The X Files S02, Ep09 – Firewalker

Show: The X Files
Season: 2
Episode: 9
Title: Firewalker
Original Air Date: November 18, 1994

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Favorite Quotes:

* Mulder: Yeah, we’re not exactly proper channels.

* Scully: What happened to you? You can trust me.

* Scully: I’m back and I’m not going anywhere.

* Mulder: He’s already dead. How many times do you gotta kill him?
Trebcos: It’s not him I’m trying to kill.

* Trebcos: I say the earth holds some truths that are best left buried.

* Trebcos: I can’t let you leave.
Mulder: Then you’re going to have to shoot me because I’m walking out of here.

Synopsis: Something has gone wrong at an observatory. A message has come through from a volcano where they are doing research that something is very wrong and an evacuation is needed. Their remote camera shows someone is dead. The camera malfunctions and stops working. Mulder and Scully are in their office and are shown a video by the man running the project. He then shows them the video of the floor of the volcano and the dead man in the volcano. He has transportation ready to take them all to the volcano. Scully insists on going with them. They all go to the volcano in a helicopter. Mulder and Scully try to find the researchers. The man who comes with them cares more about some equipment. The housing area is trashed. There is someone still in there who sees them and is afraid. Mulder gets too close to him and he jumps out at him. Mulder catches him. He’s the robotics engineer. He was very afraid. He thought Mulder was Trebcos and was afraid for his life. He turns the power back on. He pains a scary picture of the man. He has several other people hiding with him. They are told about him flipping out. The pair gather as much information as they can. The notes that are there contain mention of a new life form. Meanwhile, the researcher who came with them, is out hiking to his destination and gets spooked. Mulder speaks privately with Scully. He is suspicious. Outside, the researcher is attacked and killed by a man. Later that night everyone goes out searching. He’s very dead. Scully asks the body be put in the freezer to be preserved. Scully wants to come back and get Trebcos with a larger party. Mulder shows Scully the notes. She insists that all life is carbon based. Mulder shows the notes show a silicon based life in the volcano. Scully talks to Jessie and she tells her more about what has happened. Mulder has found recordings made my Trebcos. It has information about this new life. The ground starts to shake. The systems analyst has a bad cough and looks quite ill. He starts coughing and collapses. Mulder runs to get Scully. Scully takes one look at the man and says immediately he needs a hospital. As they haul him out on a gurney, weird stuff starts moving through his neck. Once outside, he jumps off the gurney and runs. Mulder and the other man chase him. He trips and falls down a small ridge. Mulder stops the other man from going down. Something breaks through his chest and he dies. No one knows what it is. Scully thinks it’s a fungus. It’s something she does not recognize. There was also silicon sand in the man’s lungs. Scully thinks that the spores could have messed with Trebcos mind. The way it transfers is unknown at this time and Scully puts them all in quarantine. Mulder decides to try and find Trebcos. Mulder asks one of the researchers for a map to the steam caves. The man refuses to draw a map. He wants to be Mulder’s guide. Mulder agrees to let him come with him. Once in the caves, it looks like a flair goes off and it kills the researcher. Trebcos comes out of hiding and takes Mulder’s gun. He then lights the body on fire. You see evidence that it’s infected with the spore. Scully is trying to cultivate the spore. Scully goes to talk to Jessie. She’s not very responsive. Jessie is clearly infected. You can see the fungus trying to break through her neck. Mulder tries to talk to Trebcos and understand what’s going on. He finally tells Mulder that there was obsidian and he had it pulverized for analysis. That’s what cause the spore to be released. It’s a parasite that requires a host. He tells Mulder that everyone was exposed to the spore. Scully is still testing when the power goes out. Scully goes to the breaker panel to turn the power back on and Jessie comes up on her. Scully realizes something is not right and takes her to the lab. Meanwhile, the fungus is trying to escape from her body. Scully tries to not get infected. She gets herself separated so no spores get on her. Mulder arrives and unhooks the handcuff and making sure she is ok. Trebcos walks in to see that Jessie is dead. He’s upset that all are dead. He’s left behind. Mulder and Scully have to go through a month of decontamination.

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