Skinner Mulder tells him that it’s his sister. Scully calls Mulder. The bounty hunter wants Samantha. She gives him a location and one hour. They go to the bridge and Skinner has a team ready. They are excellent snipers. The bounty hunter arrives with Scully. Samantha exits the car as well. Scully has a look of shock at seeing Mulder’s sister. He releases Scully and takes Samantha. The sniper tries to line up the shot. The sniper takes the shot and the bounty hunter goes over the side of the bridge taking Samantha with him. He screams for Samantha. Scully is brought back to the bridge after being discharged from the hospital. Scully asks him why he didn’t tell her it was Samantha. He didn’t tell her because he knew she would not let him go through with it. She questions if it was his sister because of the man who showed up looking like Mulder. He tells her it was an alien. Mulder has his dad come to his apartment. He can’t look at him as he tells him Samantha is gone. His father is furious and has no care at all about what it’s doing to Mulder. He leaves an envelope that he says Samantha left for him and leaves. She left him instructions. He goes to where it leads. Scully calls. They just pulled his sister out of the river. The EMT’s yell for Scully. They show her Samantha’s body. It’s disintegrating into green ooze. Mulder, still on the trail Samantha left, winds up in an empty building used for storage. He finds another Samantha. She realizes the other one is dead and gives him a tour. But there is yet another Samantha clone. They used him. They show him the original, that he must save. He’s overwhelmed. He chooses to leave but they tell him they know where his sister is. An alarm goes off. One of the clones says he’s here. There’s a fire and the bounty hunter knocks Mulder out. Firefighters get Mulder out but find no one else. The bounty hunter is being charged with murder of an FBI agent. There was something injected in it and it caused the blood to thicken. The scientist learned that the virus stops when exposed to cold, a five degree Fahrenheit drop stops it. Mulder meets with Mr. X. He tells them the aliens craft was located and is being destroyed. He won’t be allowed to leave. Scully goes to Mulder’s. He doesn’t answer so she uses her key to check on him. She finds the X on the window. When she turns on his computer. He’s left her an email. He’s headed off to find the craft. He doesn’t want Scully to follow. Scully goes to see Skinner. She requests to speak off the record and tells him the little that she knows. Skinner tells her to let it go. Scully goes back to Mulder’s apartment and tapes an X on the window. And waits. She falls asleep on his couch. She wakes to a knock on the door. She opens the door to find X and asks him where is Mulder. He won’t help her. Skinner finds him on another level. He goes at the man. The two fight. He wants to know where Mulder is too. He goes back ot the apartment and tells Scully what he found out from the man. He gives her the coordinates of his final destination. Mulder arrives at the sub that tried to surface but got stuck. He climbs up, then opens the hatch and enters the sub. He finds everyone is dead but one person and gives chase. Mulder asks what happened. He tells them they lost power and drifted for days. They finally hit a shallow patch of ice to punch through. A man came and locked most of the crew below to suffocate them. He started shooting the rest. He hid under a dead body to survive. Mulder gets attacked by him. It’s the bounty hunter. All he will tell Mulder about his sister is that she is alive. He drags him off the sub and then closes the hatch. He starts the sub and starts to submerge. A fin or rutter is coming right at him. He manages to get out of the way. Scully storms into an ER, where Mulder is submerged in a warming tub. She gets in a fight with the ER doctor but they eventually work together to try and save Mulder. She gives detailed instructions once his heart starts beating again. He slowly improved. And a blood test confirmed he was exposed to the retrovirus. She visits him and now he’s off the ventilator and other support. He wakes and looks at her. They have a brief conversation.

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