The X Files S02, Ep20 – Humbug

Show: The X Files
Season: 2
Episode: 20
Title: Humbug
Original Air Date: March 31, 1995

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Favorite Quotes:

* Mulder: A lone serial killer would have been expected to escalate the violence of his attacks over such an extended period of time. So what do you think Scully?

* Scully: Mulder, what is this Fiji Mermaid business?
Mulder: Every murder investigation begins with a list of possible suspects. You should try not to be so exclusive Scully.
Scully: As long as you don’t let the atmosphere in this town distort your list out of proportion.

* Scully: You know Mulder, for a while there I was beginning to suspect this case involved something a bit more um—
Mulder: Freakish?

* Mulder: Scully, you’re the medical expert here. If you think the twin can disengage then how mobile can such a thing be?
Scully: Too mobile.

Synopsis: Two kids play in a pool at night. Someone is watching them. From what you can see he looks like something is very wrong with him. He gets in the pool with the kids and they don’t notice till he scares them. It’s their father, and he’s clearly been burned. Something else gets in the pool and it attacks and kills him. Mulder explains to Scully what skin disease the father had. Per Mulder this is the 48th attack of this nature. Mulder asks Scully for her initial thoughts. It’s the man’s funeral. Mulder and Scully arrive. The minister has no arms. The pair notice a unique selection of people at the funeral. The casket starts to shake and they move it. A guy emerges from the ground below. It turns into a free for all. They learn he was an escape artist in a side show. His skin condition prevented him from working in Vegas. A lot of side show performers live in the town. The sheriff takes them to meet Hepcat Helms. Mulder asks him about a drawing, it’s the Fiji Mermaid. The man pays tribute to Barnum. Mulder shows the sheriff the tracks left at the scene and asks about a play to stay. Mulder manages to insults the hotel manager. Another man who has a small child, his brother, attached to him. The man has a drinking problem. Back in Hepcat’s studio, someone is watching him. It attacks him. Mulder is out jogging. He sees someone come out of the latke with a fish in it’s mouth. It eats it as is and runs off. Scully is resting and then sees a trampoline workout. A man comes to her door to tell her there has been another murder. Mulder finds blood on an exterior window. They are small windows. The sheriff points out they would have to be a contortionist to fit in. They happen upon a contortionist getting out of a straight jacket. Next, the man by the river pops up out of the pot. He feeds the guys some insects. Scully has one as well. He eats anything. A distance away, Scully pulls a slight of hand trick and pulls the bug from behind Mulder’s ear. Scully goes to a museum of curiosities. The owner comes to greet her. She asks about Chang and Eng, the Siamese twins. He gives her an education in curiosities. He also shows her a Barnum exhibit that he acquired. She opens the chest, its empty. Suddenly, a buzzer goes off and an Exit opens. Mulder is back and goes to Scully’s trailer and hears a weird sound underneath it and investigates. Turns out it’s the owner fixing a plumbing problem on Scully’s trailer. Scully opens the door and asks if Mr. Nut is finished with the plumbing. Mulder tells her the blood is O positive. Scully tells him about an orphan she investigated. It’s the sheriff. He use to be Jim Jim the Dogfaced boy. They find him digging a hole and watch from afar. They dig up what he buried. He buried a potato. Scully tries to fast talk. Mulder, however, tells the truth. The investigation is not going well. The geek chases after a dog and then gives Mr. Nut a rent check. His dog, however, keeps barking. Suddenly, an armlike thing with a handlike think comes through the dog door and grabs Mr. Nut. He’s able to free himself. It sticks a sort of head through the dog door and he screams worse. The tall man with a little brother, breaks into Scully’s trailer and tells him found something dead. It’s Mr. Nut who is dead. Scully is a bit surprised. Mulder goes to arrest the obvious suspect. He escapes and the sheriff catches him. Mulder falls on a bed of nails. The tall man wakes up to a weird sound in the drunk tank. He starts screaming, no, over and over again. Mulder and Scully and the sheriff check. When Scully examines Lanny she finds the appendage twin Leonard is not attached. But the wound on Lanny matches the wounds on the other victims. Lanny wakes up a bit. Lanny says his brother is only seeking another brother. Leonard hates him he says even though he’s taken care of him forever. Scully sees the blood on the window and climbs up to look out. She is a bit frightened by how mobile this twin is. The two head out on foot. Scully hears a scream. Mulder goes in the building, and Scully goes around. Mulder sees a glimpse of the creature. They are in the “fun house” that’s not so fun. Scully sees it crawling and tries to shoot it, but gets glass instead. Mulder slides in in front of her her. They go outside to try and catch it coming out. They realize it’s ging to the trailer park. It attacks the geek. The geeks stomach is moving and he clearly ate the thing. Mulder and Scully don’t notice. The blockhead guy packs all his stuff on his bug. The brother Lanny died last night. Scully tells him of the weird anomalies she found. He drives off with the geek who doesn’t look so good. He says, “It’s probably something I ate.”

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