The X Files S02, Ep14 – Die Hand Die Verletzt

Show: The X Files
Season: 2
Episode: 14
Title: Die Hand Die Verletzt
Original Air Date: January 27, 1995

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Favorite Quotes:

* Scully: I think he incited your imagination. I think this case is no more than a murderer taking advantage of local folklore.

* Scully: Mulder, toads just fell out of the sky.
Mulder: I guess their parachutes didn’t open.

* Mulder: Something is here Scully. Something is making this possible.

* Mulder: Even the devil can quote scripture to fit his needs.

* Mulder: Did you really think you could call up the devil and ask him to behave?

Synopsis: A committee is meeting regarding what’s going on at a high school. They veto a play and discuss what would be better. They end the meeting with a prayer. But it’s definitely not a standard prayer. A late night in the forest, some teenagers are doing a ritual. Something actually happens and it’s super creepy. Rats are suddenly everyone and one of the girls runs off praying the Hail Mary. One of the boys chases her but he is killed. Mulder and Scully arrive at the sheriff’s request. The sheriff fills them in on the witchcraft in the town. Scully is skeptical. Scully finds evidence that it was a group. The sheriff tells them about the history of the area. Scully is skeptical and then suddenly toads fall from the sky. Mulder visits the high school library and finds a possible book and who checked it out. A science class is brought to attendance. They try to talk to Dave and he tries to go out a window in class. They catch him. He admits he was just trying to impress some girls. He admits he is scared of whatever was conjured. The four who run that committee discuss what happened and are worried that they will be found out. One of them angers Scully and Mulder pulls her out. He drinks water from a fountain and notices the water is going down counterclockwise instead of clockwise. Science class gets out and the substitute teacher offers them an ear they want. She opens up her drawer and the heart and eyes of the dead kid are in it. Mulder goes over the students files with the counselor, but he’s in on it and is not helpful. Mulder is suspicious. Scully finds a weird article about what is going on. Mulder explains that Wicca’s are not violent and oppose violence. Back in the science class, the teacher hands out baby pigs to dissect as their final. She tosses the last one into the snake. One of the girls who was in the forest starts freaking out and seeing the heartbeat and the pig come to life cut open. The student is still freaking out and Mulder and Scully go to talk to her outside. She tells them about her family situation with her dad running away. As well as what her stepdad did to her when she was little along with other memories. And that he killed her younger sister as a sacrifice. Mulder and Scully go to her home to meet with her parents. Her stepfather is defensive and the mother is quite upset. Scully makes clear to her mother that she was not implicated by her daughter. She asks about each of the things that the teenager told them about. Both stories don’t match up. In the kitchen Mulder riles the stepfather. When he opens the basement door, it pulls out of his hand and slams shut. He kicks Mulder and Scully out. Back in the class, Shannon wants to retake it and dissecting the pig. The teacher keeps an eye on her. She holds her bracelet over lit candle and gets her to slit both of her wrists killing herself. Scully questions the teacher about what happened. Mulder finds the girls bracelet in the office. The four get together in the forest and speak about a dark angel wanting a sacrifice. They try to come up with a lie to get rid of the FBI. The science teacher puts on quite an act of sadness about Shannon’s death. Mulder is suspicious of the teacher. There is a thunder sound and Scully is creeped out. Mulder wants Scully to check deeper into this teacher. She picks up a pen. Mulder gets a warrant and goes straight to the basement of Shannon’s house to search it. He finds some red walls. Scully does a computer search on the teacher. Shannon’s dad finally tells Mulder about his religion. He also tells Mulder about the conversation and how the group wanted to lay blame to his daughter. The teacher holds the pen over a lit candle trying to do something to Scully. Mulder’s conversation becomes more in-depth. The teacher calls Mulder pretending to be Scully. He handcuffs the man in the basement and races to the school. In the basement he cries as the door opens. The snake from science class slithers down the stairs. It wraps itself around him and crushes him to death. Mulder finds Scully and she says she didn’t call him. Meanwhile, the snake actually ate the man in the basement. We see the teach again and she was clearly controlling the snake. Even her eyes look like a snakes. Mulder and Scully go back to the house and head to the basement. They find his handcuff and a skeleton. Mulder finds the snake tracks. Mulder also finds a snake skin shed. Scully remembers that there was a giant python in the science class. The remaining three meet together at the school. Mulder and Scully return as well. The teacher is found laying on the floor not doing well. She tells them to go to the conference room. Scully searches and finds a jar with eyes. The remaining three attached them. One drops a book case on Scully. Both are hogtied and dragged to the gym. The woman starts a chant and holds a ceremonial knife. She tries to kill Mulder and Scully. Another opens fire. However. The teacher, Mrs. Paddock, saves them both. Mulder now realizes that Mrs. Paddock is involved. She left a goodbye note on the chalkboard. Suddenly, the power comes back on. They stand there, wondering.

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