The X Files S02, Ep08 – One Breath

Show: The X Files
Season: 2
Episode: 8
Title: One Breath
Original Air Date: November 11, 1994

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Favorite Quotes:

* Scully’s Mom: That day I felt for my daughter. Today I know how my daughter felt.

* Mulder: I owe her more than just sitting around and doing nothing.

* X: I use to be you. I was where you are now. But you’re not me Mulder. I don’t think you have the heart.

* Mulder: That’s very politically correct.
Melissa: That’s very human.

* Mulder: Why her? Why her and not me? Answer me!!

* Mulder: Right? Who are you to decide what’s right?

* Skinner: Agent Mulder every life, every day, in danger. That’s just life.

* Mulder: I don’t know if my being here will help bring you back, but I’m here.

* Scully: Mulder, I had the strength of your beliefs.

Synopsis: Scully Mother is walking us through a memory of her brothers teaching her to use a bb gun. They killed snake and it made her feel horrible. A man walks into the room and he’s brought Dana Scully’s gravestone. Later, Mulder is at his apartment when the phone rings. He goes to a hospital. Dana Scully has been found and her mom is there too. Mulder is pretty much losing his mind. When he calms her mother and Mulder is briefed. They don’t know how she arrived at the hospital. Her living will comes into play that states she doesn’t want to live as a vegetable. When Mulder goes back into see her a woman is there with her, its her sister Melissa. Melissa tells them she’s choosing whether to move on or come back. We see a fog with Dana sitting in a boat tethered to a deck that Melissa and Mulder are standing on. At his apartment Mulder tapes an X on his window and waits. He falls asleep and find a newspaper in front of his door. He rips the tape of in frustration. Frohike comes to the hospital to see Dana. He thinks the charts are weird. There is some weirdness in her blood. It’s branch DNA that is a waste product and The Lone Gunman don’t think she’ll survive. A nurse talks to Dana kindly. Mulder visits her again. He sees a weird guy. Another nurse takes some blood, but when a patient codes the vial disappears. Mulder gives chase. But he escapes in the elevator. Mulder races down the stairs trying to beat it. His contact finds him in the parking garage. He tells him to give up and move on. He doesn’t and gives chase the man who stole Scully’s blood. He catches him, pats him down to find the blood and questions him. He knocks out Mulder and Mr. X takes care of the man. The doctor discusses taking her off the ventilator. Mulder calls the doctor out for not figuring out what’s actually wrong. Her Mother goes with Dana’s will. She actually calls him Fox and gives him permission to join them when the ventilator is turned off. Dana is again sitting in the boat, the rope breaks and she drifts. The Smoking Man gives Skinner a report. Mulder comes in right after the Smoking Man leaves. Mulder plays dumb. They have quite the conversation. Dana is lying a wood table, all in white, bathed in light. Her father appears. He talks to her and shares his regrets. He tells her it’s not her time yet. The nurse at her side tells her the same thing. Mulder has someone ask about cigarettes and when he opens the pack, he gets an address. It’s the cigarette smoking man’s location. He only gives Mulder cryptic answers, but nothing that makes any sense. Mulder types up a resignation in his office shortly after. He packs up his office. Skinner rips up his resignation. He’s not going to let Mulder fall on his sword for Scully. Skinner tells Mulder about joining the Marines. He tells him a story about when he was caught and a prisoner of war. X gives Mulder a plane ticket to meet the man who took her. But it’s a ploy. X is giving him a cover so he can wait at his apartment to kill the two men who did this to Scully. Scully’s sister Melissa makes an appearance. She’s giving him an update on Dana. She’s weakening and may not have much longer. Melissa gives him a tongue lashing and tells him to man up. It appears he does as he goes to the hospital to see her. He holds her hand. He returns home and finds his apartment trashed. He breaks down and cries. Now Dana is on a hospital bed in the forest but it fades away and is the hospital. A nurse calls for the doctor as she sees Scully open her eyes. Mulder’s phone rings and he smiles at the news. He rushes to the hospital. She’s fully conscious and seems ok. She tells him she had the strength of his believes, her way of telling him she heard him. He gives her back her cross. She puts it back on. When another nurse comes in, Dana asks about Nurse Owens and learns there is no one at the hospital by that name.

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