The X-Files S02, Ep22 – F. Emasculata

Show: The X Files

Season: 2

Episode: 22

Title: F. Emasculata

Original Air Date: April 28, 1995

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Favorite Quotes:

* Scully: What are the chances the men who escaped are infected?

* Scully: Seems to be some kind of deadly contagion sweeping the lockdown population. Mulder: Deadly? How deadly? Scully: Well from what I’ve seen so far 36 hours after infection deadly.

* Agent: The records are locked up at the prison. Until we can access them this is Smokey and the Bandit.

Mulder: That Agent Scully and I were sent on this manhunt without knowledge of the existence or nature of the contagion.

* CSM: What’s the truth, Mulder?

* Mulder: What if someone dies because we withheld what we knew? Scully: What if someone dies because we didn’t?

* Scully: There will be a time for the truth Mulder, but this isn’t it.

* Mulder: 18 People are dead and if you’re helping them cover the truth behind those deaths then you’re just as guilty as they are.

* Skinner: You never had a chance Agent Mulder. For every step you take they are three steps ahead.

* Skinner: Agent Mulder, I’m saying this as a friend. Watch your back. This is just the beginning.


A Costa Rican rainforest. A man collects bugs. He finds vultures eating the carcass of a warthog or boar species. He’s excited about this pustule, but it explodes and some of it goes into his mouth and on his glasses. He collects a sample. That nigh the tries to radio into the field base for an emergency medical evacuation. He’ snow cover in the pustules like the warthog was. 7 hours later a team comes in. The same vultures are there. They are eating the doctor who requested the medical evacuation.

A correctional facility in Dinwiddle County, Virginia. A guard has a package. He delivers it to a prisoner. He opens it and its an animal leg. He falls asleep but he wakes when something starts moving on the leg. He was exposed only 18 hours ago. It’s the same pustules from the Costa Rican forest. Meanwhile, a guard brings two prisoners to strip the cell. Mulder and Scully arrive. Mulder sees the men in the hazmat suits and wonders what is going on. They ask to talk to the warden. They learn most of the prison has been closed down. Skinner assigned them the case, but they don’t know why. A family in an RV stops at a rest stop to use the restrooms. One of the escaped prisoners is there. The two convicts take off in the RV. Scully tries to find out what is going on in the prison. She talks to a doctor who works for the CDC. She tells him she’s a medical doctor and will blow the whistle. Hel tells her that it’s a flu like bug that has infected 14 prisoners, 10 of which have died. Scully asks if the two escapees could be infected. Mulder goes to the family who’s RV is stolen. Scully calls Mulder about the outbreak. She tells him its sweeping the population of prisoners and very deadly. They are dying 36 hours after getting infected. He wonders if the escapees might have been infected. Scully gets in a bit of a dust up with the CDC doctor in charge. The escaped convicts are fueling up the RV. One of them calls his wife and she is excited. The fueling takes a while and the gas station attendant notices the RV is empty. He goes looking for the owners. He finds one of the convicts on the floor in the bathroom. He’s clearly infected. The other convict kills him. Scully goes to see the incinerator. She took a mask and gloves with her. She cuts open one of the sealed body bags. She gets caught. While she questions the doctor who’s helped her one of the pustules shoots pus out of itself and hits him in the face. He runs away freaked out. The next day the RV is still sitting there with a gas pump in it. The team pulls in. The RV is empty. Mulder finds the attendant alive in the bathroom. He then speaks to the leader and informs him there is a contagion at the prison and the escapees could be infected. He then has someone call about it. Mulder asks if they have girlfriends. Mulder goes to the payphone and calls the operator. He asks about the last call made from the booth. He gets the number as a helicopter lands in the nearby field. Men get off in a hazmat suit and a plastic case. They put the gas station employee in it and haul him back to the helicopter. Neither Mulder or the head agent can get answers. The other escapee arrives at his girlfriends house. They start making out. He brought the other convict too. Scully tries to trace the origin of the package that was sent to the inmate that started it all. She asks if the name of the sender was recorded. Then she calls Mulder. Pink Pharmaceuticals sent the package. Now Scully has to figure out how it spreads. She sees movement on a dead body. She uses tweezers to capture a bug coming out of one of the boils/holes/orifices caused by the contagion. Back at the escaped convict’s girlfriends’ house, the other convict has a pustule burst and it gets all over the girlfriend. She completely freaks out and tries to wash it off. She comes out of the bathroom and the whole task force comes through the door. Mulder checks the bedroom and finds the convict dead. The other is still on the run. Back at the prison, Scully is watching the infirmary through the window. The doctor that got exposed pulls her away and shows her he’s infected. He tells her the whole prison is quarantined. That the prison is owned by Pink Pharm. They search for new species in the rain forest. A sample was sent to the prison for whatever reason of a bug. The bug that was being looked for was actually something else all together. The bug, F. Emasculata, carries a deadly parasite. The pustules are part of its reproductive cycle. When the pustule explodes the larvae are shot out and they burrow into anything they land on. The doctor is worried that Scully could be infected because she was there too. Mulder goes to Skinner’s office. The Cigarette Smoking Man is there too. He speaks to Mulder about the contagion. Cigarette Smoking Man is not up anything good. Mulder goes back to his car. Scully calls him. She tells him about the quarantine. The National Guard is there too. Scully tells them they can’t leak this until they know more. Scully is not showing signs of having been infected but there is no blood test. Instead, the doctor puts a bug on her arm and then a box over it and tapes it down. The bug has to stay on her arm for 30 minutes. The convicts girlfriend who was exposed is being held in isolation. Mulder speaks to her. She tells him where he’s going. He is buying a bus ticket, but he’s clearly infected. The doctor is getting worse he collapses. He has Scully put him in an isolation chamber. He tells her how to finish the test. He tells her if she is not infected she has to tell. She goes back to the bug and draws blood from it. She steels herself and then looks at the blood on a slide under the microscope. She goes back in the hall and the doctor is gone. Back at the bus station, a mother and her son are running towards a bus. The kid gets on the bus and the convict grabs his arm. At the prison Scully goes to the incinerator room and finds they are burning all the bodies. Mulder and the team arrive at the bus station. The search the station. Mulder goes to the ticket desk and confirms he is there and infected. Scully calls Mulder and tells him everything there is under control. Scully tells Mulder that he is the last one infected, all the rest of the bodies have been destroyed. The Marshalls clear all the surrounding buses. Mulder tells the marshall he needs to get on the bus to save the rest of the passengers on the bus. The bus driver ID’s the convict and he freaks out and grabs the young boy. He asks Mulder if he is dying. He tries to get the guy to let the kid go. He says he saw the package. Mulder tells everyone to get off the bus. The convict lets the kid go. He tells him about the package but not what was in it. He gets shot through the bus window. Mulder tells Skinner what happened. Scully joins them and tells Mulder that none of it can be proved. She just got a report from the Costa Rican government. It was set up to be a postal error.


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