The X Files S03, Ep06 – 2 Shy

Show: The X Files

Season: 3 Episode: 6

Title: 2 Shy

Original Air Date: November 3, 1995

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Favorite Quotes:

* Scully: I appreciate your concern detective, but it’s not necessary. All I want to do is solve this case, just like you.
Det: Look, I’m not being sexist here, I’m just being honest.

* Scully: What possible motivation could the killer have for removing his victims fatty tissue?

* Scully: From a dry skin sample you’re concluding what that he’s some kind of a fat sucking vampire?

* Jessie: Agent Scully, why would someone do this?
Scully: I don’t know Jessie.


In Cleveland, Ohio, a man and woman are alone in a car. He kisses her but a weird substance comes out of his mouth, and it suffocates the woman. The next morning a police officer finds the car. He knocks on the window and gets no response. He wipes off the steam and freaks out at what he sees. Mulder and Scully arrive on scene. The officer shows them the body. The body is missing its skin and covered with an opaque mucus from head to toe. Mulder takes a sample. He tells Scully that this happened before in Mississippi. Those four had answered personal ads, he wants to know if this woman did too. The man is now in an online chat with another woman. There is a knock at the door. His landlord brings him a new key for the storage unit. She asks him about writing because she thinks he is a writer. She asks if he would read her poems, he agrees. Scully arrives to perform the autopsy. The detective is surprised. He admits that he doesn’t think women should work on cases about women. Scully begins the autopsy. She goes to open the door to the storage of the body and finds that it is almost complete liquified. There’s just some of the upper skeleton left. Mulder speaks with the victims roomate. Even she thought he was a nice guy. The sister has copies of all the letters. She met this guy in a chat room. Mulder calls Scully and tells her about the internet connection. She tells Mulder to come to the coroner’s office. He arrives and she shows him the bones. The mucus is like stomach acid only its twice as strong. He asks her if anything was missing in the chemical analysis. The adipose in her body was missing. Mulder tells Scully the woman weighed about 40 pounds more than the ME noted the body weighed. Scully is shocked. Why would someone remove the fatty tissue? The next date is getting ready to meet him. Her friend alerts her to the FBI notice. She winds up not going on the date. He goes over to hooker alley. He picks up one of the larger ladies. She tells him no kissing. He tries to choke her and she badly scratches his hand. She actually rips out skin and he’s bleeding. He kills her and starts sucking the fatty tissue out of her. He doesn’t get much because someone comes along and he runs for it. Scully is on scene. The detective gives Scully the run down on the victim. Mulder tells the man that this is an online killer who uses online dating to find his victims. Mulder has read the letters and has found links to ancient documents that are in a private collection. They would only be available to a college professor, a graduate student or someone similar. Scully finds the skin under the woman’s nails. The man is cleaning up his wounds at his apartment when his doorbell rings. There is package downstairs he needs to sign for. He goes downstairs and a blind woman recognizes him. She’s the super’s daughter. The super asks about the poems again and he tells her to slip them under his door and he’ll read them. The daughter notices that he smells oddly. Scully is leading the search for possible suspects. Mulder had the skin’s DNA checked against known offenders, but it’s missing oils and essential fatty acids. Mulder thinks he has to replenish this deficiency in order to survive. The detective has the final list of 38 names. The man (Incanto) opens the package. It’s a book in Italian, a rare book. Scully starts visiting people on the list. The detective gets Incanto’s name. He sees the hand wrapped up. No one can reach Cross now (the detective). Incanto is now on the date with the woman who stood him up. He ends the date by telling her that he has to grab a bus because his car in the shop. She offers to drive him home. His super also arrives with the poems and tries to slide them under the door. They don’t fit, so she takes out her keys to open the door and put them inside. The super lets herself into his apartment and finds flies. Outside, in her car, Incanto invites her up to his apartment. He sees a light on in his apartment and someone walking around. He quickly exits and runs to the building. The super is walking all around in his apartment to find the source of the flies. She finds the detective dead in his bathtub. The supers daughter goes to Incanto’s apartment looking for her mom and Mr. Incanto. He’s there and she asks about her mom. She has no idea that her mother is dead on the bathroom floor. She trips on something and finds a suitcase. At the station, everyone is calling the people that Cross was supposed to visit. Someone has received a 911 call from one of the addresses on the list about a possible murder. They storm Incanto’s apartment. They find the land lady’s body in the bathroom. Scully talks to the super’s daughter. When she was in the apartment she smelled her mothers perfume. She also tells Scully about a suitcase that was by the door. He was going to New York. Mulder has found the name of the man is Virgil Incanto. But there’s no record of him anywhere. Mulder has his computer analyzed to try and find all possible victims. He reformatted the hard drive. The tech has software to restore them all but they are all encrypted and password protected. The woman is back at her apartment and Incanto comes calling. He asks for a second chance just like he gave her. Ellen’s roommate is not there though. She lets him in. She puts the chain lock back on. They now have the list of all his online friends. Scully tries to get the phone numbers of all the women he’s contacted. Ellen is called but she doesn’t answer. She goes to her computer and emails her friend. Mulder already has confirmation of three of the women being missing. Ellen is one of two that did not answer. A message was left. However, she gets the warning via email with his picture. He can’t see her screen, but he looks in the mirror and sees what is on her screen. Mulder and Scully go to Ellen’s apartment. She doesn’t answer but her neighbor confirms she’s there. They bust down the door. All the lights are off. They find the computer with the image on its side. Mulder sees a window that’s open and sees the man running away. Scully hears a sound. The woman is not dead yet. She peels the stuff off her face so she can breathe. Mulder tries to chase down the man. Scully calls for an ambulance and the necessary care equipment to help Ellen. She goes to the bathroom and finds some items. Before she can do anything, Incanto jumps out of the bathtub and attacks her. He slams her head into the bathroom mirror. She manages to fight back. But he gets on top of her and tries to deliver a fatal kiss. Ellen recovers enough to come to her aid and shoots him. Mulder now questions Incanto in prison one week later. Incanto looks like he is crumbling. Mulder hands him a list of women that are missing. He tells Mulder they are all his victims. As Scully turns to leave, he speaks Italian to her.

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