The X Files S02, Ep11 – Excelsis Dei

Show: The X Files
Season: 2
Episode: 11
Title: Excelsis Dei
Original Air Date: December 16, 1994

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Favorite Quotes:

* Mulder: Unsubstantiated phenomena.
Scully: But in a substantiated crime.

* Mulder: Are you saying that the place is haunted? If you are I think you’ve been working with me too long, Scully.

* Mulder I think you’re right, Scully.
Scully: About?
Mulder: What’s been happening here is about the medication. But not the medication the doctor’s been giving them.
Scully: Mulder, mushrooms aren’t medication. They taste good on hamburgers but they don’t raise the dead.

Synopsis: Some orderlies are watching a fight at a rest home. A nurse catches them goofing off. She’s annoyed at them. The nurse checks on two patients, and turns off their tv. She goes to the room of the patient who passed to change the bed. The door suddenly locks and the bed moves on it’s own blocking the door. She tries to move the bed and it won’t move. She’s suddenly thrown onto the bed and strapped to it. She screams for help and no one comes. Mulder finds Scully in the office watching a video. The nurse survived but she was violently attacked. The case has been assigned to them. She claims she was attacked and raped by a ghost. The nurse also filed a lawsuit against the government. They go to meet with her. She is actually accusing one of the patients there. They go to meet the man. He’s quite the character. They meet with the woman who runs the facility. The old man goes back to his room and he and his roommate have an argument. Stan takes a pill. The administrator gives Scully the nurses personnel file. They get interrupted by a report that the man accuses is choking to death. Scully goes into doctor mode to try and save him. She starts CPR. She’s not able to save him and he passes away. The doctor shows up and tells them about a drug he was giving them. As the ambulance drives away, the nurse is there too. The orderly, Gung, is giving some of the patients an extra pill. The doctor shows them another patient in the trial. He’s drawing. Leo tells them it’s not the doctors medici that’s helping. Scully looks at what he drew and takes it with her. Scully has a different idea, some kind of environmental issue. Leo asks for more of the stuff he’s getting from Gung for he and Dorothy. One patient’s daughter comes to pull him out of the home. The two talk to his daughter. His daughter is surprised by his recovery, she had placed him there as he was expected to die. Stan makes a run for it. The orderly can’t keep up with him on the stairs. He crawls out a window and is on the roof. The orderly goes out on the roof to find him and a ghostly figure pushes him down. He’s holding on to the gutter as his fingers are peeled off one by one. Mulder tries to save him, but he can’t. Scully checks him and confirms he is dead. Stan is back in his room. Mulder is there as well. He’s disturbed by two deaths in 24 hours at the facility. The administrator asks Scully if she can explain what is going on. Dorothy comes out of her room and says that everyone is in her room. We see some transparent figures. Meanwhile, the autopsy results have come in. The doctor is upset because there is something on the report that should not be there. Scully comes in. She’s concerned. Nurse Chambers then arrives and asks for them to come quickly. Leo has painted a mural on the walls in the day room. It’s incredible but creepy. Mulder somehow connects Gung and goes to look for him. He searches the basement and finds a very new lock on a very old door. He breaks the lock off. He finds a massive amount of mushrooms being grown. He also finds someone buried with them. They question Gung. He tells them he was giving them to the patients to make them feel better. He explains how badly the orderlies treat the patients. He tells them that the mushrooms let him see the spirits but the spirits there are those of patients who died there and where mistreated. They are taking revenge. He also tells them he’s made the mushrooms into a powder with other herbs. He takes them to where he keeps them but it’s open. He finds the entire bottle has been taken. Mulder takes Scully aside and tells her he strongly believes that the mushrooms are the cause of everything going on. She is very skeptical. On the patient floor, Dorothy is upset again, apparently yelling at ghosts. Stan’s daughter asks if she is ok and Dorothy tell to her run and get out while she can. Leo yells for Dorothy and she wheels down to help him. Leo is taken by the ghosts. Nurse Chambers screams and both Mulder and Scully go running. They find her in a bathroom and watch her get thrown against a wall by nothing. The door slams shut with her and Mulder inside. The plumbing starts to break and water begins to flow. Nurse Chambers is out cold and Mulder moves her to safety. Mulder tells Scully to turn off the main water. The doctor and administrator arrive. Mulder wakes Nurse Chambers and helps her to stand. Scully finds Gung to turn off the water. It’s stuck though. Mulder tries to plug a drain plug but is unsuccessful. Scully runs back upstairs and Stan’s daughter asks her for help. Scully gets back to the bathroom and tells the doctor about Stan. He tries to help him. Scully is still trying hard to get the door open. It finally bursts open from the weight of the water. Stan seems to respond to what the doctor gave him. Dorothy wheels to Stan’s room and tells him they are gone. The facility is taken over by the state. The doctor was removed and Gung was deported. Nurse Chambers lawsuit got paid. All the patients who were improving had their conditions revert back to what they were when they were admitted.

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