The X Files S02, Ep21 – The Calusari

Original Air Date: April 14, 1995

Favorite Quotes:

* Mother to daughter: You marry a devil, you have devil child.

* Scully: I think this boy needs as much protection as he can get, but just not from ghosties and beasties.

* Mulder: It contains nothing organic or inorganic. According to the technicians this ash doesn’t exist.

* Professor: In 1979 I witnessed a Guru create an entire feast out of thin air.

Scully: Too bad you didn’t take a picture you could have run it through your computer and seen the entire last supper.

* Mulder: That boy you saw leaving with Mrs. Holvey? That wasn’t Charlie.

Scully: Are you saying Mrs. Holvey left here with a ghost?

Mulder: A spirt? A ghost? I’m not sure. But it’s what we saw in the photograph.

* Calusari (to Mulder): It is over for now, but you must be careful. It knows you now.

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A boy is watching kids ride the train. His parents get him ice cream. His little brother drops his ice cream, then lets his balloon go, then falls on the ice cream he dropped and starts screaming. They take the older boy’s balloon and give it to the small boy. The dad then throws away all the ice creams. The older boy, Charlie, says he wants his balloon back. The mother belts the toddler to a pole in the bathroom with her belt and goes to the bathroom. But when she comes out the toddler is gone. He’s gone after the balloon that has floated way. Charlie is watching. The balloon floats over the train tracks and the toddler doesn’t understand the horn honking means get off the tracks. The train runs him over. It does not appear that the toddler survives. The balloon floats back down to Charlie. Three months later, Mulder is showing the case file to Scully. Mulder points out the balloon that is filled with helium. It’s moving in the opposite direction of the wind as in against the wind. A professor is able to uncover an image in the picture of some kind of poltergeist holding and moving the balloon. Mulder then shows Scully the childproof halter that the toddler escaped from. An older woman with a head wrap appears. Mulder and Scully go to visit with the parents. They don’t understand. When Charlie comes down the fire suddenly kicks up. Scully witnesses an older woman writing on Charlies hand. The smoke detector starts going off. Then the power goes out. The woman’s mother comes downstairs and has a meltdown. Back in Mulder’s office, he is researching the symbol that was on the kids’ hand. Scully suggests Munchausen by proxy. She founds that Teddy was in the hospital every three months of his life. She also checked out Charlie’s records. Scully thinks the grandmother is the most likely candidate. They interviewed the husband. He says the strangeness started when Golda the grandmother has all kinds of superstitions. He thinks that Golda is behind it all. At the house, Golda puts something from an envelope into what she is cooking. But the father is ok with Charlie meeting with a counselor. The garage door won’t open. The father tries to reset the garage door opener, but his tie gets sucked in and it hangs him. In the house, the police find a strange alter with a dead chicken on it among other things. Three people come to see Golda. Mulder inspects the garage door motor. He finds lots of ash. The garage door suddenly opens. Golda shouts at them. Mulder gets the analysis of the ash. There’s no metal, no carbon, no oxygen, no nothing. He takes it back to the analyst again. Charlie listens at the door to his grandmother’s room as she and the three men appear to perform a ritual. The pot starts to smoke and a form that looks like Charlie appears in the smoke saying words that are not English. A social worker comes to the door to speak with Charlie’s mother and to file a report. She doesn’t want to cooperate, and the social worker tells her she’ll have to put that in the report. It could make the situation worse. So, she lets her in. Charlie calls out weakly. He’s collapsed on the floor in front of his grandmother’s door. She opens her mother’s bedroom door and finds the men and kicks them out. She then kicks her mother out as well saying she’s had enough. The grandmother pulls Charlie into the room and locks the door. The social worker runs outside as Mulder and Scully pull up. The social worker also called 911. The grandmother takes a knife and cuts Charlie’s hand. Then there is a sound of wind and the grandmother is stabbing the air. She tries again but things start soaring across the room and knock her to the ground. He picks up the two dead chickens and suddenly they are alive. He throws them on the grandmother, and they start pecking at her. Mulder manages to break down the door. The woman rushes in and finds her mother dead. Charlie looks unhurt just very angry. Scully is told the grandmother died of a heart attack, but she saw her eyes and they looked pecked out. Mulder finds Mugwort as well. He thinks the grandmother knew the family was in trouble and the men were there trying to help. The three men come back again. She kicks them out again. They are from Romania and they said the evil is still there. Mulder tries to talk to them, and they don’t want to cooperate. Finally, one tells him that the evil that is at the house has always been there. Mulder and Scully talk to Charlie’s mom. She admits she blamed her mother for everything happening. The ceremony her mother was performing was to cleanse the house of evil. The social worker questions Charlie about what happened. He doesn’t want to talk, then gets upset and he says it was Michael. Michael was Charlie’s twin and stillborn. Her mother wanted to perform the ritual of separation to separate their souls, otherwise the world of the dead would follow Charlie. While they talk, the social worker starts yelling for help. Charlie took a seizure. Charlie starts screaming because the nurse wants to give him a shot and Michael appears and hits the nurse. Charlie wakes his mother and is dressed. She looks afraid. Scully sees Charlie’s mom and a boy who looks like Charlie. Mulder believes it’s killed three people and sends Scully to Mrs. Holvey’s house. Mrs. Holvey knows something is very wrong. She gets matches and goes to her mothers’ room and continues the ceremony. All three matches she lit and dropped in the pot sink. “Michael” comes up and she picks up a knife and continues the ceremony. Mulder has called the religious people back. They ask Mulder to guard the door. Scully arrives at Mrs. Holvey’s to find there is no power. Scully goes through the house as the religious men perform a ceremony on Charlie. Charlie hisses and starts speaking in another language. It seems to be a version of an exorcism. Scully goes to the grandmother’s room and the windows blow out. She finds Mrs. Holvey speaking her native language but she is up on the ceiling. Scully is thrown across the room. In Charlie’s room at the hospital there is now a liquid dripping down the walls and Charlie is sounding like himself. The bed rises. They put a symbol on Charlie’s chest. Michael is about to kill Scully. Suddenly, the bed crashes to the floor and at the house the wind stops, Michael disappears, and Mrs. Holvey falls to the floor. Scully checks on Mrs. Holvey and Michael has been reduced to ash. The religious men leave Charlie’s room. He appears to be ok for now.

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