The X Files S02, Ep16 – Colony

Show: The X Files
Season: 2
Episode: 16
Title: Colony
Original Air Date: February 10, 1995

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Favorite Quotes:

* Scully: The cold is the only thing keeping him alive.

* Mulder: You got to wonder about our country when even the president has to worry about drive by shootings.

* Scully: Are you saying these men are clones?
Agents: For all intents and purposes.

* Scully: Whatever happened to trust no one Mulder?
Mulder: I didn’t tell you? I changed it to trust everyone.

* Scully: How could a man with his experience need our help?

* Mulder: If the pursuit of the case seem like insanity to you then feel free to step away from it.

* Agent: Can I ask who are these guys?
Scully: I’ll let you know when I figure it out myself.

Synopsis: Mulder speaks about his sister’s kidnapping by aliens. A helicopter lands at a military base. They load a man into an ambulance, and he’s rushed to the hospital. We finally see that it’s Mulder. Scully arrives at the hospital. Mulder is submerged in a water bath to bring up his temperature. She tells them they have to keep him cold, it’s the only thing keeping him alive. The doctor ignores her and he flatlines. We are now on a research boat. A crewman says a UFO or something is trying to buzz them. It crashes into the water. At a clinic, the staff watches a new article about it. It was actually a Russian fighter. But the face of the man is recognizable. He then shows up at the clinic and kills the doctor, who bleeds green. He then sets the place on fire and leaves. Mulder got emailed three obituaries. Mulders been digging. All three doctors look identical. All three perform abortions. All three were killed with fire. Scully thinks they are triplets. A preacher is a suspect and he’s brought in. They go to a paper where an ad was placed with the guys face. Scully is skeptical of the case. Mulder sees a map on the wall and notices that the murders go in a northerly direction. Turns out the ad corresponds to a voice mail number. Mulder pays the bill and is given access to it. Scully says there are two dozen messages. They figure out where the next victim might be. They have a local field agent keep an eye on him. He finds the man being murdered. He shoots the murderer who starts bleeding green. He passes out from the gas. He changes into the FBI agent to get rid of Mulder and Scully. The real agent is dead in the trunk of the car. The man changes back to himself and walks away. Scully goes to Skinner. He shows Mulder that Weiss is dead. Skinner is livid but Mulder says he spoke with him and he was fine. In his office, Scully calls Mulder. She tells him she got an unsettling email. There’s a fourth doctor and he’s in Washington. Mulder drives to Scully’s place, where a man approaches him. He’s from CIA. He wants to tell the story. He tells Mulder and Scully. He tells them the men are clones. He believes they are spies and installed at hospitals to cause harm during a war. The agent admits he placed the ad to try and expose the truth. Another of the clones is working in a lab with vats filled with green chemicals. A woman picks him up. They go to a small home. Scully and Mulder are parked outside and immediately go to the door to talk to him. The agent is with them. He jumps out the window. He manages to get up and run away. Mulder and the agent pursue him. Mulder is close on his heels but gets hit by a car. Scully catches up and checks on him. He tells her not to lose him. The agents spots him and approaches. Turns out he’s not an agent, but the guy killing everyone, who is also a shapeshifter. Scully enters the alley and pulls her gun. The agent says he lost him. When Scully looks behind the dumpers she sees white goo. As she walks away its starts to smoke. The next day, Mulder is more dogged than ever. Scully is very concerned. Mulder actually accuses Scully of being paranoid. Scully shows Mulder her shoe from last night, the shoe that she stepped in the green stuff with. He also wants her to go over the dead agent’s autopsy. His blood was essentially curdled like jelly. Skinner is looking for Mulder. Not for the report, but his father called and there’s been a family emergency. His mom is at his dad’s house. His dad got a strange call and wants him to come up. He leaves immediately for home. Scully goes to where the most recent victim was working. She finds more of the green goo. She also finds what looks like the agent breaking the containers and squishing things. He hears her and pursues. She is able to get in her car and get away. From home Scully calls Mulder and leaves a message for him. He finds his father on the porch. His mother actually wanted to see him. The woman from the doctors house is there with his mother. His father says its his sister. He goes in to see her. Mulder puts his mom to bed. She asks him if it’s really her. Mulder goes out to talk to his sister. She tells him that she was returned when she was nine or ten and placed with parents who raised her. She was diagnosed with anxiety and then did regression hypnotherapy to regain her memory. She tells him that her adopted parents were aliens. The bounty hunter has been killing them and will kill her too. Scully leaves her apartment and moments later Mulder calls her back. Samantha tells Mulder he’s a shapeshifter. Scully boards a bus. Once on the bus, she pulls her cell out of her fanny pack. She tells him where she’s going to be staying. But the bounty hunter is on the bus. However, she goes back to the warehouse with a motorized lock pick. The lab is destroyed. She picks up a bag that had been squished and inside finds a fetus. It managed to move. The last four Gregors are there and ask for her help. The bounty hunter is there and he does not look happy. Mulder gets his message. He calls the hotel and leaves a message but it does not get to Scully. Her cell rings, but she is in the shower and doesn’t hear it. The four Gregors are in high security lock up. Another agent comes in to talk to them. He’s actually the bounty hunger. There’s a knock on Scully’s room door. It’s Mulder. Scully’s phone rings and it’s Mulder.

to be continued…

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