The X Files S02, Ep15 – Fresh Bones

Show: The X Files
Season: 2
Episode: 15
Title: Fresh Bones
Original Air Date: February 3, 1995

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Favorite Quotes:

* Scully: Mrs. McCalpin believes voodoo is behind her husband’s death?
Mulder: Mrs. McCalpin doesn’t believe he killed himself, she wants to know who did.

* Scully: Mulder, voodoo only works by instilling fear in its believers.

* Scully: Sorry Mulder, but there’s a big different between nasty looks and raising the dead.

* Mulder: Are you ok?
Scully: I’m better than you look.

Synopsis: A woman sleeps restlessly in North Carolina as a baby starts screaming. She realizes her husband is missing. He was in the bathroom throwing up as he’s sick. The all sit down to breakfast. She insists he go to the doctor. He looks in the cereal bowl and suddenly it appears to be filled with worms instead of cereal. He runs out of the house freaked out. He winds up crashing into a tree. The tree has a weird marking or symbol on it. Mulder and Scully go over the file as they drive to the scene. Turns out the military is calling it a suicide and not investigating, so the man’s wife called the FBI. They pay close attention to what is on the tree. Scully wonders if voodoo is involved, while the deceased’s wife just wants answers. They meet with her and she tells him about the camp and how working there changed him. Mulder asks about the voodoo. She became suspcioius after one of her husbands squad mates told her the symbol on the tree was the same symbol on a stool that someone used to kill themselves at the camp. She shows them a conch shell with the symbol on it as well. She called them because she is scared. They head to the camp. The people there don’t look happy. They each wrapped in a single blanket and all the guards are heavily armed. Scully is accosted by one of the men and a child comes to her rescue. He uses it to sell a charm and Mulder gives him five dollars for it. They speak with the commander of the camp. He tells them he’s brought in a specialist in combat to assist them. He hasn’t investigated the symbol as being related to the deaths. A secret ceremony was held at night and it resulted in a child’s death. He figured out who did it and has him in solitary. Mulder wants to speak with him and Scully wants to examine the body of the soldier. The commander gives them full access. The medical examiner tells Scully that the car hit at 60mph and the head was hanging off. Hence, he did not do an autopsy. Mulder goes with a soldier to speak with the man. He denies any involvement and calls it a terrible shame. Mulder shows him pictures of the symbol. He tells him the symbol is a mirror or crossroads between two worlds. Scully comes down to talk to Mulder about the Marine being gone. But the man tells him the body is gone before Scully does. In the car, as they drive back to the hotel, a man is walking on the highway. It’s the dead soldier, but he’s not dead. He’s not himself in any capacity. Finally, some bloodwork was done. There were trace amounts of puffer fish poison in his system. Mulder speaks of zombie powder. It contains trace amounts of the fish poison in it’s preparation. The two go to a cemetery. They get startled by a dog. The gravedigger tells them the body was stolen from the cemetery. They ask him for details. The voodoo people pay for the bodies to use in their rituals. Another body is being dug up out of the cemetery by the kid from the camp. They take the boy for lunch. He tells them he actually goes for the frogs. The man he sells them to is the same man in solitary. Scully recognizes the frogs and that the toxin they have is similar to the puffer fish poison. Mulder also tells Scully he thinks they are being followed and points out the car. He sneaks out to investigate the car. It’s the private. He’s afraid of the kid as well. He tells them that the colonel is making them do things to the refugees. He tells them a story about something that happened to the woman he was supposed to marry. When they get back to the car, Chester is gone. They find him but he runs. Mulder chases on foot. The kid disappears into thin air. Mulder finds a meowing black cat instead. The colonel is served his breakfast. Mulder and Scully arrive to see him. The colonel no longer wants to cooperate. He uses the missing body as a front. Scully asks about the abuse. He makes clear that his men are being abused, not the refugees. He cuts open a piece of meat and it starts to bleed. Scully goes to start the car but her hand gets cut. A branch with thorns was wrapped around the steering wheel. As she drives away that symbol is on the ground under their car. In that solitary cell, the colonel is having the man beaten. He wants the secret. He levels a threat at him. When Mulder goes to his room, a 10 of diamonds falls off the door. He drives to highway ten, assuming someone is going to meet him. It’s Mr. X. He informs him that in 24 hours the camp will be locked down and inaccessible and they will be called back to Washington. He tells them about something that happened in Haiti and that what is going on at the camp is essentially revenge for that. Scully calls from her room to track down the private without much success. Scully finds Mulder is not in his room but it’s unlocked. She finds in Mulders bathtub the missing man. The dead man brought back to life is also there. Mulder found the zombie marine with bloody knives in his hand. The zombie marine is now acting normal again. The colonel got him to sign a confession. They ask to speak with the man in solitary. The colonel says no he’s dead. The colonel kicks them out. Scully, oddly, has a headache. Her hand appears to be hurting as well the way she is rubbing it. They get a call from Mrs. McCalprin. The private showed up at her house last night. She’s also upset about her husband. He left papers, which she gives to Mulder and Scully. It’s a picture and it shows that the colonel knows more than he is letting on. The two sneak back into the Colonels office and search it. Scully finds that both the dead men filed complaints about the colonel and his abuses. Another man comes in and finds them. Scully informs him that both the dead men were about to testify against the colonel. The colonel has both their skeletons in a trunk in his office. He tells them the most recent man was buried in the local graveyard. In the graveyard, someone is pulling the casket out of the ground. It’s the colonel. He’s got a big knife. He is wearing robes and he starts to do some kind of voodoo ritual. They arrive at the graveyard and Scully stays in the car. She’s having some weird issues and starts seeing things. Someone from the camp appears and appears to try and help her. Mulder finds the colonel but he sounds really weird and evil. The dead man rises and stops the colonel. Scully grabs the charm and suddenly everything stops. The black cat is there again. She jumps out of the car and runs to Mulder. They both get their bearings. Scully finds the colonel dead. The coffin pulled out of the ground and the man in the coffin. Back at the camp, everyone is being returned to Haiti. Scully looks at the manifest and notices Chester is not there. The marine tells her he died six weeks ago in the riot. Scully and Mulder both look dumbfounded. At the cemetery, the grave digger is burying someone. Turns out it’s the colonel, he wasn’t quite dead.

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